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Subject: Re: Intellectual Forum #2

Forum: Intellectual Forum #2
To say that we are observing reality is to assume their is one reality, when what is exists is decided based off of what is observed.

We create our reality, as a species we create a cumulative reality, but what we are seeing, feeling or experiencing is limited to the abilities of our bodies. Bugs and animals use all sorts of different organs to sense the world around them, allowing them to experience parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can only use technology to study.

If you've ever had a migraine and experienced scintillating scotomas, your brain has seen something that isn't there, or maybe is and you like broke through some kind of space time continuum and that's why your head hurts.

Or if you've ever hallucinated whether by sleep deprivation or drugs, you know your brain senses things very differently. And how do we know what's reality?

Everything is just light bouncing around and being funneled through our eyes for our brain to make up whatever it wants about it.

This is why technology is so important. If we ever want any chance of knowing the full range of realities we are going to need more tools than the ones were equipped with.

Subject: Re: Astrology: real life or psuedoscience?

Forum: Astrology: real life or psuedoscience?
A lot of "pseudo sciences" get pushed off as irrelevant for being made up.

Guess what else is made up. Laws, money, Santa Claus.

As humans we create tools and boundaries to help us define and give meaning to our existence. Since the beginning of time we have told stories and used the physical world to guide us.

Just like religious texts, moral stories, mediation, dream interpretation, tarot cards or fortune telling, astrology is a way of evaluating our internal self and looking forward into the future. I'm sure if you had someone read you a different signs horoscope you would still feel like it was relevant to you because in order for it to work you have to take the vague advice and make it personal.

And there's nothing wrong with that! If horoscopes make you have a little more faith and confidence and help you to understand yourself better, then they have served their purpose.

That being said, everything about us being living, conscious beings on a planet in a vast multiverse is incomprehensible, so I don't believe anything is impossible.

Subject: Re: The triumphant return of the Intellectual Series

Forum: The triumphant return of the Intellectual Series
Self condemning

At our core we are just like the rest of the animal kingdom, but there is something so much more that makes us magical and capable of extraordinary abilities and yet we use them to give ourselves rules and punishments and to seperate our species. A silly bunch we are.

Subject: Re: Credit Cards

Forum: Credit Cards
Opening a credit card is a great way to build credit if you remember it isn't free money. I have five credit cards. I use them for separate purposes, like one we use for Christmas shopping and then pay it off throughout the year. I also use one for gas and pay off the balance at the end of the month. This helps my credit and makes it easy for me to keep a record of my gas costs.

Subject: Re: When you are elderly.....?

Forum: When you are elderly.....?
I would like to see my family doing great things. I think about how my kids could have a bunch of kids and they will possibly have kids and could have a decent size lot of offspring. It would make me feel at peace to know that those people I have created are changing things for the better.

Subject: Travel Virtual or Real life?

Forum: Travel Virtual or Real life?
With the internet we have the ability to see the word safely from our own home. We can research cultures, learn their language, see what the insides of their homes look like. We can go from Asia to Antarctica in seconds.

But you don't feel the same way standing in front of the Taj Mahal or shaking someone's hand in South America. You don't get to taste or smell or feel the excitement and fear of new places.

I recently stopped looking at places on the internet because I feel like it desensitizes me and sometimes steals my excitement to travel. Some places I see makes me want to travel but ultimately I don't want to lose the novelty.

Do you prefer to travel virtually or in person? Does looking at places online make you want to travel to them more or do you feel like you've seen it and that is enough?

Subject: Re: If your friend were a mutant...

Forum: If your friend were a mutant...
I would start by finding out how they became a mutant and how they can make me a mutant.

Hopefully it would be something cool like shapeshifting. I would probably plot ways to make the world better with them.

Subject: Re: Attachment to Entertainment

Forum: Attachment to Entertainment
Thanks for posting!

aaba0 you made a good point about how realistic some movies can be and it made me think about how FX have really evolved over the last few years to the point that a lot of what we see seems really real. I wonder how that could ultimately effect the human psyche. It has to leave some residual emotions or even worse desensitizes us.

Subject: Re: Has the Internet made us smarter than our parents?

Forum: Has the Internet made us smarter than our parents?
I think there are so many different types of "smart". Our opinions and perspectives are shaped by a broader understanding of humanity and existence. Our decisions are much more directed towards bigger picture thinking. We can make the most informed and calculated choices possible. Our connection to everyone has increased our consciousness.

But at the same time I think it takes from our critical thinking skills, we are less independent and less likely to just "figure it out".

The internet is a tool and we can use it to learn everything and anything from languages to quantum mechanics but it is all individual. For those who strive to invest in themselves, yes the internet makes us smarter, but for others who just want things to be easy, it has probably made things worse.

Subject: Re: Do you dream at night?

Forum: Do you dream at night?
I have pretty lucid dreams. I have done quite a bit of planning or have come up with ideas in my dreams. It is really nice because I feel like it gives me clarity but it prevents me from sleeping well. In some cases it gives me anxiety. I have had dreams that have caused me to get up and do things immediately. Like once I dreamt that my kid drank chemicals because some didn't shut the cabinet door all the way and the safety lock didn't click, so I got up at about 2 am and moved all the chemicals to the laundry room above the washer.

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