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Subject: What do you admire about someone you love?

Forum: What do you admire about someone you love?
CollegeNet, Hello!

Every time I talk to my mother I am reminded of how much I still have to learn from her- I am always in awe of her giving spirit, her patience, how hard she still works, her nurturing capacity, her supportive and encouraging words and unconditional love, not for just me but for all living things.

What do you admire about someone you love?

Subject: Re: Board games or video games

Forum: Board games or video games
Oh totally board games. I don't really (ever) play video games, just never became that interested. The time spent learning to drive a virtual car or make the person on the screen do something amazing is time I could have spent cooking or playing with family or swimming in the ocean. That's much more realistic anyways.

Board games are super fun at times. I don't really spend a lot of time on those either, but every so often family or friends will get together and we'll more...spend time over a board game than actually play it at all. I can't begin to tell you how many I might have won or lost, because really it doesn't matter.

But, if we ever got to the point where we could play video games like the Matrix, where it's exactly like real life but you can do magic and go to other worlds and everything....that would be really fun to try out. I could finally see what it's like to be a mermaid or ride a dragon!

Oh, and monopoly is just the worst.

Subject: Re: Energetic or Slow in the morning?

Forum: Energetic or Slow in the morning?
I think this really depends less on time and more on my mood. I've gotten up at 5am before and not loved it, but was excited about what I was doing and after a coffee and a quiet "whyyyyy" in the back of my mind just went on with the day and it was awesome. That is absolutely not an everyday thing though.

More than early mornings, what might slow me down in the afternoon sun. I can be really productive, then procrastinate, then be super productive again, but once the daylight starts turning a little orange and the birds come out my ancient feline instincts demand a nap. Working through that phase is rough, and I definitely slow down. Sometimes I can power through, other times the couch wins.

Subject: Re: Morning Showers?

Forum: Morning Showers?
Oh, that's a tough one, usually just depends on what I have to do for the day. I think that I don't really do morning or night exclusively or really have any pattern. Showers are easy and enjoyable, so it's do I feel right now? If the answer is dirty, tired, stressed, or anything along those lines and I have the time...shower!

Standing in the pouring rain is also amazing. But the timing for that is not up to me.

Subject: Re: Do you follow politics?

Forum: Do you follow politics?
Hi Ratio,

I'm a little torn on this topic. Of course, most people are a little hesitant to talk about politics at work or with family, even if some of us follow what's going on compulsively. But that's kind of only when talking about normal politics for me. I have never really liked following this kind of news, as it always seems like something terrible is going on. That is far truer this last year or so than any time I can remember. The country is so polarized, everyone is so incredibly vicious (for right or wrong reasons) that it can be difficult to want to follow up on everything that's happening.

I know that it's part of our responsibility as citizens of any country to know who we're voting for, understand the issues, and take part in the government to one degree or another...but these days I kind of hate looking at the news.

When we come back from the hateful opinions and what can only be described as blatant xenophobia and racism that seems to be coloring politics these days, I think that's when I'll be able to following the news again.

Subject: Good Morning CollegeNet!

Forum: Good Morning CollegeNet!
Some days I wake up in the morning and I look in the mirror and I just don’t like what I see. It’s not necessarily a physical dislike, it's more of the internal critical voice in my head that haunts me, reminding me of all of my faults. Reminding me of my forgetfulness, my extraordinary talent in procrastination, and my pitiful shyness. But then some days and some moments, I like who I am, and I think I’m the most hilarious person I know or I’ll surprise myself with my thoughtfulness, open-mindedness and empathic qualities.

What do you like and dislike about yourself? And how do you stay in the realm of liking yourself more often than the opposite?

Subject: Re: Right Hand / Left Hand / Ambidextrous?

Forum: Right Hand / Left Hand / Ambidextrous?
Hi animal lover,

I am right handed but can bat in softball left-handed. I was a pinch runner in high school (considered to be a fast runner) so my coach trained me to hit the ball left-handed because you're closer to first base off the line. Unfortunately, this is my only left-handed ability.

Subject: Re: Master's Degree Yay or Nay?

Forum: Master's Degree Yay or Nay?
Hi Kneal22,

I think it depends on what your master degree is? But agreed with iPersevere, I think that a master degree has become the standard in the US and it has the potential to opes more doors for you. School is always a good idea though I personally really enjoy learning and deepening my understanding of the world.

Subject: Re: Electric or regular toothbrush?

Forum: Electric or regular toothbrush?
Aloha Wanderer!

I currently am analog style toothbrushing it right now. I always caught myself using the brushing motion anyway while using the electric toothbrush, guess it was just a muscle memory kind of thing.

Subject: Re: What is one goal you have for the Summer?

Forum: What is one goal you have for the Summer?
Hi HoangryKH,

My summertime goals consist of branding a little design project. I, however, have not completed this project yet, but thank you for reminding me to get on that! I would also like to start studying for architectural licensing exams and try to take at least one before the break is over. Lots of changes happening for me this summer so doing achieving these goals will be more of a challenge than usual. But, no excuses!

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