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Subject: Re: What's the point in a real name?

Forum: What's the point in a real name?
My real name is Elizabeth, the name that has soo many nicknames it drives me crazy!

People never call me by my full name and in every different setting I have a different name.

At home my family calls me Lisa

At school my friends call me Eli or Liz, Lizzy

My Spanish professor calls me Isabel

My sociology professor calls me Beth

When people do call me by my full name they pronounce it in different ways
Obviously the correct way to pronounce my name is E - LIZ- A - BETH, but for some reason that's a little hard for some people.

A lot people sometime pronounce my name Alissa-beth

My little cousin who has a heavy spanish accent calls me EL-ISA - BEH or LYZA

My other family members that also don't speak english just call me Elisa

Names I hate to be called by ( people have done this, big mistake!) and people usually don't dare to after I let them know.
Betty, Betsy, Libby, Izzie, Bella, Ellie, Ella, Lizbet, Els, Elyza,Buffy, and Bet

I apologize if I offended anyone

Great forum

~Eli V

Subject: Re: Oops, I thought that you were someone else!?

Forum: Oops, I thought that you were someone else!?
That's so funny! lol
It's funny, but I feel bad that happened to you at the same time.
Don't worry I have a lot of embarrassing moments too!!

Ok so this situation was not one of those "oops , i thought you were someone else" moments but it's just as embarrassing and maybe even worse.

This happened when I was much younger , but I'm still traumatized from the humiliation.
One day I went to a birthday party that was being held at a McDonalds play place. Every little kid was sliding down the inner tube slide. I decided I wanted to do that too, but better. I grabbed an eating tray and run up to the top of the slide. I sat on it and a way I went. As I was going down, I was going down really fast and I panicked and screamed the whole way down. As I was coming out, the force of me going so fast flew me half way across the room (as I was screaming). It made the biggest scene that everyone at McDonalds stopped eating just to stare at me. That was the biggest awkward silence I have ever experienced in a public place. Then soon after because I broke the tray I was sitting on, the people that worked their asked me to leave.

Can you beat that CNET? LOL!!

~Eli V

Subject: Should you be obligated to support your parents?

Forum: Should you be obligated to support your parents?
Do you think children once they are old enough, should support their parents?

I know this lady ( my moms' co-worker ) who is in her 30's and she lives with her mom, dad, and three kids. Her father is retired and her mother has never worked before and was always a stay at home mom. Her children's father is no longer in the picture and she is the only bread winner of the household. Her parents live with her because they feel that they supported her since she was born and it's only fair she supports them when they're old. Although she is happy to help them, it has made her life very hard. She has to work 2 jobs full time in order to support everyone. When she finishes paying the bills, there is hardly anything left for other needs.

I would hate for this to happen to me in the future, but at the same time even though my parents don't expect me to, I would still like to support them. I love my parents and I do want to help them out in the future once I have a career. No one knows what their financial situations will be like , but I think if you are able to, and if you make enough then you should.

Do you think this is fair CNet?

Subject: Re: Are you scared of making mistakes?

Forum: Are you scared of making mistakes?
I have the mentality that I always want to make my parents proud of me. Whenever I do something wrong or a mistake, I feel as if it's the end of the world. I'm also a perfectionist, but I don't think this ties me down to not living life. I still go out and have fun and I like living life at a fast pace. I just always try to be on my best behavior, well mannered and try to think things through before acting. Of course no one is perfect, everyone makes but for some reason I have the urge to always please my parents ( not sure if that's a good thing or not ) and whenever I disappoint them I feel like crying. My parents never really pressured me to be this way and they never gave me a reason to, but I just like to please them in that way because I feel like I owe them for bringing me into this world.
So yeas, I;m terrified of making mistakes.

~Eli V

Subject: Re: Little sibling has a date, you go to chaperone

Forum: Little sibling has a date, you go to chaperone
Shanna♥ : She's 15 years old

Thank you so much everyone! You guys made me feel so much better and it's good to know that I'm not alone in this. In other good news, I was able to get to know my sister's new boyfriend better and he seems to be very nice, respectful and well brought up ( THANK GOD! ), what a relief! lol. :]

Thanks again CNet

~Eli V

Subject: Re: Do Disney Movies Contain Harmful Messages?

Forum: Do Disney Movies Contain Harmful Messages?
JenniferC: I'm not really sure, a lot of the stories date back to the 1st century so I'm not sure if it is even possible to read the original tales. I got my information from the following sites:

I hope this helps. :]

~Eli V

Subject: Re: Quirks we all have them

Forum: Quirks we all have them
I don't really think I have a quirk that people make fun of me about (that i can think of).
I do know that I can sometimes be brutally honest and outspoken. I know it affects people and sometimes hurts their feelings, but that's the way I was brought up and that's just how I am.

@Goober (ME) & Lizzy Unnone: I think a lot of people have a little bit of OCD in them. Me for example, I can't stand it when people leave a light on in the room when there is no one in there. I always end up turning off all lights that aren't being used (I think that's an OCD?). It makes me insane otherwise.

~Eli V

Subject: Little sibling has a date, you go to chaperone

Forum: Little sibling has a date, you go to chaperone
Ok so, I've always been very protective of my little sister. She recently started seeing a guy that I'm not entirely sure if I approve of or not. She was invited to go to the movies with him and she asked mom and dad if she could go. They said she could go on one condition.... If I go to chaperone. The first thing that came to mind was "great now I'm the babysitter" , but then I realized that I did want to get to know the guy she was seeing. Naturally of course my sister was not happy about the idea, but didn't complain because at least she was able to go. I asked my friend to go with me so that it would be less awkward, but It didn't help much.

When we went to sit down, the theater was full and I wanted to sit behind my sister and her date so I can keep an eye on them (without them noticing). They were too smart for that and quickly sat down before I could and me and my friend ended up sitting the row in front of them. They were sitting behind me but all the way to the left while my friend and I sat in the front row, but to the right so that we were parallel and could have a good view of them. During the movie, I occasionally looked over my shoulder to check on them and they of course noticed. After the movie my sister made it clear that she was upset with me. I felt bad for ruining her first date, but in a way I felt a little relieved. One thing's for sure, I'm not doing that again.

Anyone ever been through a similar situation like this?
Would make me feel loads better to know I'm not the only one and I could honestly use some advice.
Thanks for listening CNET :)

Subject: Re: Could uniforms stop bullying in schools?

Forum: Could uniforms stop bullying in schools?
@BreadMan: there's really no need to be concerned. I said "make" and "force" because it's true. I'm not going to sugar coat it. If your a high school, middle school or even elementary school student and the rule is to wear uniforms everyday, what choice do you have? So yes in that sense you are "made" and "forced" to wear uniforms because if not you get in trouble and where I'm from, if you want to continue going to school there, you must wear the uniforms. Unfortunately students usually don't have a say in that matter, it's all up to the school. That's why I said it like that earlier. :]

~Eli V

Subject: Re: Do Movies Create Killers?

Forum: Do Movies Create Killers?
@Cherylmomma : I agree on "guns don't kill, people kill" very true. I also saw him on the news in court looking drowsy and very drugged, but I have a strong feeling it was all an act. There were reports that said that in his jail cell he acted normal (he didn't notice there were camera's watching him) and in court was when he played the "I'm insane" act. Another reason why I think it's an act, is because of his hair. When the cops arrested him, his hair was normal, but when he showed up in court he walks in with orangy hair and claiming he thinks he's the joker. I bet his lawyers told him to act that way.

@Starry Night : I think you are right. Movies, t.v. , video games, etc, should not be blamed for one person's actions. I think it is mostly people who can't deffer reality from movies are mainly the ones who go out there to do what they see on tv.

I was having a debate the other day with a friend of mine about movies with violent content and their ratings. Movies that are rated "R" are mainly because it has sexual content, where as movies with violence are usually rated "PG-13". My friend thinks that even kids that are 13 years old shouldn't be exposed to that. It made me wonder if that could influence 13 year olds to want to grow up to be killers or cool trained assassins like in the movies. I do know it does affect teenage boys because they get inspired to shoot things with guns and want to join the military. I know because I had a lot of guy friends that told me they just want to join the military just to kill something, same story for the guys that wanted to become police officers (I hope most of them weren't serious) , but I'm sure most of their inspiration comes from t.v.

~Eli V

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