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Subject: Paying it forward

Forum: Paying it forward
What opportunities or things in your life that has been given/granted to you that you would like to pay forward in the future?

For me I'm really thankful for the opportunity that my parents have given my siblings and I. They work a lot just so that we have some finances to put towards our college degree to lighten the burden. Even though it's not easy for them and it does not fully cover the fees , I do still find myself thinking about in a daily basis and in my heart praying for them and just really grateful because I know it's not something that they have to do.

And I do realize that not everyone has that opportunity because it's deafly just not easy thing to do school is not cheap, so in the future I would love to give back in the form of scholarships; it's not gonna be on the level as collegenet Lol but to the school I graduate from. It would be a yearly scholarship, a modest amount that I can afford and be consistent with. I would open it to all majors and also international students I don't see myself putting a restriction on it because I know that everyone has their story and has their different walk in life. so it would just be open to whoever wants apply and I actually don't know how I would go about picking who receives it but I think I'll have to come up with some sort of criteria.

I do hear a lot that not everyone is made for school, but I personally do feel strongly that education is very important in our society and I feel like education definitely opens up many more doors so I would like to pay it forward and push people to get a higher degree.

So what would you like to pay forward?

Subject: Re: Should Rx Drugs Be Advertised to Consumers?

Forum: Should Rx Drugs Be Advertised to Consumers?
It's interesting to come back and read everyone's views!

Subject: Re: Does 4 or 5.0 GPA guarantee a job or higher salary

Forum: Does 4 or 5.0 GPA guarantee a job or higher salary
I think it is a plus but it is not everything.
Experience also matters. Also not everyone is book smart but are great on the job when actually performing real life tasks.
Which I love because there is life outside of exams and testing.

Subject: Re: How do you feel about tattoos?

Forum: How do you feel about tattoos?
I Donny have any.
My parents are also old school me don't like them.
But I don't really have a stance for or against it. I think some are really beautiful

Subject: Re: When you don't have a forum topic?

Forum: When you don't have a forum topic?
I find inspiration for posting forums through my daily activities and just really what occurs during my day. How I go about it is that on my iPhone you have to record button so whatever I say is automatically recorded and translated it into words, I do that in my notes and I just kind of word vomit whatever I'm thinking about at the moment and then I edited copy and paste it Into my collegenet forum.

I realize that it's not always what people want to respond to; In the sense that it's not really a light topic if I should say.

So I don't even know if that is working for me, those kind of topics and thoughts that are on my mind because a lot of the very popular topics are things like... I don't think I should say it....things like what's your favorite color... or.... The easy breezy topics that really do not provoke any thought at all.

Nothing wrong with topics like that it's just that shouldn't really be a reoccurrence or.... I don't know what I'm saying, I guess I just expect topics where I can learn from and I do see a lot of those don't get me wrong I do see a lot of I thought provoking posts.

that's actually one of the reasons why really love the challenge forum because I learn something new especially the challenge from this from this week I was like wow that's something I never really thought about and I actually want to do more research on it because I found it to be really interesting. Who knew that drugs ads do not always cause a positive reaction?!

Anyway all the best.

Subject: Re: Meet & Greets

Forum: Meet & Greets
I read your bio so I texted my boyfriend to ask what your name means, he said it could mean many things even purple. He's also interested in the teaching English as a second language, and loves the Japanese culture. Which is probably why I would love to go to Japan, I've been influenced lol.

Anyway, that sounds cool, I've never done that before oh actually the closest I've been to a star was at NYCC last year at the javitts center they have the area where you can can an autograph and or picture with some famous people, but of course the line and cost is insane. I saw from a distance that kid form game of thrones, I can't remember is name.

Anyway all the best !

Subject: Re: What is your rap name? Play a game...

Forum: What is your rap name? Play a game...
I came back just to see what the other names would be.

I don't know this cracks me up!!
@sammy flax seed oatmeal sounds really good!

Subject: Re: Introvert or extrovert?

Forum: Introvert or extrovert?
Thank you all for replying.
lol @jallen8 for realizing how non introverted you are compared to those you work it lol

It seems like a lot of us on this post are introverts. Introverts unite!!!

Lol have a good week everyone.

Subject: Re: Unwanted Advice

Forum: Unwanted Advice
As soon as I saw this topic yesterday I was so excited to comment on it until I realized that I already ran out of my five post for the day. Lol

So I searched it out today!

OMG! Story of my life! I grew up in a church where dating is frowned upon, I have been with my boyfriend since the age of 18 and we are currently going on 5 years now. I have been through it with unsolicited 'advice' with the intention of stopping me from dating someone period! I don't even want to go down memory lane thinking of it. To the point where I didn't share pictures of us on Instagram Or whatsapp because of the backlash that would ensue. The stress!
Advice on what worked for them but people refuse to understand that life is not a one size fit all. Great that something works for you, but we are not the same and you can't cookie cut me into your idea of perfection especially when you are not my creator.

I would say more but it's making me lose my zen lol.

Thankfully I've come into my own where I can speak out and take advice and filter it.

Subject: Re: Do you play pokemon go?

Forum: Do you play pokemon go?
This is so weird! I wanted to do a post on this!

I am obsessed, I live in an area in jersey where there isn't a lot of Poké stops and the Pokémon I catch are too common, like I don't need all the weedles and ratatas i come across. So when the weather was nicer i loved to go to NYC Time square area and Central Park because there is just an abundance of stops and Pokémons and lures!!!! I love it!!! I'm only on level 23 because I hate walking in the cold and it's not a game you can really play just staying in your house. So I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. Especially now that there are new Pokémons. Sometimes I do put it on if I am walking just for the sake of my eggs. lol I really like the game and concept!

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