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Subject: Re: Labor Day Plans?

Forum: Labor Day Plans?
Hello! Nice to meet you Raleo!

I am so jealous that you are going camping! How fun!

My labor day has always been the same every year and it has kind of become a tradition. Along with labor day being a day off of work for my whole family...I think it's important that families spend time together! My family is going to the lake and spending some time just NOT thinking about work. This year has been crazy and labor day is really coming around the perfect time!

I also might binge on a show. I haven't decided yet!

I hope you have a great labor day weekend! :)


Subject: Never get arrested!

Forum: Never get arrested!

Sometimes, I just wish that I could break the law and it would be okay! Anyone ever feel this way?

Yesterday, I saw a police officer race down the highway to respond to a call. He must have been going 90-100mph. I wanna do that!

If I had a day where I could do anything I wanted without repercussion...I would steal a lotus elise sportscar, speed down the highway, rob the bank, steal all the coffee beans from a local coffee distributor headquarters, and crash a mansion and jump on the beds!

What about you? What would you do on your day of doing illegal (safe) things?

Go crazy!


Subject: Re: Buying clothes from a store, just to return them?

Forum: Buying clothes from a store, just to return them?

Well, my mom worked in retail sales for almost her entire work life. She would tell me all the time to never do that. She said it was disrespectful to do something like that. I used to not care so much. Especially things like an easter dress. You literally only wear a dress that brightly colored for one day!

I would never do that because (like you) I would feel so guilty. However, there was a time in my college career that money was so bad I was tempted!


Subject: Re: ~Up All Night Long~

Forum: ~Up All Night Long~
Hey Tera,

I think a better question would be who HASNT had to stay up late like this at least once. I hate that things like homework can keep students of all ages up to the wee hours of the morning just to get it all done. It just doesn't seem like GOOD learning and work can be done when the amount of time it takes to finish most homework keeps you up so late!

I am shocked at the amount that they give young children still. They encourage kids to get as much sleep as possible, and yet the teachers send them home with so much extra stuff to do!

For staying up, I try to stay away from my bed at all costs and I trained myself to not go into my bed until I was ready. As one teacher said, its better to use the furniture like it is designed for. Stay at your desk, until you are done!

I also think that it is important to sometimes just go to bed and take care of it tomorrow. Your body really needs the sleep more than you think! Just let it go, go to bed, and wake up a little earlier tomorrow!


Subject: Re: Groceries!

Forum: Groceries!

Hmm. I think I spend around 40-50 dollars on groceries in about 2 weeks. I get mostly the basics too! I have been trying to eat a lot healthier lately so my grocery bill keeps rising and rising because of all the fresh foods that I am buying. Unfortunately, being healthy is way more expensive than not.

I just try to tell myself that it is worth the investment to not only look better but just have a healthier lifestyle even though I can't stand to look at my receipt anymore.

Reguardless, I usually have always spent more money eating out then grocery shopping! So I will shop on! :)

See ya,

Subject: Re: Heatstroke Deaths in Cars: Time to Mandate Alarms?

Forum: Heatstroke Deaths in Cars: Time to Mandate Alarms?

I just spend a lot of time thinking about all of this!

I think that this would be an amazing contribution to the safety and future of motor vehicles. This has become huge problem with lots of families leaving their children in the car. At first, I thought that this would just cause people to use it as an excuse and not pay attention. However, I don't think that there is any problem with this as a reminder to parents. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that parents have become so ignorant and stupid. The fact that we need to have something in place is embarrassing.

I do think that this is something that is a simple fix for a huge problem.

Subject: Should everyone be CPR/AED certified?

Forum: Should everyone be CPR/AED certified?
Hello everyone!

I was just speaking with a school nurse today who told me that a school in our county was on trial for being sued because a family was at an after-school-hours basketball game and a man collapsed and no one was there that knew how to use an AED.

This nurse went on to tell me that in the elementary school that she works at (with 450 kids), that she is the ONLY one that has CPR/AED certification and can preform CPR by law.

I have a huge problem with this. The school board does not mandate or require that anyone else but the school nurse be CPR/AED certified. This is SO SCARY. What if she is gone for the day? What if she is in the bathroom!? She would be the only one that could save a child's life.

Am I crazy to think that every single child-caretaker and school employee be certified? In fact, I think that every single workplace should require certification for hire. I know that for some, this can become a costly endeavor, but I think that it is worth the cost? Right?



Subject: Re: Is it love?

Forum: Is it love?

I have been in this situation practically all my high school life. I fell in love with my soon-to-be husband when I was 16 and we have been dating for about 6 years. I have been told MANY times that I am too young to understand what love was/is. I of course ignored it growing up because I knew that i was a mature enough to handle a relationship and also to love someone else.

I thought that it would not be a problem once I got to college. Even when I was in college it was a problem. My fiancé proposed my sophomore year of college and we were called, crazy, stupid, naive, and hasty. While some of it might be true, we still didn't believe that being young in age didn't mean that we lacked the capacity to have a true and genuine love for one another. Here I am now, 22, and I still get that I "am too young to understand".

I think that the maturity that someone has depends if they are really ready to handle loving someone else rather than themselves. Still, to judge someone and their relationship that you dont know anything bout I think is quite silly.


Subject: Re: How do you feel about working after hours?

Forum: How do you feel about working after hours?

I am a nursing student so my work schedule is all off. When I do my hospital rotations I work a 12 hour shift 2 days a week. When I become a full-time nurse, my schedule will be more like having 3 12-hour shifts a week which I am honestly very excited about! I like the idea of having all of my days long do that I don't have to go to work every single day.

I like to get everything put aside at once so that I am able to enjoy my life. I hate the idea that I would work every single day for the rest of my life. I much rather just get er done!


Subject: Re: Free and flexible, or stick to a schedule?

Forum: Free and flexible, or stick to a schedule?
Hello! :)

Yes I love having a schedule that is planned. I like just knowing what I need to get done and then planning myself to have some free time around those plans. Then, I know that I have gotten done what I need to get done, then I can do fun things without feeling guilty or having anything else on my mind!

However, on weekends I try to do the best at keeping my mind free. Its nearly impossible but I do my best. My fiancé would rather me be free and easy but I don't know if my brain would let me!

Good topic!


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