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Subject: Re: Have you ever "dieted"?

Forum: Have you ever "dieted"?
I can quite relate to your dieting journey. I have drastically shifted my diet ever since starting graduate school (since September 2017). At first, I was a pescatarian for 2 months, it was effortless. As soon as I reintroduced red meat to my diet, my stomach WAS NOT HAVING IT. I noticed how my body was having a difficult time digesting chicken in comparison to beef.
I have 3 vegan friends who really inspired me to keep my diet clean and fresh. Ever since watching the documentary "What the Health" on Netflix, I decided to cut down on all dairy products and reduce my animal protein intake. I was a cheese maniac, but honestly, I can't recall the last time I had cheese, it was probably a couple months ago. Vegan cheese tastes great and it's the same price as dairy cheese. I'd like animal protein to constitute 1/3 of my diet.
My meals now mainly consist of quinoa, fish, and veggies. No complaints ;)

Subject: Re: Legacy- What will yours be?

Forum: Legacy- What will yours be?
Haha not a downer at all!

Hi Kasey!
I'd like to be remembered for my work in research, and my work in healing broken families. I'd like to be remembered as a patient teacher who left a positive fingerprint in the community. And finally, a speech-language pathologist who changed children's lives by improving their communication abilities, and giving them a voice.

The world of Autism is still, to this day, quite misunderstood and mysterious. I'm in the works of debunking popular beliefs regarding children with Autism through my research.

Subject: Re: Presidential Election

Forum: Presidential Election
This is devastating. I have no words. . .

Subject: Re: What would you do?

Forum: What would you do?
Ahhhhhh I don't know!!

If it was a sexual predator, I would either call the cops because it's considered self defense and my friend would be free. OR I would burry the body with her because he deserves no proper burial.

If it was an innocent person who was murdered... then the right thing to do is to call the cops. But I really can't predict my actions if this situation actually occurred. I hope I'll never have to deal with this my whole life.

Subject: Re: What is on your mind today?

Forum: What is on your mind today?
Ah... I'm thinking about how I'm going to study for my GRE test and my audiology test when they're only a day apart.
I'm thinking about other problems in my personal life.

I'm thinking about how I can change my coworker's negative mindset, and how she can move into an accessible and affordable apartment. She has cerebral palsy, and can't use a bathtub because she has no control over her feet. Most apartments have bathtubs, so she currently lives in a cube for $1000 a month.

I'm thinking about veganism, and how I need to reduce my meat consumption.

I'm thinking of many things that are hurting my brain.. :sigh:

Subject: Who are your ambitions directed towards?

Forum: Who are your ambitions directed towards?
Hello CNET Fam! :)

We all have dreams and ambitions in life. For the sake of this forum, I want you to think of your top 5, and then answer the following question.

Are your ambitions directed to yourself only or others? Could they all be categorized under the first person needs? Are they complex? Lucid? Vague? Challenging?

I can already predict MaDonna & Jenni's answers since they're mothers :)

There's a quote that reminds me of this question, it says: "If all your prayers were answered, would it change the world or just yours?"

Ah.. I seriously love this quote, because of its power to make the reader self reflect.

Subject: Re: How hard is it to study after work/marriage?

Forum: How hard is it to study after work/marriage?
I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts on here! What you're all doing is beyond impressive.

I will graduate this December and I'm planning to go to Graduate school right after. I have a lot of married friends who are still in school, and although it's very stressful and hard, they're managing to get good grades. I think it all depends on the person and how well they can manage their time and stress. The majority of my married friends actually got pregnant while studying, so imagine the stress they had to go through! A semester off definitely solves a lot of problems!

I am someone who gets easily overwhelmed, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to have a full time job and juggle 18 credits of grad school courses. The first year of my graduate program will bring me to the real world, in which I'll have to create therapy plans for real clients. I do however think I can be engaged during my master's program, just not married.

Subject: Re: Should animal dissections be mandatory in schools?

Forum: Should animal dissections be mandatory in schools?
Hey Jenni!
Your forums always grab my interest! But I don't always get the chance to contribute to them.

This is a tricky issue that we're discussing.

If a student believes it's morally wrong to dissect animals, then they shouldn't be forced to participate in dissections. I think the lab instructor/teacher should have a handout with the picture of the animal they're planning to dissect, and all the student has to do is label it, and answer the questions.

I personally LOVED dissecting animals. I dissected a sheep's heart, a cow's eye, a frog, a grasshopper, and a worm. To me, that was the only good part about biology class, and that's why I never thought about the possibility of other students being forced to do it against their will.

I've seen videos taken inside a school's lab overseas, they were dissecting a LIVE SQUIRREL. IT WAS CRYING. Now, that obviously crosses the line on so many levels, and should never be acceptable.

Subject: Re: Easy Qn: How many languages do you speak?

Forum: Easy Qn: How many languages do you speak?
English R-W-S
Arabic R-W-S
French R - S (no longer great at it to be honest)
American Sign Language

Subject: Re: Presents

Forum: Presents
I legit cannot recall a time when my parents bought me a birthday present. We're not a typical family that celebrates birthdays, so if we do end up getting each other something, it's usually cake.

My father helping me out with my undergraduate school tuition is on its own one of the best gifts I could ask for. I have discussed how I feel about birthday presents in a forum I wrote about a month ago. I don't think a person necessarily earns their birthday presents, so I never expect any birthday presents.

I don't necessarily think there should be a cut off age on receiving birthday presents from parents, because it all depends on that family's traditions.

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