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Subject: Re: That Chore you want to Ignore

Forum: That Chore you want to Ignore
Hi Stelisha,

Happy Friday!

Chores like dishes and cleaning are my favorite, but when it comes to laundry I want to cry!

My least favorite chore is laundry by far! I hate it. I have a lot of clothes which makes it easy to delay doing laundry; I usually only do it once a month! Unfortunately, this procrastination causes my laundry to pile up, and doing laundry becomes an all-day event.

Enjoy your day!


Subject: Labor Day Weekend

Forum: Labor Day Weekend
Hi everyone,

It's Friday; we made it!

This weekend is a long weekend for most of us in school or working which is always exciting. As of now, I have no exciting plans unfortunately. How about you?

Do you have any special plans for the long weekend? Are you going to just relax? Go hiking? Spend time with the family? Share your plans!

Enjoy your day!


Subject: Re: where do you sit in class?

Forum: where do you sit in class?
Hi Eskay!

In any class, I like to sit in the third or fourth row in the aisle seat. I like sitting close so I can see the board/projector, but I don't like sitting too close because it makes it easier for the professor to call on me in class. I like the aisle because it allows for more leg room and an easy way out if I need to leave quickly for another class. I never sit in the back because I tend to become less engaged in the lecture, which makes me bored and more likely to go on my phone.

You should always respect the "unassigned assigned seat" rule: Always sit in the seat in which you sat in on day 1! Its common courtesy lol. By taking someone else's seat, you then have to find another seat which causes you to take someone else's seat which triggers a chain reaction and chaos! Just kidding.. sorta. But yes, I do get a little bugged if my seat is taken. I'm not the biggest fan of change.

Enjoy your day!


Subject: Re: THANK YOU!!

Forum: THANK YOU!!
Hi Dedee,

Congrats on the win last week! I always enjoy your forums and insightful comments, and I appreciate the time you put into your responses. Keep writing!

Enjoy your day!


Subject: Re: What do you before bed?

Forum: What do you before bed?
Hi Alia,

We have a very similar routine!

First, I make my lunch for the next day and put it in the fridge. Then, I pick out my clothes for the next day because it saves time in the morning! I say goodnight to my cat then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I will then lie in bed, turn on my TV, and put it on a timer until I fall asleep. I love falling asleep with the TV on because I don't like complete silence or darkness.

Enjoy your day!!


Subject: Describe your Bedroom

Forum: Describe your Bedroom
Hi all!

Congrats to all the winners yesterday!

One of my friends moved into her first apartment today, and we were discussing how she should decorate her room. We talked about the pictures that should be framed, the posters that should be hung up, and the decorations that should be used. Decorating the bedroom is the best part of moving. You get to make the place your own!

How is your room decorated? Do you have any posters or pictures? Or do you prefer empty walls?

In my room, I have one poster of a football player (Tom Brady), pictures of friends, and then some framed photos of nature.

Enjoy your day!


Subject: Re: Letting out class early

Forum: Letting out class early
Good morning!

I do not blame you at all for being mad! You are right! You are paying money to attend an 80 minute class, and you are only being given about half that time. That's not fair. He is getting paid regardless of whether he teaches or not, but you're not learning by having class cut short.

I would speak up. Sure, it may not be a popular opinion among the class, but it is a valid argument. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to or emailing the professor, I would go to the head of the department (whatever it may be: chemistry, english, engineering, etc.) and just mention it in confidence. You can't lose by mentioning it, but if this is a common thing then it won't change unless someone speaks up.

Have a good day!


Subject: Re: All About CNET!! :)

Forum: All About CNET!! :)

I started using CNet two weeks ago, so I'm still a newbie, but I love the community here. Everyone is always so supportive and friendly on forums. People are always willing to provide advice, and I love all the interesting stories that people share. It's great to be able to talk to people about any topic - even the most random things!

I vote for people based on their forums started and their comments on other people's posts. If they seem genuine in wanting to know the answer to a question they ask on a forum, then I am quick to respond and vote for them. If someone clearly put a lot of effort into a response on another forum, then I also vote for them. It also helps when the responses are written in an easy-to-read way.

I respond to forums that are interesting to me or if they relate in someway to something I have experienced. I like unique questions that make me think.

If a forum I write doesn't get a response, I don't take it personally. My forums are generally questions that interest me, so I hope they interest other people, too; but that may not always be the case. There are a lot of new forums daily, and it can be hard to pick just five to respond, too!

This is only my second Wednesday, here, but I get excited! If I win, I win. If I don't, oh well. I love writing, and speaking on so many issues/questions each week strengthens my writing. Its fun to talk with others on so many things. If I never win, I'll probably still continue writing. Of course, I would love to win a few scholarships, but if not oh well. Its better than wasting time on the internet else where.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: What's your ideal Salary?

Forum: What's your ideal Salary?

Congrats on the raise!!! That's great news. It doesn't matter how much the raise is; it still shows you that they appreciate and recognize the good work you do.

I've never really had a "real" job. I've only ever worked as a cashier, an undergraduate researcher, a referee, and a tutor; none of them required a degree or specially trained skills. So honestly, anything higher than what I earned in those jobs would be ideal.

If I had to pick an ideal salary, I would say $75,000+. Once I finish graduate school in a year, I will have my masters in biomedical engineering. I hope my hard work will have paid off, and I can earn a decent salary. If not, at least I'll be doing something that I love!

Once again, congrats on the raise. Enjoy your day!


Subject: Re: What Was Your First Car?

Forum: What Was Your First Car?
Hi Eddie!

Congrats on the new car!!

I got my first car when I turned 21 (a little more than a year ago). It was a 2003 Toyota Camry!

I came home from college for the weekend to visit my parents, and when I woke up the next morning, I was told to look outside. I looked outside and didn't notice anything special. There was an unfamiliar car parked outside, but that wasn't unusual on my street; we live on a dead end so people park wherever they can find parking. It turned out it was a car my parents had bought me!! I was so shocked. I wasn't expecting it. I was beyond grateful.

I had been driving around using my mom's minivan, but the Camry was so much cooler! The car was 12 years old (almost 14 years now), but it only had 20,000 miles! I love my Camry.

Enjoy your day!


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