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Subject: Re: "Locks Keep the Honest People Honest"

Forum: "Locks Keep the Honest People Honest"
I think that locks are really just a deterant. I mean if you're planning to steal something, you're going to get it from somewhere, the locks just keep you from getting it from me! I always lock my door, and while I do trust those around me, it's the people I can't see that I don't want to get into my car.

I think it'd be nice if we didn't have to worry about stealing, I mean you hear about lots of smaller towns where you don't lock your doors and you can leave your stuff out, especially kids. Even other countries are a lot better about this than we are I think.

Tenken, I can't believe you did that to your bike!

Subject: Re: Human beings are screwed up

Forum: Human beings are screwed up
Lol! I agree.

Subject: Re: People on Fire!

Forum: People on Fire!
This sounds like such a cool event! I'd never heard of it before and have spent some time looking up various youtube videos of it just to get an idea. People dancing in the night with fire had to be one of my favorites, and the random interpretive dance had to be another. It's so crazy!

I have no idea when I'd be able to afford going or get the time off work, but a chance to spend a week just doing something completely out of the box and life changing would be so great. One of these days we'll go!

If you went to burning man what would you do first?

Body painting for me!

Subject: Re: Your Special Scars

Forum: Your Special Scars
I have four tattoos, all of them mean something sorta interesting.

One is a dragonfly, which I got years ago with my sister, during a lot of life changing stuff in our lives. Dragonflies can change direction in midair, very maneuverable, and we got them in hollywood together, sort of solidarity.

I also have a tattoo linking two other friends of mine, and it looks...sort of like a gothic butterfly. I'm going to color it in eventually, and I got it in my late teens. It's one of those ones that doesn't really have a huge story behind it but it reminds me of my old friends and that's what matters most anyways.

On my ankle I have a vine of flowers that I got with my bf at the time. We were together for almost four years, and he got a vine on his shoulder. This one, like the others, ties me to someone else in my life. Seems like quite a repeating theme! All of theme seem to be memorable to a certain phase or stage of my life, which I enjoy.

My last one I got when I was very young, it's sort of like a wave with a fish in it. I used to surf a bit and you know when you're a kid you just want to do things sometimes so....yep!

I love tattoos, even if your reasons for having them change they'll remind you of things you've been through, keep you in touch with the past. I know it hurts, and you can't really get rid of them, but it's fun doing things in life that you can't undo, or taking steps up a path you can't retrace. Maybe it's permanent, but that's the point.

Subject: Re: Witchcraft!

Forum: Witchcraft!
@TenkenNoKaiten....that video was awesome! John Butler is definitely talented. It's crazy how he manages to pull off the complexity of that song all by himself!

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