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Subject: Re: 2000th post party! Woot woot!!

Forum: 2000th post party! Woot woot!!
Congrats, Erin!

Subject: Re: Racial injustices or just another headline

Forum: Racial injustices or just another headline
I am really happy to see this discussion happening. @Gelstale- welcome back, my friend. Your posts and @innocenceproject's are my favorite here. @Woody- two, I think, hetero white males posted on here just fine. If you don't want to talk about it, fine, but you know you have more than valid things to say. I, for one, one to read them because you're the best.

That said, some of this is really frustrating to read. I am going to depart from the current thread a little and address the systemic racism that is built into the American system. Some of the posts hint at this but don't go as far as they should. That's why I commend Gelstale , innocenceproject, and Rosine for being willing to look at the honest, reality of the situation outside of the cushy, suburbs and the peaceful White experience that somehow people still believe is the status quo in this country. It is not.

I do want to jump into the discussion between @rosine and @AZ -- I would also be careful in making a claim that blames Black people for an inability to assimilate into a system that is inherently racist against them. To claim that it is the fault of Black people that all this is going on or is perpetuated is very much part of the problem. Make sure to read Gelstale's posts. Conversations about race would be unable to function in the way that they do if our system was not racist. The fact that White people believe that Black people could do anything to "fix" what is being done to them on a level much larger than the individual is misinformed and naive. This is an open your eyes situation where you have to read and want to know the truth and you cannot believe what you see on the news because you have to think about where the money and the support for that media to be broadcast comes from.

Imagine being a disenfranchised and subjugated person who believes that, as a last resort, the only way to affect change is through riots and violence. If you cannot fathom that, then read more history. None of us who have the privilege of being on CollegeNet have these experiences because we have access to resources. The folks who truly have nothing to lose are in survival mode, and none of us know anything about that.

So, yes, it is not ideal and it is actually horrible that there human beings, regardless of race, who seriously feel like they have no other options than to erupt in violence and riots. Not to mention that it is often made worse on by authorities and media.

Subject: Re: What is Your CNET Routine?

Forum: What is Your CNET Routine?

Hi Donovan! Nice to "meet" you!

Trying to find a CNet routine in the current climate is the most difficult I have ever seen. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to success but whimsy. I am happy to say that I am glad to have graduated and not have to try to bend my brain around a strategy or try to figure out the algorithm to get more points any longer. Until the system changes again :) Then I might come back more regularly.

Anyway, when I had a system it was very much like yours Post a forum, respond diversely to 3 other forums, and make a response to one of my own forums. Depending sometimes I posted on 4 other forums or didn't even make one of my own.

I think it is fair to say that in my CNet "hayday" I was known for controversial topics or things that were just weird and off the wall. I remember my first big forum that garnered a lot of responses was about eugenics in the US and based on an ignorant comment that someone I knew post on social media. I got the conversation about net neutrality and tried yet failed to get a good conversation going about Ferguson. I posted forums about artists who build boats shaped like vaginas and laws about breastfeeding in public. Just a few favorites.

After a while, making topics from my TIME magazine subscription or things that I found interesting simply would not get responses. I didn't know if it was me or the subject matter. But look at the front page, and it speaks for itself. So then my strategy became "maybe people want to get to know me better" - so I started writing forums about what I was doing or things about life. That trend still seems to be going.

My best advice is to go with the flow of what the site is doing, but definitely inject your unique qualities and switch things up when you can to try to keep things fresh.

Good luck!

Subject: Re: Collegenetter's donation to the Malala Fund

Forum: Collegenetter's donation to the Malala Fund

This is great news! Thanks for following up and giving us the update!


Subject: Re: Im scared

Forum: Im scared
Hey Karlie! You'll be great!

Where exactly are you going? I don't know how I missed this news!

I am slated to go to Prague, Czech Republic in May & June.

Have a great trip!


Subject: Re: Time Magazine World Affairs Quiz: Multiple Choice

Forum: Time Magazine World Affairs Quiz: Multiple Choice
Hey Erin!

Thanks for playing! You are correct! I tried to be tricky by listing the answers in the correct order this time.

Always nice to "see" you :)


Subject: Time Magazine World Affairs Quiz: Multiple Choice

Forum: Time Magazine World Affairs Quiz: Multiple Choice

Global Affairs Game Show Forum: 3 Questions, 3 multiple Choice Answers -- Brought to you by Time Magazine. Let's Play!

Below are 3 direct quotes trending in my current issue of TIME Magazine. Please tell me which country fits which scenario!

Answers: A.) Uganda B.) Israel C.) Britain

In which country did each of these events occur?

1. WILDLIFE ________________ has started advising people to blow vuvuzelas to scare off elephants rather than shoot guns into the air, amid a rise in the number of attacks on farms and homes. Authorities say that animals find the sound of the plastic horn, often heard at soccer matches, to be irritating.

2. JURISPRUDENCE The Palestinians officially joined the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague on April 1, opening the door for the prosecution of alleged war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, including during last year's fighting. ___________________ is not member and opposes the ICC.

3. ELECTIONS The Parliament of this country was dissolved on March 30 at Prime Minister David Cameron's request, marking the formal starting point for an unusually tight election race. Polls predict that no party will win enough support in the May 7 vote to govern alone.

I hope you take a chance and learn something new on this forum! Again, I only knew one of these answers before I read my TIME magazine. Please do not google the answer and take a stab at the answers. I will tell you the answers after it looks like no one else is responding!

Thanks for playing with me!


Subject: Re: Nothing to Lose- Voters, What Do you Really Think?

Forum: Nothing to Lose- Voters, What Do you Really Think?

response to Woody and Eric in video
#don'thavetotypenomore #voter

Subject: Re: Homelessness in America

Forum: Homelessness in America

Exercising the right not to type my response. Videotown!

Summary: the is a cool way to put the power of social media into the hands of homeless people.


Subject: Re: April is Autism & Disability Awareness month

Forum: April is Autism & Disability Awareness month
I appreciate the sentiment in this forum, @romansegal.

Way to raise awareness!


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