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Subject: Re: Why can money bring happiness

Forum: Why can money bring happiness
Money can buy temporary happiness, but not complete inner and outer happiness. Money allows us to buy what we want when we want it. We think that if we can acquire everything we have ever wanted in life then we will be happy, but that is not always the case because our wants change as we grow older.

Well, money has numerical value, but to some it may also carry an emotional value. The country Bhutan uses Gross National Happiness (GNH) to measure their successes rather than Gross National Product (GNP) like all the other countries. Their value and worth isn’t based on consumerism and wealth, but rather the overall happiness of its patrons.

Have a nice day! :)

Subject: Re: Women who propose to men

Forum: Women who propose to men
I don’t know many people that have been proposed to in general, but no, I do not know any woman who has proposed to a man.

It is definitely not wrong. If someone decides that they want to profess their love to someone and ask them for their hand in marriage then they should, regardless of gender.

I don’t want to get married, but I would propose if I ever changed my mind. I wouldn’t buy a ring though. I hate wearing jewelry and wouldn’t expect to receive a ring either. I am not sure how I would approach the proposal. Maybe I could casually bring it up or make a ridiculous deal out of it by asking the question in a really dramatic way.

I am not sure where the idea of a man proposing came from. It probably goes back to the olden days when men had to actively seek someone to marry in order to carry on their bloodline and have someone to fulfill their sexual desires and complete housework. Over time, men have typically been held responsible for completing certain tasks in a relationship. But as we progress as a society, traditions start to fade and role start to change.

Subject: Re: Does Height Matter?

Forum: Does Height Matter?
Welcome Back Candice! ;)

I am the same height as your little sister. I have a fairly long torso, so if I meet someone while sitting down then they always assume I am a lot taller than what I actually am. I do get a lot of comments on my height because I am so short compared to many of my peers, classmates, and co-workers. They are never rude or demeaning comments, but they can get obnoxious at times, especially if I hear them a lot in one day.

People normally just state the obvious “You are so short”. They must assume that I cannot see or that I have no perception of height differences. I just reply with a short answer like “okay” or “I know” because I don’t exactly know how to respond to blatantly obvious comments like those.

Maybe I should develop an interesting comeback to people who unnecessarily or repeatedly comment on my height or weight. I could start relaying facts about the history of mankind and how we have grown larger over time or start listing all the prominent figures that happen to be the same height as me. I am sure they would regret commenting on it after I bore them with my knowledge of height and everything related to it.

I am more attracted to taller people or people of the same height, but I could also be attracted to someone shorter than me. I just haven’t come across anyone that has been shorter than me that I am attracted to both physically and emotionally.

Subject: Re: How early do you wake up?

Forum: How early do you wake up?
I typically wake up around 8 a.m. I am planning on sleeping in tomorrow since I don’t have anything going on. I am too stoked to sleep in until 9:30 or 10:00 depending on how I feel and everything that is going on. I have had trouble sleeping lately due to some personal issues, but hope to get back on a steady sleep schedule.

I wake up, lie in bed for a few minutes, get up already fully clothed and ready to start my morning routine. I brush my hair, teeth, and gather my work or school supplies. I don’t really do anything else before leaving the house besides getting myself ready. If I am staying at my mom’s house then I will feed the cats, give them water, and clean their litter boxes before I leave. I will also sometimes clean the kitchen. It just depends on how productive I feel like being that morning.

It depends on the week, but I will normally eat a granola bar, yogurt, cereal, fruit, or a bagel for breakfast. Sometimes I will eat the same exact thing for weeks in a row, but lately I have been mixing it up a bit.

It has been a pleasure communicating with you through cnet! I will miss your unique and thought provoking forums! Please feel free to stop by when you can. I hope everything goes well with you and congrats on graduating from cnet :)

Subject: Re: Uh-Oh forgot to slow down

Forum: Uh-Oh forgot to slow down
The last time I got a speeding ticket was actually my first time receiving one. I decided to get my driver’s license a lot later than most (age 21) due to my immense fear and anxiety dealing with driving. So, I had only been a licensed driver for about two months when I received a ticket. Obviously, I am not the best driver, but I do have somewhat of an excuse why I was going so fast. It was the morning of October 2014 and I was on my way to work at the elementary school. The drive there is very hilly, so while going down a steep hill, I failed to press my brakes; therefore, my speed increased even though I wasn’t even pressing on the gas pedal.

I ended up getting a speeding ticket for going 15 miles over the speed limit, almost reckless driving but not quite… (thankfully). Now, I always go the speed limit no matter what. I don’t want to have to pay that much money again due to my carelessness. Also, I get more nervous around cops even if I am obeying the law completely. My leg starts shaking and hands begin to sweat. It is pretty bad, but subsides once the cop car is out of sight. I hate cars that look like they could be undercover cop cars because they always throw me off and make me extra nervous for no reason.

I currently do not pay my own insurance, but compared to my other family members, my driving ticket made a very small dent in the rate. I have yet to get into any major car accidents, though almost everyone in my family has been in two or more car accidents. I swear it is the city we live in. Whoever engineered the layout of the roads and street lights did a horrendous job. It is the most difficult city to drive in. There are always accidents occurring during all times of the day. There is no rest for anyone driving here. That is one of the reasons I want to move elsewhere. I want to live somewhere that doesn’t require me to drive far distances. It would be nice to have places in walking distance or have some sort of public transportation.

Subject: Re: Once sentence story, rhyme time!

Forum: Once sentence story, rhyme time!
He plucked the leaves out of his hair, scraped the dirt of off his teddy bear, and proceeded to get up to avoid all the school children’s stares.

Subject: Re: Are you better off as an adult?

Forum: Are you better off as an adult?
Oftentimes, as we become older we lose our imaginations, adventurous nature, and our ability to question anything and everything we see or hear. We gain more stressors, lose friends, and are consumed by societal, personal, academic, and familial pressures. We stop enjoying moments and start worrying about the future.
I am excited to live on my own or with roommates. I have already spent so much time with my family under one roof that I finally have the opportunity to move out and I am gladly taking it. Also, as an adult, I can travel places on my own and make my own schedule.

I have to wake up early tomorrow also, but I’ve been getting up fairly early almost every day now for the past month. Maybe I will get to sleep in a little bit once August comes…

I guess I am happier now. I have a clearer vision of what I want to do with my life and I am taking the necessary steps to seek out what I want. I am not just waiting around for something to magically happen; I am actively doing something to ensure positive results.

I think children and adults do differ when it comes to certain feelings. Children don’t necessarily understand all of their feelings and don’t always overanalyze them like most adults tend to do. They act freely and live freely. They are probably happier for different reasons than adult, but there may also be some similarities between the two. Good question! I never thought about how they might be different.

Honestly, I don’t know what could make me happier. If I add or delete something from my life, would it really affect my happiness?

Good Questions Rosine ;)

Subject: Re: 5 Words

Forum: 5 Words

Nothing is as it seems.

I think this phrase rings true to my current situation. On the surface certain things seem great, but the surface isn’t what really matters. It is what lies below the surface that determines who we are and how we want to live our lives.

Something may seem wonderful at the time, but if you are not fully invested in it then it will slowly disappear and crumble to ruins.

Subject: Re: Isn't it uncomfortable??? -_-

Forum: Isn't it uncomfortable??? -_-
Everyone’s lack of appreciation for bedtime socks is astonishing!

I almost always sleep with socks on. They are so comfortable! They keep my feet snug and hidden away from imaginary monsters. I don’t like my feet touching each other at night, or at least I don’t like feeling it. If they were naked then it would be difficult for me to sleep. I can’t possibly imagine my feet out in the open. There are also those really fuzzy socks that I like to wear in the winter time. They keep my feet warm and secure.

I also sleep in my clothes. It saves me so much time in the morning. I don’t mind sleeping in jeans and a t-shirt. I have even slept in skirts and dresses before, though they aren’t as comfortable as my jeans. But if I have to dress up to go somewhere in the morning then I will normally wait until the morning to change. In those cases, I either wear leggings/yoga pants/exercise shorts and a random t-shirt.

I tend to pull the covers to my side. I like having all the covers wrapped around me. Whenever I wake up, half my covers are either on the floor or piled on top of me haha. I like to keep it pretty cool in my room even in the winter. I can’t sleep in a room filled with warm or hot air. I also like sleeping with my fan on, but I don’t need it to fall asleep. It is just helpful because it blocks out a lot of the noises around me.

I am so thankful that I don’t snore. I can’t sleep around people who snore and I have some loud snorers in my family…

Subject: Re: What's your favorite CEREAL????

Forum: What's your favorite CEREAL????
My favorite cereal is Cheerios. When I was little I would put some in my pocket, run upstairs, and hide them under my pillow. I would then eat them all at night. I am surprised I never had any ants or weird bugs crawling around on my bed, considering all the times I probably rolled over a Cheerio and spread its crumbs on my sheets.

I like regular and honey-nut cheerios. It’s one of few cereals that I will eat with milk, typically skim milk. I prefer to eat all my other cereals dry. A couple years back, I started putting bananas in with my milk and cheerios. And now it is all I ever do when I have Cheerios around. I have my old roommate to thank for that idea.

I feel like I could make a good commercial for Cheerios, considering all my memories associated with it and my devotion to their brand.

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