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Subject: Re: How Can You Heal A Fractured Heart?

Forum: How Can You Heal A Fractured Heart?
Hi Brenda,

I think the most happiest people have gone through the most hell. My understanding of healing fractured heart is very limited; the only one I know how to heal is broken romantic loves. Without giving too much detail, someone I dated took me two years to finally feel content. There was one point where I would cry every night for a few months. Any inch of improvement I was so grateful for.

I got to where I was by diversifying my emotional fulfillment from friends, new hobbies, new interests, by moving to new locations, finding joy in taking care of myself financially, being proud in helping my family, feeling energized by taking care of my body, by lots of writing. Lots of writing and reading. Lots of spending on food and learning how to cook meals and taking myself to cafe. Getting a good job with cool coworkers that make your 40 hours a week filled with laughter. And simply time.

I'm scared of the broken heart of losing someone. There's a wide range of what causes broken hearts and I'm grateful each day that mine is still intact.

Subject: Re: What are your dealbreakers?

Forum: What are your dealbreakers?
I would feel uncomfortable if I dated someone that was dolphin-flipping for Trump because 1) I'm an immigrant, 2) I'm a woman, 3) I grew up in a diverse city. I'd give a second if the guy wants to be challenged and have an open discussion.

Other than that, I have no other deal breakers.

Subject: Re: Best shows/movies on Netflix?

Forum: Best shows/movies on Netflix?
I'm starting to get obsess with this Japanese reality show called Terrace House where there's six strangers living together with a goal of finding love. It's sort of like Jersey Show and Real Worlds, but without the obnoxious nature to do something dramatic for the sake of reality tv. It's interesting to see a version of a show that's more tranquil where conflicts revolve around a minor personality issue or event. The way problems arise and get solved is also interesting because Japanese culture is very polite. There's also commentaries through break periods of the show that say funny and meaningful things.

Subject: Re: Workouts: At Home or Gym

Forum: Workouts: At Home or Gym
Hi Karen,

I prefer working out on the gym because I just like using the workout machines and going to a destination. When I'm in that environment, I'm also mentally there. Working out at home is convenient and cheaper, but it's tempting to be lazy because my books and bed are within arms reach. I currently work out at home because I live in a pricey area and no way can I afford a gym membership. I miss going to the gym, but things got better I found youtube videos of working out at home, like blogpilates; she's amazing!

Subject: Re: What's Your Dream Job?

Forum: What's Your Dream Job?
That's a cool sweet gig, comiclover!

My dream job involves making people realize their dreams and helping them get there. This would make me the most fulfilled and happy. I want to do that through my hobby of writing -- I want to publish young author novels. My other dream job that satisfies this is to work for a nonprofit with a strong core mission of helping people get jobs in the clean energy industry, which I currently do. Someday, I would also like to be a teacher, which also goes along with my criteria above of what would make me fulfilled and happy.

Subject: Re: What makes you nervous?

Forum: What makes you nervous?
I'm very self-conscious about how I struggle with articulating my thoughts. I'm a pretty confident person because I don't look down on people nor spread gossip, but I have the biggest insecurity of saying something that's not grammatically correct or not in the clearest way.

Subject: Re: How many brothers & sisters do you have?

Forum: How many brothers & sisters do you have?
I'm the middle child and I have an older brother and a younger sister.

Subject: Re: Tattoos... like them, hate them?

Forum: Tattoos... like them, hate them?
I got my first tattoo on Puerto Rico while missing the bus. If it weren't for the spontaneity of it, I probably wouldn't have gotten it because I would overthink it. After I got it, my perspective of tattoos have changed. It went from anxiety over what I should get to not making it a big deal. I think it's cool to associate a tattoo to a certain memory of receiving it.

Subject: Re: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Forum: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I usually wake up at 4am to use the bathroom and then I fall back to sleep until 7am. Then I wake up again and take a cold shower to wake me up. Everyone should try taking cold showers in the morning

Subject: Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

Forum: Tell me about you 5 things!!
1) I like writing. My favorite place to write is while commuting.

2) I'm not french, but I eat like the french. Meals are my favorite activities and I put a lot of effort into what I eat, like texture and color. I like eating alone or eating in groups. I actually have a portable stove at work so I can cook my meals during lunch and it helps me with my stress.

3) I'm learning Spanish

4) I want to be a children author someday

5) I used to be scared of dogs growing up but now I'm not

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