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Subject: Re: Gay Marriage

Forum: Gay Marriage
Hi guys. Brand new to the Cnet world and I am so glad that I saw this topic! To begin with, I am believer in God. I belive that homosexuality is a sin. It says so multiple times in the bible. However, even though my beliefs differ from a lot of people who post here, I promise I mean absolutelty no harm or offense with my response to this post. :) I totally understand you not wanting to use biblical text in this argument based on the constitutionality of this all. However, isn't the person asking the question really wanting to know this from a Christian perspective? To say you are a Christian would mean that you would believe that homosexuality is a sin. The same reason that a Christian wouldn't say that stealing, or murdering wouldn't be okay. From the written and inspired work of the God that Christians believe, we are told that homosexuality is a sin.

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination" (Leviticus 18:22)

Do I believe that a life of a homosexual man or woman sends them to hell? Not necessarily. I believe that God gives grace. Without understanding God's grace and humility, you don't fully understand God. Do I believe a Christian living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs in condemed to a life in hell? I am really not the judge of this. Truth is, God is the only one who holds all the answers and he will do what he will believe is just. I am not going to say that just because I am a Christian, I have the power or knowlegde to tell people their salvation and how their life will end. I am not God. If I knew everything, I would have no desire to follow him. The unknown questions are the basis that cause my faith in God to grow. But, I know one thing for certain is that to enter the kingdom of heaven, the only way is through accepting God's gift which is Jesus. And if you are comfortable living a homosexual life and don't feel convicted by the holy spirit, than you have to question if your love for the same sex falls under God's will. Is homosexuality okay in God's eyes. Absolutely not. To say you believe that is, is to say you aren't a Christian. Does that mean we shouldn't love the people who are homosexual? DEFINITELY NOT. Homosexuality is a sin, no doubt. But God gives everyone the same amount of grace. No person gets more than another. Sin is sin. Period. Believing in God's word is to believe that homosexuality is wrong. However, as Christians we should love the homosexual people just like we love anyone else.

Subject: Re: Is Online High School Fair?

Forum: Is Online High School Fair?
I am so glad that you brought this up! I have been enrolled in online school from 8th grade until the end of last year. The way that my school system works I was able to take both online courses, and go to public high school at the same time. I got the best of both worlds. I was able to be in a classroom setting for educational expiriences that you just can't fully get at home (llike chemistry and foreign language). My friends criticized that I was taking the easy way out; that online classes were much easier than public school classes. It truly depends on the individual. For me, some classes were much easier online then they were in my public school. The material is exactly the same, but the learning process is much easier for me. I am much better as a self-taught individual. Most people I know, aren't. In my online school system, there isn't a way for you to cheat. However, I totally get where you are coming from. It doesn't seem fair that some students can get such a high GPA solely because they learned how to "cheat the system" of online school. I definitely agree with @Alyssabelle that the problem lies within the online schools monoriting system. The problems aren't with online school in general, but the people and orginization allowing their students to use unlimited number of resources and cheat. I hope that your state's online school steps up and sees these problems soon. Online school is wonderful for extremely self-motivated and crazy people like me. It gets a really bad name. However, if it is done rightly and fairly, it it a great option for some. Even people who can't afford attending public school. I hope your system changes because there is no way my online school would ever let me get away with cheating. I definitely don't think that is fair in the slightest to you and your fellow classmates.

Subject: Re: Your Life Sentence

Forum: Your Life Sentence
I have always wanted to be known as someone who loved. Not just in my immideate realtionships, but beyond. I hope and pray that I am known as someone who loved people just the way that they were. That I chose to look beyond the exterior and the judgements and love people where they were...

"That woman was the kind of genuine heart who loved unapologetically."

That's exactly what I want to be known as. Awesome question!

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