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Subject: Never too young for an advanced directive

Forum: Never too young for an advanced directive
Full code, do not resuscitate, the 5 wishes, the Most form, AKA your final wishes...Who has this?

7 months into my residency and I'm realizing that it is never too early to have these desires established. My wife and I are in our early 30s and we have discussed these things. I think for people our age it is easy to say, DO EVERYTHING if I'm severely ill or medically compromised +/- if things look futile. We are young, we haven't lived our lives and we have a decent chance of survival.

Then you have the 80 year+ crowd, they fall to either side...1) I've lived my life, I don't need tubes or artificial nutrition, let me go. Or 2) Keep me alive as long as possible, only God can take me. Obviously those are gross simplifications of most people, but you get the idea.

The most difficult age group is the 50-65ish crowd. Lived a decent amount of life with some years to go. I find that this age group has the hardest time making end-of-life decisions, still young but with some physiologic signs of aging (that they may or may not acknowledge).

Do any of you have advanced directives? Who are the people close to you that know your wishes? If you don't have one, what's stopping you? Have you had these discussions with family members? How did they go?

Subject: Re: Why Are You Watching the Olympics? Why not?

Forum: Why Are You Watching the Olympics? Why not?
I watch the Olympics because it offers a good background for doing other things. I find the different events very entertaining, except figure skating. Although their tricks are very impressive, the routines put me to sleep. I think of it more as "athletic art", not so much a sport.

I do enjoy snowboarding and skiing. They go so fast and the tricks are awesome. With all of the data and metrics presented about the different sports, it is easy for me to be entertained.

Subject: Re: Wonder Woman and Yesterday's Stupidity

Forum: Wonder Woman and Yesterday's Stupidity
AWESOME topic! Although legally allowed now and a change you have mentioned, I think same-sex marriage/families will be fully included into society just as everyone else. Right now it seems to be regional throughout the country. I think (hope) that it will be "normal" and no one will bat an eye.

The biggest change that I see coming in the next 20 years is legalized marijuana. So many states are jumping on the train with medical marijuana. I don't see how recreational use won't be far behind. It seems to be pulling in revenue for some states and I can see others wanting to get into it.

Subject: Re: Game! Answer a Question with a Question

Forum: Game! Answer a Question with a Question
How can you tell this is "conscious" life?

Subject: Re: Dreams and Dream-like states

Forum: Dreams and Dream-like states
Actually, this happened to me this morning. My girlfriend has type 1 diabetes and will occasionally will wake up in the middle of night with low blood sugar. Even more infrequently, she will be sweating profusely and I will wake her up because it is low. Those times make us both a little worried because what if neither or us woke up and she became dangerously low? As you can see, it is a decent reason to develop some neuroses about the situation.

This morning when she woke up, she sat on the side of the bed. I rolled over and looked at her and I swear she said: Oh my gosh. My sugar is so low. Look at me, I'm sweating. She then went to the bathroom and out to the kitchen. I ended up getting up a few minutes later and went to check on her. I asked her the usual questions about whether or not she gave too much insulin the night before or if dinner didn't have enough carbs, etc. She gave me the weirdest look and said she woke up with a slightly elevated sugar. I explained my rendition of the event and she said she didn't say a word.

Now, I am telling you that I would have bet every penny I have that she told me her sugar was low. It was so vivid and realistic. Nothing about the scene was dreamlike other than it didn't happen. Weird!

I have dreams or dream-like states a lot. They are real and often believable when I wake up. It will be about conversations regarding grocery shopping or plans with friends that are not real. Who dreams about that? It can get very confusing!

Subject: Re: Nursing Your Physical Health.

Forum: Nursing Your Physical Health.
My biggest tip is prevention! Seems simple enough. I try to stay as clean as possible in the winter meaning washing my hands and disinfecting surfaces. The cold weather keeps people indoors and creating a breeding ground for colds and flu. I also try to maintain my exercise regimen and eat healthy. It is easy to get sucked up into the warm comfort foods-- i.e. carbs and put on a few pounds. Winter weight is just something people say to make themselves feel better. It shouldn't exist. We don't hibernate or have any other need for it. The last thing I do is try to get adequate amounts of sleep. It seems like it should be easy because the weather is colder and more dreary. Good reason to stay rested and warm inside.

When that doesn't work and I get sick with a cold or sinus infection, then I take OTC meds for symptom management and LOTS of fluids. I also stick as close to my exercise program as possible. I will tone it down a bit, but I think it is important for me to "work out" my illness. Obviously, there are certain times when that is a no-no: fever, chest involvement or vomiting. All of those things are signs of serious illness and/or systemic involvement. Those are the time to let your body rest.

Other than that, I don't do anything else different. No special vitamins or herbs. I do drink the occasional cup of tea but that just keeps me warm and clears my sinuses. I don't think it has a medicinal value. Of course, if my symptoms are out of control or I have a fever/brown sputum/excessive fluid loss, then I will seek medical treatment. Most of the time, my ailments are easily treated at home.

Subject: What Crazy Thing Made You Start A Diet?

Forum: What Crazy Thing Made You Start A Diet?
Everyone has started a diet or two in their lives for various reasons. What are some of the craziest reasons you decided to better your eating habits and start hitting the gym?

A coworker of mine is dating and guy with a 5 year-old son. I guess she was spending time with them over the weekend and his son told her that she looked fat. I guess his class had been learning about bears and how they have fat to survive the winter. He had asked his dad if people have fat too and that had been the end of the conversation. That is, until he dropped the bomb on my coworker. Since then, she has gone to the gym everyday this week. Her theory is that innocent children see the world how it is and without prejudice so he must have been right.

Wow. I would be ticked if a little kid called me out. I decided it was time for me to lose some weight when I could fit into my college track & field uniform anymore. Like not at all. Not even a little. So I decided to get back down to a healthy weight.

Do you have any interesting stories about starting diets?

Subject: Re: Should Companies Always Put Profits First?

Forum: Should Companies Always Put Profits First?
Obviously, profit has to be a top priority of a business or they would not remain in business. There would be no stockholders to invest in something that isn't profitable. There is a fine line between being greedy and too generous. I personally think that employees make the business a success in most markets. Perhaps this is from my experience in the healthcare industry.

Hospitals are filled with people that provide service. With the exception of a few fancy robotic pieces, healthcare can not be delivered by machine. When hospital systems make profit, it is from the services provided by people and their skills/knowledge. They make the business and in my opinion, deserve a share of the profit, perhaps more so than the shareholders. In businesses like manufacturing, people don't play as pivotal a role. Many of the things are automated and could essentially replace humans. These businesses could even up being very profit oriented because they don't have a human fleet sustaining their daily workings.

Anyway, I think it is nice when businesses are grateful to their employees, regardless of industry. This is why I make a conscious effort to not shop at Wal-Mart or Sam' Club. GO Costco! I love hearing about companies that provide good living wages and benefits. It shows you that the corporation is cognizant of the human condition and don't see employees as equivalent to equipment. It may do a lot for public support too. I think the general public likes to see acts of generosity.

Subject: Re: Toilet Talk: Are You Picky About Bathroom Stalls?

Forum: Toilet Talk: Are You Picky About Bathroom Stalls?
If I am not mistaken, there was a forum about a research study that found most people choose stalls to their right side. They tend to be dirtier and used much more often than those to the left side. After reading that article, I found myself realizing that I did go to my right. Since then, I go to my left.

As for the specific stall, I like the big "handicapped" stall if there are plenty of other stalls. If there are only a few, I'll take a smaller one. I tend to enjoy bathrooms that are dark and secretive. There is something so weird about brightly lit bathrooms. I feel like my business is under inspection. Somehow the dimly lit room helps me feel relaxed and like I am in a private setting.

Now, if the unfortunate situation arises where I have to have a serious bowel movement, all bets are off. I'm thankful that it doesn't happen often, but sometimes food just doesn't sit well with me. My stomach feels like a fiery volcano. As one would expect, a fiery eruption ensues. My standards for stall selection plummet and I just get down to business. I figure it is better than the alternative: a public eruption outside a restroom.

Subject: Re: Grammar Police! Except me, Accept me!

Forum: Grammar Police! Except me, Accept me!
Is it bad to say nothing? I tend to have very good grammar as it was stressed a lot in school/home/etc. With that I mean, there isn't one thing that always trips me up. I know I make random errors, but it isn't the same thing repetitively. The most recent mistake I made was their/there. I was in a hurry in an e-mail to my friend and made the switch. Of course, I saw it as soon as I hit send. It was a little irritating since I know better.

What really irritates me the most is when I do talk-to-text. I use it while I'm driving because it is hands free and very convenient. Sometimes it doesn't understand what I am saying and really screws things up. The except/accept, there/their/they're and wear/where mistakes are very frequent. Sometimes it will insert weird words when I think I haven't annunciated correctly. That then leads me to speak like I'm teaching English to a foreign speaker. I will admit, some of the mistakes are simply hilarious!

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