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Subject: High School Sports

Forum: High School Sports
I used to play soccer from when I was little and all through high school. I played varsity soccer in high school but decided to forgo playing this in college because I feared not being able to become a doctor and balance a college sport. I miss it, but now that I am older, I miss it so so much.

What do you think? Do you think it's important to play high school sports even though the majority of us don't play in college? Is it all for nothing?

Subject: Astronaut or not?

Forum: Astronaut or not?
Tonight I was watching movie about the first people to go into space. I was wondering to myself while watching this, would I do that?

If you had the choice to be the first person to go into space would you do it?

I honestly, know that I am brave person but I still don't think that I would want to be the FIRST person to go into space!

What about you? Would you brave it or would you let someone else do it? Why?

Subject: Re: What keep you up at night ?

Forum: What keep you up at night ?

Gosh I am so glad right now that I don't have little ones to keep me up until the late hours of the morning. I just usually have myself. Thankfully, I am the kind of person that can fall asleep without any trouble. The minute my head hits that pillow I am out.

However, recently I have had the WORST time not falling asleep. I think it is because my family is out of town and I am home alone in the house. Most people in their teens/20s would love to have the house all to themselves. Not me! I hate being alone. I have also quickly realized that having the white noise of my parents talking in the middle of the night has helped me fall asleep every night. Now that they are gone I just cannot sleep well at all!

So I guess thats what keeps me awake at night. Being alone and in the quiet!


Subject: Re: Shots, IVs, and taking blood

Forum: Shots, IVs, and taking blood
Hey Policy Maker!

I am a nursing student. So honestly, none of these really bother me anymore. We stick each other all the time to practice starting IVs, so I have come pretty accustomed to not really minding the stick. However, some medical professionals are not very cautious and sometimes can stick the wrong part of the vein or go "fishing" for it. Then in that case, it hurts like a mother.

Depending on the medication, I would usually much rather have an IV then taking a bunch of pills. The bioavailability of medication is much quicker with an IV than a pill. Since I would only really have to deal with the pain of the IV stick once, I rather have that then continually dealing with taking oral medication.

Funny story, I actually started my first IV on someone who was on a blood thinner. I was in the ER and didn't have time to check their medication list and they forgot to tell me so when I stuck them for an IV it squirted up and got on the ceiling. This wasn't a life or death situation. Then the patient laughed at himself and it made it worse. It looked like someone was dying in there when I cleaned it up. It was a funny story now. Not so much as a newbie! :)

Great topic choice! My kind of discussion!


Subject: Cleaning Dog's Teeth!

Forum: Cleaning Dog's Teeth!

Sorry if the sound goes in and out!

Listen to me talk a little bit about my experience at the vet today!
What are your thoughts about cleaning your dog's teeth?


Subject: Re: What is 1 word you completely dislike?

Forum: What is 1 word you completely dislike?
I don't really have a specific word, but I really hate when people don't know the word that they were talking about. Or, they get the right name right but use the wrong tense or meaning. That kind of thing makes me so mad!


Subject: Re: Adult lifestyle

Forum: Adult lifestyle
BOY girl do I feel ya!
I realize this every time that I have to pay taxes how much I am growing up! I have to admit, I did feel pretty fantastic when it was done. I felt that if I could survive the taxes, I could do ANYTHING!

I am sure aI will have a shock of reality soon!


Subject: Re: Redecorating My Room

Forum: Redecorating My Room
Funny that this would be a post I read tonight! My best friend and I just went shopping today to redo both of our rooms. When we come back from home from college, we still come back to our old childish bedrooms. We both decided that it was time for a change! The hot pink and lime green walls just weren't working our for us! I am making everything to match my old apartment. I am making everything light blue, grey, and white. It's sort of simple but really beautiful, and classy.

I am loving it thus far!


Subject: Re: Extra 200 dollars a day or extra 2 hours a day?

Forum: Extra 200 dollars a day or extra 2 hours a day?

Good question. I would DEFINITELY without a day would say an extra 2 hours a day.

As I am getting older, time is going by so quickly that I seem like I am just never going to catch up and soak in every minute of it. I would trade moments and time for money because money is so temporary. You can have it, but eventually it will be gone anyway. Time can be spent with people you love and people you care about.

Wish that was a real option!


Subject: Funeral Plans

Forum: Funeral Plans
I am going to a Funeral tomorrow morning for a dear friend. After it is over he asked that instead of having a sad reception, that we would have a party for him. We are setting off fireworks and eating barbecue and ice cream. There will be some speakers speaking about how wonderful he was and basically he wanted us to celebrate him not being in pain any more and being with Jesus.

Got me thinking...I want a party too! I think I would just have a funeral where people didn't need to wear black or dress up but just come as themselves.

What about you? What do you want your funeral to look like?

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