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Subject: thank you :)

Forum: thank you :)
Hello-Hallo-Ohayoo-Hola-Bonjour everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support this week and the past year or so when I have been competing off and on. It's been so great to know that I have this community to talk to when I need to share something exciting or go through an interesting news topic, as well as the scholarship winnings which have relieved a MASSIVE amount of anxiety I had about ordering my finances for the near future. While I am by no means "set for life" (still have tons of loans to payback!) I am set until I am off into a job (whatever it is) and face my first mandatory student loan payments coming later this year (eeeeek!).

With that, I am going to take an extended break, lasting at least until July and possibly longer, maybe until I arrive in Japan! Life has gotten very busy again now that I am off spring break and I don't see a "rest" for quite some time. I'll be in school, graduating, seeing family, taking a certification course, then leaving the country, all in the span of the next few months! Exciting, but unfortunately no time for CNet.

I will pop back in to update y'all on my job situation and if I get hired :P I should find out within a few weeks about that situation.

As I've said before, please feel free to friend me on facebook if you want to stay in contact! The link is in my profile. Also, if you feel like there is a forum that would deserve my particular and unique attention, gimme a holler and I'll check it out if I have time.

best wishes to all of you in your current and future endeavours and on cnet! :)

(should you wish to reply, you are more than welcome to use this as a general "thank you" forum. what are you thankful for?)

Subject: Re: Tunes Tuesday: Part 2 (Spring Edition!)

Forum: Tunes Tuesday: Part 2 (Spring Edition!)
T Swift is always on repeat for me :)

I also like listening to Fall Out Boy, La Roux, and Twenty One Pilots quite a bit!

This winter weather had better be gone soon, you are totally right about that. It's below freezing again here today :( fortunately we have music to distract us, yeah?

Subject: Sentimentality vs. Group Identity: what appeals?

Forum: Sentimentality vs. Group Identity: what appeals?
Helloooooo there CNetters,

So, as you may or may not know, INSURGENT is coming out this week. It's the film sequel to Divergent, the (mostly forgettable) movie and book about some futuristic dystopia where there is a test to determine whether you belong to one of five factions, but the whole system is ruined because there is a special snowflake who doesn't neatly fit in a category (lol heard this one before??)

Anyway, I'm always interested in what draws people to like popular fiction, specifically YA (Young Adult). There are two Slate articles that tackle it from different perspectives: one that says these sorts of stories appeal because they are sentimental and another that says they appeal because they give us a strong sense of belonging . Both of these themes are examined in the light of pop fic such as The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, and others.

Which one appeals to you more? The fiction of belonging to some strong group identity, or going through the rollercoaster of laughter and tears that characterizes sentimental fiction? I realize most of you may be both, but PLEASE pick one or the other as your stronger one and ask "why" you are drawn to fiction for that reason more than another. Side question: how many have you read? Do they have reason to be popular, or do they rely on pressing our narrative neurological buttons to get a contrived response?

It's a rainy, cloudy day here in Boston today. Winter is gone, for the most part, but now that means puddles everywhere :P summer is coming, eventually...

Subject: Re: Apple Watch is here!!

Forum: Apple Watch is here!!
Hi Amber,

I honestly have not even considered buying an Apple Watch, or any other bit of “wearable” technology for that matter. At the moment, it seems all too gimmicky with the potential to be quickly discontinued.

I went through Apple’s website for the watch and it just doesn’t seem like there are enough unique features to justify spending hundreds of dollars for something that is, essentially, a novelty rather than a fundamentally useful productivity device. I mean, there are “touches” you can send to friends, and…fitness applications? Rudimentary gesture controls? I don’t know, it seems extremely overpriced for something that is closer to a children’s toy than an adult accessory. (And that’s without considering the 17k version!?!?!)

Perhaps I have yet to “see the light”, but I just don’t understand the appeal to any but a select cohort of techno-enthusiasts. People who are always willing to experiment and try the next thing--sure, this is good for them for exploring a (hopefully) expanding field of wearable technology that is an untapped niche. Maybe with the Watch’s visibility and popularity, we will see an explosion of application development and R&D behind actually useful wearables with wide market appeal (unlike this and Google Glasses and other gadgets). I suppose I can support it in that sense, but not with my money!

Finally, I also make a point of never buying something on its first iteration. There are bound to be bugs that need to be worked out, and I don’t want to pay a bunch of money to be a “beta tester”. Plus, having a second or further iterations means the company is actually invested in the product line as opposed to a one-off.
I may also have a grudge against apple because they overprice all of their products with much less functionality than cheaper alternatives >_<

(I am a little pissed that HBO Now is only offered on Apple devices. They want to engage a wider audience, yet they only cater to the people who have loads of money to spend on a brand aesthetic…!)

If you get a watch, you should post a review about it and try to convince us of the benefits (or reveal it as a novelty moneymaker!)

Subject: Re: Online reviews, are they worth your time?

Forum: Online reviews, are they worth your time?
Hellooooooooo Erin,

I am really sorry you had to go through that awful experience! I can’t imagine a hotel getting away with conditions like that…that’s why I am so meticulous in reading online reviews before I spend my money! Even if it is just for a bar of soap on Amazon :P

Online reviews are probably credible for the most part. The way I judge it, if the product name can be switched out and it’s just generic, it’s probably fake. But if it’s individualized and acknowledges at least some downsides, I’ll believe it.

Another time when online reviews come into play is seeing movies in a theater, for sure. It costs me ten dollars and a two mile walk if I want to see a movie at the theater--it had better be pretty damn good if I am going to do that. There’s been a couple movies I was really excited to see this year (Jupiter Ascending, Chappie) but I decided they weren’t worth my time when Rotten Tomatoes declared them “rotten”. I’ll wait for a cheap rental if I’m still interested.

I only write reviews when I really love a product or utterly hated it. The ones in the middle just aren’t worth the effort!

Subject: Re: Whatcha waiting for?

Forum: Whatcha waiting for?
Heya Marie,

Hope your “crazy” is a little more manageable now!

Tell me about a mental barrier in your life? What is it holding you back from doing? Do you think you can fix this barrier and if so how do you plan on getting there?

A current mental barrier in my life is my lack of energy to work on my own projects after work and school. I work two jobs and I am a full time student…it’s not easy to find the time to do job applications, or work on my novel, or exercise…mainly because I feel like those activities are “frivolous” because they don’t have immediate paybacks, but I really need to engage in them for my financial, mental, and physical health.

Most advice you might hear on the internet or IRL goes along the lines of “surely if you really wanted to do _______, you would find the time! Even just a little everyday!” The main problem with that piece of advice is that it assumes time is the only limited quantity. “Mental energy” is real and I only have a certain amount! Some days I sit down, all psyched up to fill out a job application…and then find myself sleeping at my desk a couple minutes later. Unfortunately, I need quite a lot of sleep (simply the way my body works), so it dramatically limits the amount of free time I have.

I am going to fix this barrier by graduating and moving on from those two jobs!!! I can’t wait to have just one job, with just one set of responsibilities, and not having to worry about conflicts all the time. Then I won’t feel guilty for sleeping and attending to my health!

Subject: Re: Androgyny: The Way of a Peaceful Future?

Forum: Androgyny: The Way of a Peaceful Future?
Hey MLJay,

Welcome to CollegeNet! Going for a great topic right out of the gate, I like it.

I could definitely live in a world without gender. I don’t really fit any sort of stereotype or fill all the check boxes on a list--I like being extreme, mellow, moderate, strong, vulnerable, emotional, rational, vain, humble, intelligent, innocuous, ruthless, cold, warm, welcoming, distancing, grudge-holding, and forgiving, all at once. None of those personality traits are “gendered” and to believe so is just another sign that we believe we have to “fit the requirements of the script”, so to say, that life has handed us. Gender truly is a role that most people gravitate to for ease of social interaction, rather than any sort of truth about identity. People who deny this likely have just had so much practice fitting a mask on their identity, it feels like a second skin and their identity is now conformed to its shape.

I am not saying we are infinitely malleable, but neither are we binary. We are humans, after all, not 1’s and 0’s.
Would a world without gender be more peaceful? Impossible to really say. I don’t think so, humans are humans, regardless of gender. There is avarice, greed, lust, envy, pride, sloth, and gluttony to be found in the heart of every person, as well as virtue.

I consider myself androgynous, but I am certainly not attractive enough to pull it off in how I dress as the model you mention. Something you might notice: the most attractive movie stars and other celebrities have facial feature that could easily belong to a man or woman, just depending on the “styling”.

I don’t judge people on their gender. Sometimes people think because I am a guy, I am “ruled by my dick” (literal quote)… but I just kinda shrug it off and purposely subvert expectations. I like being unpredictable--it places the power of the relationship in my hands, not theirs and their check lists. Then again, most people don’t get along easily with me, likely because they can never “read me” or “figure me out” (literal quotes, again)…too bad.

We could all do with some experimentation with gender. I imagine once we achieve full-immersion virtual reality this will become much more common.

Subject: Re: Cnet Healthy Hitters! Weekly update

Forum: Cnet Healthy Hitters! Weekly update
Hey hey rosine! (and everyone else!)

I know I haven't joined in on these forums before, but for this week I feel like I have to.

My goals for last week were to go to the gym everyday and do some running, at least 4 miles everyday--and it was a rather hit and miss affair. I went three times, and ran 10 miles two days, four miles the other--so I achieved my mileage goal, but not my consistency one...and for me, that's kind of worrisome as it's so easy to get injured from training too hard too quickly. I hadn't been running before this week (just some solid work on the elliptical) because my running shoes were practically worn through, but then I got a little present of brand new Nike Air Zoom 18s (or something like that lol). So now I feel obliged to run!

Anyway, I had worked so hard the previous couple of days and barely slept Saturday due to all day work events that I spent all day sunday unable to get out of bed >_< I should have gone to the gym....

My goals for this week are to do the same thing, but CONSISTENTLY this time! Now school's back in session I have a bit more of a regular routine, so it should be easy. I won't allow myself to watch any anime until I go to the gym, so that's how I'll motivate myself :P for me, the hardest part besides consistency is holding myself back once I get going...don't want to end up with an achilles heel injury again!

PS Best of luck with your finals megan :)

Subject: Re: What is the condition of your heart?

Forum: What is the condition of your heart?
Hi there Courtney,

What is the condition of your heart? Has it been hardened like stone from your life experiences? Or is it soft and willing to accept new things? Is there any way it can be both?

There isn't any realistic separation between what is poetically referred to as "the heart" and the emotionally responsive areas of our brain. My beating heart no more controls emotion than does my stomach (well, maybe there is something there...haha).

If you are talking about my openness to new experiences, I am wide open. I love meeting new people, seeing new places, and exploring different types of activity. I am an adventurer at heart. Part of that, though, is that I don't attach myself to things very much because I always need to be ready to say goodbye--I've moved around quite a bit in my 21 years, and so I know that every person, moment, and place is fleeting. I cherish them for what they are, but I don't "open my heart to them" and consider them to be "eternally part of me", if that makes any sense. If I did that, then I would be wracked with depression and sadness every time I needed to move on, and that's not healthy.

So I suppose you could consider my "heart" like a warm pool with only the shallow, light, friendly end open to swimmers (other people). The dark, chaotic depths of the deep end are reserved for me and me alone.

Good topic. Hope to see you around some more!

Subject: Re: Ben & Jerry and Marijuana Ice Cream

Forum: Ben & Jerry and Marijuana Ice Cream
Hmmmm total legality? I think it could happen quite soon. Just look at how quickly gay rights went through the nation--Massachusetts legalized in 2004, then in 2015 we are going to have a Supreme Court decision that likely decides it for the whole country (in favor). 11 years is so quick! So based just on that, Colorado voted to legalize in 2014, so... maybe we can expect nationwide by 2025? That'd be crazy! But I think it will happen because of the strong strains of libertarianism present across political parties today.

Eric I don't think it would be a problem if they had active THC. They would just sell it in a different part of the store (or only in weed shops, like the liquor store divide today). Likely, it also wouldn't cause any issues with taxation since weed will simply follow the liquor precedent and be taxed according to state law, yeah?

The name of the ice cream? Hmmmmm....I am going to go with "Cannabal Animal"! It's like, cannabis, and then a reference to the crazy state people achieve upon ingesting... it's gonna be cool to buy some!

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