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Subject: Re: Do you have any tattoos?

Forum: Do you have any tattoos?
I've got an owl on my ribs and 2 friday the 13th themed tattoos on my hips. I really want to get a half-sleeve with a black-and-grey, hyper-realistic skeleton and water-color poppies...

Subject: Re: CNET-Gone forever?

Forum: CNET-Gone forever?
I don't like the concept of them looking at my finances to determine if I need help. Like many of you have experienced, in a way that's punishing us for being "successful" without acknowledging the fact that we may be working multiple jobs or not being able to afford to get our families Christmas gifts, or attend weddings out of the expense.

I hope they come back and just focus on fixing all the software glitches we've been talking about for years.

Subject: Re: When I heard CNET was closing...

Forum: When I heard CNET was closing...
I'm really upset because I don't have other options now. I literally thought "f*** this, why bother posting anymore?"

I'll stick it out for the end just to give back to those of you who have helped me in the past.

Best of luck to all of you, I hope this is a joke...

Subject: Re: NOTICE: CollegeNET.com Scholarship Site will Close December 26, 2018

Forum: NOTICE: CollegeNET.com Scholarship Site will Close December 26, 2018
...ok...well this blows...I have zero recourse for paying back my loans other than the old-fashioned way and keeping my fingers crossed that a miracle will happen and the government will forgive the loans it gave me...

been stuck at work for 5 hours longer than i was supposed to with no end in sight, had a parfait and a stale peanut butter sandwich as my only sustenance for the day, but this is by far the worst thing to happen.

if you end up developing a revamped site could you at least notify us all?

Subject: Re: College Net Closing !!!!!

Forum: College Net Closing !!!!!
Where did you see the notice? Is this a sick joke?

Subject: Re: Online Dating? Yay or Nay

Forum: Online Dating? Yay or Nay
I think online dating is a perfectly reasonable route to meeting people. It's hardly any different than meeting a stranger out in the real world, and in some ways can be safer since you're not in the immediate vicinity of that person. Obviously people can misrepresent themselves (I've certainly gone on dates with guys who did not look like their photos...) but as far as being able to determine if someone is crazy or has baggage you can only find out through interacting with them and that can get just as complicated in person as it does online.

For my own experiences with online dating, I've had some fun dates, met some psychos, met some nice guys I didn't have chemistry with, and met my fiance. Life is just sort of random like that.

Subject: Wrong bathroom...?

Forum: Wrong bathroom...?
I just went for a bio-break and for a split second panicked because I thought I had stepped into the men's room. Turns out I didn't, but it got me thinking...Why would it matter either way?

Do you have particular opinions about gender-neutral bathrooms? Do you think some of your opinion is based upon the fact that those were not the norm for most of your life?

Subject: Re: Right to choose, it's my body

Forum: Right to choose, it's my body
Then you would have to determine if she could she just write that down on the form at the doctor's or does she have to have a police report to corroborate? That alone can create unjust obstacles to those who are afraid to report. Even worse, would it have to be proven in a court of law? Court cases are longer than an episode of Law & Order and by the time a conviction delivered that cluster of cells will have been born and possibly even started walking.

Finally, you have to consider the fact that women who believe that that pregnancy will ruin their lives will seek an abortion regardless of legality or safety. Women have and will continue to die from unsafe abortion practices when it is illegal, regardless of their morals (check out the situation in Pakistan). AND, in countries where abortion is legal, women are less likely to seek one out. Probably because they are also more likely to receive comprehensive sex ed, access to contraceptives, and live in a country where there is greater equality among the sexes.

There's certainly more to be said but that's all I have for now. Thank you for your forum, I'm looking forward to see other's responses.

Good luck in the election!

Subject: Re: Right to choose, it's my body

Forum: Right to choose, it's my body
Hi Kasey!

These are all interesting ideas and I see where you're going with your questions. The only one of those behaviors that's currently illegal (for the most part) is the purchase and consumption of drugs. I'm certainly not an advocate for most narcotics, but I will point out that many of the laws regarding the classification and legality of one type of drug over another have racist/classist roots which make them in and of themselves topics for debate.

As far as suicide, self-mutilation, poor diet go, you are certainly free to do any of those things. Others intervene because it hits a nerve with our self-preservation instinct to see someone purposely harm or kill themselves. But it's not illegal and you will not be incarcerated for doing any of those things.

When it comes to abortion the argument can be boiled down to a basic question: do women have the right of self-determination?

From there we can expand: do a cluster of cells have more right to self-determination than the host of those cells? Does the male who inseminated the female have the right to now determine her bodily autonomy? Which religious leaders are the authority over a woman's bodily autonomy? To those questions I will always have the same answer: the woman has the only right.

From social welfare stand-points there are other questions to consider: where do we draw the line if we only allow abortion under certain circumstances? How broad/narrow can that criteria be and how to we assure the vagueness of those statutes are not used to disenfranchise poor women and women of color? I don't know that it's possible to be fair if we start limiting the circumstances in which a women can seek a legal abortion.

I think the best example is when people say only in cases of rape/incest. Sure, sounds reasonable at first. Until you look into the probably of a woman being believed when she says she is raped. Firstly, that would probably leave a lot of women with the only option of lying to get the care they need, which would be a self-fulfilling prophecy for anyone who has cited "prevalence" of false rape accusations as an excuse to shame survivors of sexual assault.

Subject: Re: Distribution of Wealth in America

Forum: Distribution of Wealth in America
Hey Grace! Thanks for the juicy subject.

I don't believe wealth is distributed "properly" in the sense that those at the top live in extreme excess of funds, to the point where their great grandkids and beyond would never have to work, and yet we have "middle-class" and lower-income Americans going hungry, living on the streets, working multiple jobs just to make ends meet and living in fear that a financial emergency such as an expensive car repair or medical bill could derail the future they work so hard to achieve.

Because of our obsession with capitalist ideals we fight to prevent mechanisms that would encourage income equality, such as Medicare for All or expansions to federal benefits that help the environment, the sick, poor, elderly, etc. The worst part of it all is that those who would benefit the most from these programs are often convinced by those who are not affected to resist the change.

This is the way our country has always been. That's why so many poor southerners still supported slavery even though they would never have the means to own slaves - because they got sold this line that one day if they worked hard enough and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, they'd have their own plantation and could turn around and oppress others! It's why women still won't vote for female politicians because they believe these jobs belong to men, or why folks in the rust belt think the president is doing right to support the coal-mining industry because it's the only life they've known and don't realize that renewable energy could employ them without giving them cancer.

I would like to believe that more socialist ideals will eventually become acceptable in our society overall. But it's very hard to believe when you see that every era of American history has their own version of the Robber Barons.

This candidate's