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Subject: Re: Synchronicity On The Rise

Forum: Synchronicity On The Rise
I definitely believe in synchronicity to a certain degree. We are all giving off energy or vibes or whatever you want to call it, and when I'm particularly close to someone I have almost a psychic connection with them that allows me to anticipate their needs.

Additionally I've found that there are times in my life where I feel really stagnant despite making efforts for things to change. At these times I usually see a lot of spiders around (not always in a bad way I probably just notice them more). I used to have a friend who was practised a form of paganism and put a lot of stock in omens/messages from our spirit guides. She told me that when you see spiders it's your guides trying to tell you to be more like them. Spiders are constantly on the move, creating new things and leaving their creations when they are no longer useful. After making the changes in my life, whether it be changing jobs or letting go of toxic people, I stop seeing spiders so frequently. I rather doubt it's an angel but it might be a sort of cosmic message and I don't take it for granted like I used to do.

Subject: Re: Best Pizza

Forum: Best Pizza
There might be a few drawbacks to living in NY, but one of the biggest perks is DEFINITELY the quality of our pizza. Every town has at least 3 family owned pizza places and 2 of them are usually phenomenal.

2 of my favorites: Strokos, which was actually owned by a Greek family and is located near John Jay college. They decase the sausage for their sausage pizzas and the crust is perfectly crispy!

The other one is a place in Peekskill (my home town) called Gleason's. In addition to traditional style flatbreads (cheese, pepperoni, margherita) they do a lot of local, seasonal combinations AND allow you to full personalize different types of pizza. My friends and I used to go their every Tuesday for a couple of pies and 1/2 priced wine by the bottle. Perfect post workout girls night!

Subject: Re: How Early Is Too Early?

Forum: How Early Is Too Early?
After years of early classes and rush hour commuting my body isn't usually capable of sleeping in as late as it used to. Left on my own I normally wake up around 9:30/10 feeling super hungry.

I can function OK with a 7 or 8am wake up but anything earlier takes a lot of discipline for me. Especially since, in order to get a full nights rest, I have to be asleep by 9 or 10pm and it seems like I've always got too much to do.

Subject: Re: Where is it Celebrated?

Forum: Where is it Celebrated?
I'm one of six kids, so when I was younger Christmas was always held at my parents house. My mom's closest relatives live 6 hours north of us so their was no illusion of anyone travelling back and forth for one day. My dads sister, her 3 daughters, and 2 grandkids used to come to our house in the afternoon when we had finished opening presents and we'd have a dinner with them.

This Christmas there's no definitive meeting place. All of my siblings are now married and most of them have young children so they'd rather be home opening gifts. My mom sent out an email to all of us saying she'll have a table full of hot food and an open door all day on Christmas so whoever wants to stop by is welcomed to do so at any time.

Subject: Re: Have you ever had something stolen?

Forum: Have you ever had something stolen?
One day when I was in highschool I decided to start finally using this wallet I had been given by a family friend. It was a handcrafted snakeskin wallet given to me by a priest that used to close to us and inside he wrote me a note and signed it "Fr. Ed". I literally showed it to my friends, put it in my bag on the lunch table, went to the bathroom, and it was gone. Not only was did it feel so messed up that the monitors didn't see someone going through my bag, but the fact that someone didn't feel guilty stealing something so obviously sentimental was really unsettling to me. And it only had $5 in it! Never even got it back empty

Subject: Re: Favorite Music Streaming Platform

Forum: Favorite Music Streaming Platform
I'm still pretty loyal to Pandora because I have a couple finely crafted stations. I was incredibly selective of the songs I chose to thumb up because I know how easily they can throw off the groove you're looking for. I think my Chris Cornell station is the best because I can hear 90s classics, heavy metal, folk, and some random artsy/gypsy style music at any given moment.

Subject: Re: Choose a Button and tell me why?

Forum: Choose a Button and tell me why?
I'm going with green! To me it sounds like you can possibly accomplish a few of those other feats with the ability granted by the green button. And at this point in my life I feel plenty loved by my fiance, my family, and my friends so all that's left is the ability to look around and feel proud of the things I've accomplished.

Subject: Re: Phones with Keyboards

Forum: Phones with Keyboards
I so miss the days of actual buttons on keyboards. It was a lot less frustrating because I could type exactly what I wanted and not have to worry about my phone trying to change my message. Plus it felt more satisfying if you had an especially powerful message to head the punching of the keys!

Subject: Being a parent

Forum: Being a parent
Do you want to have kids one day? Would you ideally want your own biological children or would you rather adopt?

I've been babysitting my 1 year old and 3 year old niece and nephew. I love them dearly, they're sweet kids, but it can be exhausting. Especially when one is climbing on you while you're trying to get the other to stop crying.

I don't think I'll ever want to be pregnant. Pretty much all of it sounds unpleasant to me. If I do decide to have kids I'd rather adopt an older child from foster care. They need a caring home more than I need to make a new person, and generally speaking when kids are older you can reason better with them.

Subject: Re: How do you like your potatoes?

Forum: How do you like your potatoes?
I could eat waffle fries all day. Perfectly crispy and fluffy and salty and greasy- YUM!

one time for family meal at a restaurant I worked in we had leftover potato gratin with summer squash and bacon mixed in. It was unbelievably good I ate so much I felt like I was gonna burst.

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