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Subject: Re: How do you watch TV?

Forum: How do you watch TV?

Lately I have been watching a lot of Netflix. I have Amazon Prime TV, but I don't really use it. Every once in a while I will watch cable TV, but it always seems like it doesn't ever have anything I want to watch. I think Netflix is really great because when I find a show that has more than one season, I can watch episode after episode and season after season!

Subject: Re: Any pets?

Forum: Any pets?

I have two cats named Po and Jet. Po showed up at my door as a stray. He was super skinny and hungry. We started feeding him and he won our hearts. Every day when we got home he would greet us at the front door so we took him to the vet and into our home. He is such a sweet and affectionate cat. He goes outside everyday and always comes back.

Our second cat Jet, is a black cat with white feet. We got him at the Humane Society to keep Po company. We got him when he was two months old, and that was about two months ago. He is a cute and playful kitten.

Subject: Re: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

Forum: Weekly Dose of Random Facts 2

My random facts to share is about the history of ketchup. In the 1830's ketchup was sold as medicine. Up until about 1800, it was thought by North Americans that tomatoes were poisonous. Back then, ketchup did not contain tomatoes. Instead various types of ketchup was made from berries, grapes, and mushrooms.

In 1834, a medical paper claimed that tomatoes could help with digestive problems. Then a "doctor", who wasn't really a doctor produced a compound extract of tomatoes. Some believe it was in pill form, while others believe it may have been ketchup. It was later determined that ketchup as a medicine was a hoax.

Today's ketchup is a bit different than ketchup back then because today's ketchup is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.

Subject: What animal do you look like?

Forum: What animal do you look like?
Someone once told me that every person looks like some sort of animal. Ever since then, when I look at someone I try to see what animal they look like.

What animal do you think you look like?

Subject: Re: Do you kill spiders/bugs?

Forum: Do you kill spiders/bugs?

It depends on my mood and how gross the bug is. There are times where I have seen a tiny roach and let it be. If I happen to see a large roach, I will try and kill it. Large roaches freak me out and I can't stand the thought of one surprising me or landing on me. That is why I try my best to kill them when I see them.

I am not sure if a gecko, or a small lizard is considered a bug, but I don't ever kill those. There are times where I would kill a spider, but only if it is not very big. If it was very big, I would find someone else to help me kill it. If there was no one else around, I would just try to avoid it as much as possible!

Subject: Re: Blind date nightmare??

Forum: Blind date nightmare??

If it were at the beginning of the blind date when I saw the person and didn't find them attractive, I would probably finish out the date. I think it would be rude and hurtful to immediately see the person and then say "no thank you, I don't want to go out on the date anymore". If the person I'm being set up with or the people who set me up asked me at the start of the blind date if I like what I see, I wouldn't lie to them.

So yeah, I would finish out the date. After that date I wouldn't lead the person on. I would tell them the truth about my feelings. I would also question my friendship with the person who set me up. I mean if they knew me, wouldn't they know what I would find attractive?

Subject: Re: Would you rather have time or money?

Forum: Would you rather have time or money?

Can't I have both? :) It would be really hard to choose if I absolutely had to choose just one. There are also variables that I would question. How much time and how much money?

If I chose money and I were given a reasonable amount of time, this would be my choice. I would choose money and get done everything that I want to do. Set up my kids for life, travel around the world, stay in nice hotels, and anything else I can think of. I think I would be okay with having very little time and since I had so much money, I could cram as much things into that time as possible. That is one way to answer that question.

When you say time, do you mean time here on Earth? Or do you mean time in a day? My answer above is based on the assumption that you meant time here on Earth. If you meant time in a day, I would choose time over money. If you didn't have time, what good would money do you?

Subject: Re: Read Receipts

Forum: Read Receipts

I do have it on but it only works if someone has the same carrier as me and an Android phone. Because of this, there aren't too many people that this works with. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two people that this works with; my son and my boyfriend.

If they read my text and didn't respond, then I do tend to get impatient when I don't receive a response. It makes me wonder why did they read my text and not respond, especially if I ask a question. My son is not very good at responding to his text messages so it usually says that the text was delivered and not read. When it does say "read" and I don't hear a response from him for a while, I will send a "?". When I do this, I pretty much will receive a response.

Subject: Re: HI-SEAS isolation experiment

Forum: HI-SEAS isolation experiment

I have heard of that experiment and saw a few of the interviews with the crew members. I personally would not be able to do this! They lived in very small and close quarters. They also didn't seem to have a lot of great options for food.

I think the longest I would be able to last would probably be one week. It is really hard to say though because I have never done anything like this before. One thing that those crew members can say is that they participated in an experience that not many people get to have.

Out of everything, I would probably miss normal food the most. Also, I would miss having the freedom to go outside or change my scenery. I also fear that I would get pretty bored.

Subject: Re: Paddling of misbehaving students?!

Forum: Paddling of misbehaving students?!
This seems like a really slippery slope! Even though the idea of bringing corporal punishment back may have possible perceived benefits for those wanting to bring it back, there is definitely the possibility of abuse of power. I see so many news stories about teachers doing things they really shouldn't be doing. For example, having relations with their students. I can just imagine there being teachers who would abuse their power to hit a child based on unfair things such as just not liking the child.

Overall, I think it is a bad idea. Why not just stick to detention? I think making a child clean or contribute to making the school look nicer is a good idea.

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