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Subject: I have missed you all

Forum: I have missed you all
I know I haven't been on in a while, and have really wanted to a number of times, so sorry it's been so long everyone, but I have missed you all

Things have been very rough on my end with the new baby and my mom having cancer, it's just been one thing after the other...

Really hope more of you friend me on facebook - nichole beavers as I really do miss you all...

How have y'all been??
What's new??

Subject: Re: Keep me in the loop!

Forum: Keep me in the loop!
I definitely understand you not knowing if this is real or not, and am still hoping in some way it isn't, but either way, you will definitely know by the time you return...

Seeing so many people with the "voter" status now under their name, does look like this is true and is real...

So it does seem true, not to mention, I don't think CNET Admin would really have wrote this if it wasn't... Just seeing them write this and using the space for the challenge question, tells me this is probably true and not an April Fools trick at all :(

You don't have anything to worry about as you're still new and haven't reach this limit... Hope you are enjoying your time off and Good Luck to you in all that you do and each election here when you return...

Subject: Re: What are 3 things you can live without?

Forum: What are 3 things you can live without?

I hold on to a lot of things, yet over time there are many things I have "let go of", and have learned to live without and that I can live without them...

I have let go of a lot of the paperwork I saved over time about my health issue's and have tried to eliminate a lot and reduce the amount I save.

I have also found I can live without holding onto things like Christmas cards from everyone for years on in, now I save only those who are close to me.

I have also found that I can live without my cell, just don't like it... I have made myself go a day here or there and have had to due to being robbed or losing it, a number of times...

Cool Topic!! Good Luck to you all in each election here and all that you do daily!!

Subject: Re: Where do you get your recommendations from?

Forum: Where do you get your recommendations from?
This answer has a few parts to it...

To begin, I get recommendations for different foods and things to try new, by everyone - friends, family and loved ones...

But when it comes down to recommendations I get professional recommendations from former employers and coworkers, friends, previous mentors, etc...

A few months ago I needed recommendation letters for a scholarship and got some help from fellow Cnetters. IK really respect all of you and the goals you all have, so for me this was a good place to come to for recommendations. Many of you have known me through this community for a long time and have seen my "fight" and dedication towards my education and my family - this made you all perfect to ask for a letter of recommendation since y'all see a different side of me that I would love for people to know about...

Hope you all are having a great week so far and good Luck in each election here!!

Subject: Re: Phone Status

Forum: Phone Status
Hey Karlie Cool Topic!!

I actually almost always have my phone on silent.

For starters, I don't want to be putting the kids to sleep and my phone ring loudly and wake them up or interrupt. I also don't like to hear my phone ring, so I just keep my phone on silent.

I too am always with my kids, so for me I don't have time to always answer my phone, text, or e-mail; therefore I don't need my phone on ring. I literally move so much and so quickly, my phone will have missed calls and text and things of this nature almost everyday.

I hate the sound of vibrate, but do try to keep my phone on vibrate rather than silent. Normally about the 3rd or4th time I hear it vibrate loudly, I turn it from vibrate to completely silent - as I don't really want to hear the vibration either...

Now comes when I am out and about...

This is when you will see me turn my ringtone on, but even then, not always... And when I do remember it is all an effort for my kids and needing to know they're okay or if something is wrong...

Even with kids that are younger, I feel being on the phone too much takes from you spending more time with them...

Good Luck to you all in each election here!!

Subject: Re: Do enjoy having company over?

Forum: Do enjoy having company over?
GREAT Topic!!

How's everything on our end been??

I have always had company come to my house rather than me going to their house. I have never been the type to go to other people's houses, and much rather have guest at my house instead of being the "guest"...

I say this more so because I feel more comfortable in my house and never been too open to going to other people's house.

Yet this is something I have grown out of a bit over time. Now that I am older I like to "limit" how much I have company over, versus someone always being at my home when I was younger. I get in the mood where I do want my own space and do look forward to just a day at home or some quietness and on these days I don't really want company. Not wanting company can be hard to break to someone, but sometimes I really need the alone time or am just not up to having guest over...

Being alone and having company over can be divided and sort of spread out and shared 50/50

Looking forward to hearing more feedback on this and Good Luck to you all in all that you do and each election here!!

Subject: Re: Do you still own anything from 90s?

Forum: Do you still own anything from 90s?
GREAT question!!

I actually do have a few things saved and put away, from the 90's... This was the year I was born, so the things I haven't aren't much, other then baby things, or things I had when I was a kid...

Just to name a few, I have:

* Baby clothes
* a Babybop stuffed animal
* lots of pictures
* things of my grandparents'

These are just a few things that do have sentimental value or significance to me, and have been put away for a while now :)

I think many people are attached to items due to the sentimental value we humans place on things. Or more so, the way we can say "this is a piece of a loved one or a memory"...

Looking forward to hearing more feedback on this and Good Luck to you all in each election here :)

Subject: Re: ??

Forum: ??
Thanks for the responses so far...

The subject or title to this forum was not suppose to be question marks, this was not done on purpose... So do apologize ahead of time for the typo :)

Wanted to give my response to the questionnaire and am really hoping to hear more feedback on this :)

What is the best??

1. Movie?
Too many to pick one - love Mulan and Bad Boys

2. Song?
No favorite song

3. Flavor ice cream

4. Past time??
Spending time with my kids and/or loved ones, and sleeping or resting/relaxing

5. Drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)??
Pepsi or Mocha Frappe

6. Dessert?
Strawberry shortcake or chocolate fudge brownie sundae with chocolate ice cream

7. Snack?
Too many to choose - fruit, yogurt, pudding, icepops, sandwich, chips

8. Fruit??
Cantaloupe, peaches and pineapples

9. Milkshake or slurpee??
Love both, but would go with a milk shake before slurpee

10. Condiment??
Ranch dressing, hot sauce and ketchup!! Love my condiments :)

Hope to hear from more of you and Good Luck to you all in each election here!!

Subject: Re: One Liner.......

Forum: One Liner.......

If you mean nothing at all, and literally sleeping and laying around - I honestly can not remember the last time I did this, but I know it is way overdue for me to do soon :)

Unfortunately for me this doesn't really exist anymore...LOL (seriously though)

Now if you mean - no work, school, cnet, etc... I semi-had a day like this a few months ago, got to get a lot of sleep, had no school or work and the kids were gone for the night - so I got to relax a bit... :) This was about 5 months ago and is also way overdue!!

I honestly can't get the opportunity or an option to take an entire day off or anything of this nature, so for now I'll just keep dreaming about it until it comes... :)

Hope you all had a great weekend and a good Monday :)

Good Luck to everyone in each election here and all you set out to accomplish :)

Subject: Re: Coffee anyone?

Forum: Coffee anyone?
I am not a coffee drinker and never really have been though I have actually tried to be though...

However, over the last 2 or 3 years I have became somewhat addicted to Mocha Frappe's from McDonalds - I get one almost everyday and it is my "pick me up"...

I do not look at this as actual coffee as it is more half coffee and half chocolate... :)

Funny thing is I have worked at Starbucks and have tried many different flavored coffee's and different "strength's" and brands. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, just not the

Cool little forum for the night, hope you all had a great weekend and a great Monday!!

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