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Subject: Re: How do you like your eggs?

Forum: How do you like your eggs?
Hi Court!
I, like millions of other people, often have eggs for breakfast. It is a warm food that is easy to make and provides a lot of energy for the day that isn't empty calories. For the longest time I was picky about my egg style. I only enjoyed them scrambled. Not everything has changed since then, I still don't like egg salad, I still don't like deviled eggs, but I now can proudly say that I enjoy easy over eggs!

I think it has become my most common way of consuming eggs over the last year. I find it easier, and just as delicious. I really like being able to slap it on a piece of toast with some avocado and tomato on top. :P

Subject: How should social media be used?

Forum: How should social media be used?
There is a long debate about social media. I find it tainted with bitterness from the older generations, claiming it is destroying the younger folk. We apparently never talk to each other or communicate.

Meanwhile, I see kids like the boy from the superbowl halftime show that didn't know what to do with Justin Timberlake dancing in front of him so he just fumbled with his phone until the moment was over.

I believe that social media can bring us together, it can connect families, people from overseas and help us become a unified world. Unfortunately, it is not working that way currently so I wonder, HOW DO YOU THINK SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD BE USED?

Subject: What language would you acquire?

Forum: What language would you acquire?
If you could just wake up tomorrow and know a new language, which one would you pick?

I would probably pick Arabic or Spanish. Both super useful and relevant to our world right now.


Subject: Re: Do you ever just forget to eat?

Forum: Do you ever just forget to eat?
Hey Matt!
Far too often do I find myself forgetting. I think for me it has something to do with screen time and lowered attention span due to constant stimulation. I will find myself watching for a few hours straight and just not getting hungry because I haven't moved at all.

I also sometimes forget to eat when I am really focused on something else. Like when I am at work and I am digging into something, I get so concentrated on finishing that one thing, that I forget to think about eating or peeing. I don't think it's too unhealthy for me in particular because I don't move a lot during the day so I don't always need the calories.


Subject: Re: Is success from luck or from hard work?

Forum: Is success from luck or from hard work?
Hi Elissa,
I definitely think there is a both involved. You don't want to me to say both I know but that is what I am choosing anyway.

I was listening to a podcast about psychology and how we have a personal bias about our own life being more difficult relative to others. I think that it's funny that we all think we are disadvantaged in some way. Why is the person trying to merge into MY lane and not someone else's? Why did my car have to be hit TODAY?

There are all these negative things that come along with our new found love of statistics, which is that we never think that we will become one of those data points.

I believe that we think success should not be attributed to luck. We have a hard time coping with the idea that we did very little to become successful when in reality, a large part of our success is due to our placement in this world.

I think being born a white male in modern America is giving me a huge portion of my success and I don't want to forget that.

Yes I work hard and I put in the time, but I can't say I deserve to be living in a three story house when I am 24 and have a dog, a girlfriend, a college degree, and a steady job.

I did what any human would do given my position.

Subject: Re: Are you afraid of the dark?

Forum: Are you afraid of the dark?
Hey Kyle,
I used to always want to fall asleep with the night light on but that was back when I was a kid. I always liked to leave the door cracked so that I could have the hallway light on or something.

Now that I have grown up into a fine amazing adult, I can't stand having any source of light on at all. Any little green standby light or blinking anything will piss me off. I used to cover up my smoke detector because I couldn't sleep with it on.

I am not afraid of the dark. It certainly makes things scarier but the darkness alone is not scary. I guess I think of it as an accelerant for scariness.

Subject: Re: Do you procrastinate?

Forum: Do you procrastinate?
Hi Erin,
I am not in the drawn out camp of procrasitators. I like to get things done as soon as I know I can and then use the rest of my time for leisure. For example, when I wake up, I prefer to answer emails for work, and write at least two entries on CNet before I even get out of bed.

I like knowing that I have already done something by the time I brush my teeth.

There are exceptions however. If I have projects that I know will take more time (a big report, or a long term goal like writing a book) then I set daily goals for myself. I will work on the projects for a little bit each day and try to space it out within my goal's timeline so that I can finish a little early and have time in case something goes wrong.

I don't procrastinate because it festers in my brain if I do. I worry about everything.

Subject: Re: Your Top Three Television Shows

Forum: Your Top Three Television Shows
Hi, I have a lot of different favorites so I will try to share a couple that have not been listed here yet.

I prefer to watch dramas over comedy but if we were including comedy I would add Scrubs to the list:

3. Dexter
2. Luther
1. The Wire

Have a good night

Subject: Re: Heavy vs Light Sleeper

Forum: Heavy vs Light Sleeper
I am certainly a heavy sleeper. I would like to admit however, that I am a difficult one to get to go to sleep. It takes me about an hour or at least forty five minutes every night from when I lay down and commit to falling asleep.

The house I grew up when I was younger was only a couple blocks away from a relatively busy street. Cars would go by about once a minute through the night. The old folks home down the road a ways created an abnormal amount of ambulance calls and they took that street to get there. I slept through it all. I don't know if it necessarily evolution, but I adapted to my environment. I have carried the ability to sleep heavily with me since.


Subject: Two houses, which one do you choose?

Forum: Two houses, which one do you choose?
Okay, So there are two different types of houses in this world that you live in. There are ONLY two and you get to live in one but you have to pick one style.

The first style of home is very modern, clean, clutterless. It has state of the art appliances and all the art is clean and modern with display lights.

The other home is eclectic. Filled with knick knacks and paddy whacks and all this art from different places.

Which home would you rather live in and why?

This candidate's