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Subject: Re: If you could Time Travel?

Forum: If you could Time Travel?
Hi Alexis,
Great question! I think about it all the time too. In fact, I was just thinking about it last night. As much as I am excited to see what the world has in store for me, I would choose to go back in time and fix my mistakes or change my reckless decisions. Well, they're not that bad, but I could have avoided a lot of twists and turns if I made the right decision the first time, such as choosing the right major for me. I just wish I had the wisdom I have now, but you only gain that as you go through life...

Subject: Re: For or Against Abortion

Forum: For or Against Abortion
Hi Eddie! I completely respect your opinion, but I have an interjection. Let's say a baby was conceived after a rape incident, and the mother ends up giving birth. Whether she keeps the baby or give him away, the baby might have a miserable life while growing up. His mom may not be able to support him and raise him properly. And the baby might then be sent to a foster home, and his misery may continue. So why bring him to this world? And if the baby was given away, imagine how awful it will be for him to realize (when he grows up) that his mom gave him away.

However, I am completely against abortion in cases where the fetus seems healthy and is to be born to a loving couple.

Great discussion guys!

Subject: Re: Wow! It's been so long!

Forum: Wow! It's been so long!
Candice, congrats on your scholarship! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Ashley! It's nice to meet you! Looking forward to hearing from you as well :)

Subject: Wow! It's been so long!

Forum: Wow! It's been so long!
Hello CNET peeps,
I think it's been 10 months since I've last been on CNet. I've been very busy with grad school, but now since things have slowed down, I decided to come back. I just glanced at your recent forums, and I'm quite impressed! All your forums seem pretty interesting. Nice job!

I look forward to our discussions and to get to know you guys! :)
I'll be voting in this election, and hopefully I'll start posting regularly on Wednesday.

Talk soon!

Subject: Re: What Was Your Favorite Subject in School?

Forum: What Was Your Favorite Subject in School?
Hey Eddie! My favorite subject in high school was biomedical technology. I took it in tech school as a dual enrollment program. It was the most exciting class I ever had in high school.

Subject: Re: What do you look for?

Forum: What do you look for?
Hey there!
I used to have so many qualities and standards in mind about my significant other. But then when I met my boyfriend, I fell in love with him even though he barely had any of the traits I looked for.
Anyway, I used to look for: kindness, brains, looks, success, and sense of humor. Wouldn't that be the perfect human being though?! Honestly, I don't think it's possible to find all these in one person.

Subject: Re: Pumpkin

Forum: Pumpkin
Hey Shaelene! Welcome to CNet!

My favorite pumpkin treats are pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice latte ^_^

Subject: Re: My apology

Forum: My apology
Hey Crismon! I'm glad you had a relaxing vacation! And welcome back to CNet!

Life on my end has been pretty hectic as I haven't been able to sort things out and figure out a study schedule. Night classes are just a pain. They mess up my whole day. But honestly, graduate school is not that difficult (at least my program isn't... so far). I'm just having a difficult time adjusting myself into study mode especially since I was out of school for 15 months. There is so much reading AND writing to do. On top of that, I have so much house work to do every day. It's too exhausting to balance between the two.

As for the Pope's visit to Philly, I would much rather watch him on TV to be honest. There are going to be millions of people out there! And since I'm a little claustrophobic, I don't think it's a good idea for me to join the crowd.

Have a nice day!

Subject: What do you (dis)like about your university campus

Forum: What do you (dis)like about your university campus
Hello CNet friends! Happy Hump day!

What do you guys like the most about your university campus? And what do you not like?
My university is in downtown Philadelphia, so it's a very lively campus, and there's so much to do there. Because my university is a health and medical school, you see most of the students and staff dressed professionally, which I think is really cool.

So far, there's nothing I dislike about the campus, and I hope I never will.

Subject: Re: Growing Apart

Forum: Growing Apart
Hey Mariah!

I can think of at least one incidence where I grew apart from a very close friend. The process happened very slowly. When I moved out to a different state, we kept in touch like crazy. We updated each other almost every day. But over time, we both were getting busier, and so we talked once in a long while. Sometimes when we talked, we would get into arguments. Eventually, we lost interest in talking to each other. A couple of years later, I tried to talk to her again, but it was very clear that she took on a new identity. So I just dropped it and let it be.

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