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Subject: Re: Oh Baby! What a year....

Forum: Oh Baby! What a year....
Hey Alex,

It is good to see you on here. It was really weird for me to log in. It felt like the habit until I looked around and saw that I knew no one any more.

Congrats on the baby. Since I have seen her in person, I can honestly say she is amazing.

My next thing I am doing is my APICS exam. I am trying to get my certification. Which in my world of supply chain is equal to a bachelors degree. So then I will sort of have two BA's which will help me out so much with my career.

Subject: Re: How do you watch TV?

Forum: How do you watch TV?
Hello MadHatcher.

My sister gets full control of the remote (yes I know I could actually stand my lazy butt up, and change what we watch) because I really do not care what I watch. I like the background noise.

Lately we have been watching, the 10 seasons (yes it took us 5 months) of Smallville Which is a little bit better of what I thought it would be when she first suggested we watch it. (I put it on a level of 1 to 10-- 1 being Simpsons. 9 being West Wing-- pretty much at a 5) I love West Wing but there has not been anything that fits a "10" in my head. West Wing gets me to think.

So now that we have seen all 10 seasons of Smallville, I would personally (my very own opinion) put it at a 7.

But to answer your question. I watch TV however way my sister wants me to watch it.

Subject: Re: Thank You, CollegeNET

Forum: Thank You, CollegeNET

Hello! Updates on my life... hum. Well I log onto CNET about once every 3 months or so. Post a few posts. The log off...
I am living the same ole same ole life that I was living when I was competing.
I write letters still. Yes the pen and paper... put in an envelope and stamp it.
I am not dating anyone serious like... So no marriage in sight.

I have all of my Christmas presents made/bought.

I too am very grateful towards cnet the community (past and present... but mostly past)
Towards CNET the site, and the people donating to the site.
I have enjoyed the connections I have found on here.

Thank you

Subject: Re: What Are/Were Your Favorite Forums?

Forum: What Are/Were Your Favorite Forums?
Hello Aurora,

You will see my name with under the hall of fame, and I have been part of CNET for a long time, not as long as others, and I am not on often... very seldom actually.

I noticed your response to to Mike's forum and I thought you saying that you have been here maybe too long a little funny and ironic (at least to me)

To answer your question. and the reason I am posting on your forum is because you did actually answer your own question. It bothers me when someone will ask a bunch of questions and not answer them. (I figure you do this since you said "This time" )

What are your favorite forum topics?
I like the thought provoking topics, the ones that people put forth effort
The questions that draw you in immediately?
The questions that draw me… getting me to laugh, or think. Especially think

Do you have an all-time favorite forum?
here is the link
She did not get many responses, and she did not actually stick with CNET but she showed her true self in this forum. Made me adore her. I wanted to get to know her after this forum.

A forum that you still think about from time to time?
I have been part of CNET for years…. To go back to one forum… hum. How about a certain user….
Although I think of him as a total Jerk and dislike him immensely. I think that Woody is freaking brilliant and can get people to react. He is good with bringing out the emotions.

Which one of your own forums is your favorite?
Out of my over 1000 forums… I cannot think of a favorite.
There are a few, of like where I got my nickname. Or shout out’s to others. (such as when I called out to some of those people that are no longer active, with a one or two words that explained how amazing/marvelous/brilliant.
I love giving compliments, and will tell people what I think.

Heads up: If you give a comment back to me, I am not sure I will log on again for a couple of months or longer.

Subject: Re: Phobias!

Forum: Phobias!

I think so
I have an anxiety about crowds (more than 5 people in a room with me)

If I am in a group I will make sure I sit on the aisle or at least with space in front of me, or no one behind me. So that I can escape if need be

I am all about being on a dock, by a lake, watching the sunset all alone.

Subject: Adult Coloring Books

Forum: Adult Coloring Books
On my way to work this morning on the radio the DJs talked about wanting these adult coloring books. Really not adult as in sexual, or pictures concerning sex.

But actual pictures that are I guess a little harder to stay within the lines, and are geared towards adults.

What do you think?

I was thinking seriously…. Didn’t we outgrow that? Then I remembered with the youth I work with (every week I teach, and once a week during the week—there is an activity) as a volunteer.

One of my lessons was coloring, and the diverse styles that everyone had at coloring. So I brought in crayons and coloring books (remember these are teenagers 12-18 years old) my kids were overjoyed at being able to color. A couple of the kids even colored the whole time and asked if they could take home the supplies (I let them)

The DJ that was pushing it the most, brought up how calm she is after she colors

The said that while coloring she is able to work out her problems and that she has been way less stressed since starting the coloring. She did mention, that there is a study that says that too much may be harmful (could not tell if it was a joke or not)

Do you color?

I have a small problem of patience, and staying within the lines (yes even as an adult)
But to relieve some of the stress in my life, and to chill a little bit more. Let me unplug and maybe color a little bit.

Through my research for this forum I found a couple of articles

CBS News

Subject: Re: Growing Apart

Forum: Growing Apart

I have had some amazing friends. A few from here even.
(this is about friends although it could be said about all relationships)

The one that comes to mind with your forum. I am not sure that either of us really did anything.

I believe that there was a personal problem. Confided in me, and I hope that I helped.
Then I think the purpose of the friendship or the dynamic changed with me helping (If I did) and I was pushed away, or I pushed. Either way.

Both of us have "moved on" my... *cough cough* friend... actually told me that moving on was the best thing.

Most of the time with a friend I will fight for the friendship. But there is only so much abuse I will take. I do not let it happen. This time I did.

Subject: Re: You get caught in a rainstorm...

Forum: You get caught in a rainstorm...

I open my mouth wide, try to catch some moisture and I usually dance in the rain.
If I am leaving work, it actually calms me down and I will enjoy just walking in the rain

I love it

Subject: Re: What is the size of the biggest tv in your home?

Forum: What is the size of the biggest tv in your home?

Shoot... Dang, forgot to put a video post on that one. Here you go

Sorry for the swinging of the camera

Subject: Re: What is the size of the biggest tv in your home?

Forum: What is the size of the biggest tv in your home?
We just changed over the cable (cheaper, and since I am the one paying that bill... I went for it) with the change, my mom needed to get a new TV (her old television, still had tubes) I told her since I was saving money and all. I would get it for her. She said nope, need to progress with the times.

She got a 32" flat screen. It is really nice, because she loves Tennis, and the old TV she could not see the scores clearly. The new one she can see them and no guessing or squinting.

No packages really. The television in the front room does not even come on most summer nights (that will change when the shows come back)

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