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Subject: Re: If you were granted 1 wish what would it be?

Forum: If you were granted 1 wish what would it be?
If I was granted 1 wish, I would want my brother and my sister to pursue happiness. I would want them to do well in school this year and make them feel empowered to chase after their dreams. I feel so content in life that I would feel selfish to waste a dream on wishing for a guy to like me back (true current story) or to get a higher paying job (also a true story). Currently my siblings are going to community college right now and I think it's tough for them because they are both in the transition mode. My brother is a retired veteran and my younger sister has transferred from another school and still assimilating with her new school and juggling a job on the side.

Subject: Re: What is your dream place?

Forum: What is your dream place?
For this stage in my life:

Wall color: Just plain white

Floor: Wood everywhere so it's easy to clean

Area: Quiet during sleeping hours but lovely human noises in the afternoon so I know that I'm in the city. I think New York is too noisy.

Building: Apartment and preferably rooming with someone

Windows: Lots of windows, but less picky about them if it's a wall window or a regular window

Style: Modern. Living in a quaint place is cute, but it's kind of creepy sometimes

I'm actually going to live in my dream place starting next month and I'm so excited.

Subject: #WomenHistoryMonth

Forum: #WomenHistoryMonth
March is Women History Month, celebrating the remarkable contributions of women in history and contemporary event. Who do you want to recognize? It can be anyone famous or an unsung hero.

Subject: Re: What's a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?

Forum: What's a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?
The person would have to consider the relationship as potentially entering long-term. I don't mind breaking up later if things won't work out. However, I'll never sign up for a casual relationship or a short-term thing because the situation and the distance are both convenient to be in a relationship. I don't look down on those that do casual relationships. My personal preference and emotional capacity from past trials have confirmed that it's not my cup of tea. Thus, my deal-breaker for being in a relationship - if the person doesn't see me as their girl friend down the line in three years, there is no point in dating.

Subject: Re: If you could change one thing about yourself…

Forum: If you could change one thing about yourself…
I wish I didn't have weak knees so that I can run more. If I run more than four miles, my knees starts hurting. It actually affects my mood and makes me temporarily depress (a few hours) because it means I can't really push myself or join marathons. Fortunately, I can try to build up strength in my knees and run on more softer surfaces like grass rather than concrete.

Subject: Re: Dark or Milk Chocolate

Forum: Dark or Milk Chocolate
Dark chocolate is actually healthier so I aim to pick this one over milk chocolate.

Subject: Re: Are U willing to learn Spanish in order to get job

Forum: Are U willing to learn Spanish in order to get job
Yes, but only because I've always had intentions to learn Spanish. If it was another language that I had less motivation to learn for, I'd probably not move forward with the job.

Subject: Re: Favorite author?

Forum: Favorite author?
I love really good journalism and realistic fiction.

In the good journalism genre:

-The author of, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot.
-Malcolm Gladwell
-Susan Cain

In the realistic fiction:
-Maya Angelou because she has really great use of figurative language.
-Arthur Golden

Subject: Re: What's On Your Bucket List?

Forum: What's On Your Bucket List?
I want to play an instrument to the level where I can write my own songs. I love writing song lyrics and making melodies so I think after I get past the huge learning curve, I'll be able to enjoy it more. Right now, it's just really intimidating and I regret not learning it sooner.

Subject: Re: Traits you don't want to inherit from your parents

Forum: Traits you don't want to inherit from your parents
My mom deals with stress in the worst way - she amplifies it to the point where it becomes counterproductive. From the outside perspective, my mom seems to accept failure right away while worsening the situation by verbally making others feel stressed out.

For the effect this has had on me, I'm a lot more self-conscious about how I deal with stress and how it affects others around me.

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