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Subject: Re: SEX! Should Sex Ed be in Elementary Schools?

Forum: SEX! Should Sex Ed be in Elementary Schools?
Thanks for the responses so far, very interesting topic, loving seeing different opinions and point of views all in one spot.

Wames I actually agree with you, my oldest son is about to be 7 and in the 1st grade which means 4 years from now they think it's ok for my child to learn about sex in school.

I am well aware of all the benefits of sex Ed and do agree there are many benefits of being taught Sex Ed in school, but I think there is a line where it is more for the parents to do and then later in life the school system brushes up on this and maybe relates it to health concerns and focused on STDs and safe sex maybe in middle school.

I would say high school of this was a perfect time and age on life, but unfortunately it would still have to be middle school due to the stats of when teens or kids start to have sex now days.

It is sad, but us parents have to do better, not the school system! It is your job as a parent to talk to your kids when you see they are ready or need that "talk".

Do I think the school system should teach 11 or 12 year olds if they use a condom the risks go down, and how to put a condom on, no. I think this should be something taught at home, between the child and his or her parents and maybe other family members or what not.

As a mother I would rather reach out to my pastor at church or my mother and father to help with this topic, not in school where I want them actually learning what they need to further their careers or education on life.

I feel this makes teens or kids more comfortable with talking about and eventually, having sex. At 12 how much do you really understand about the consequences of your actions.

We're not taught to balance a bank account or savings account in school or how to operate a gun to be safe, so why bring up sex so early in school??

Looking forward to hearing more responses and hope you all have a great weekend!!

Subject: Re: Tell me about yourself!

Forum: Tell me about yourself!
Hey great topic, greatinds think alike, didn't see you posted the same topic, my apologies!

Nice to meet you! My name is Nikki and I am a mother to 3 kids and 2 step kids before anything else.

1. I live in Washington DC

2. My major is a pH.d in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice

3. I am 27 years old

4. I value my kids and their health and well being more than anything in this world. So my answer would be My kids and my family!

Nice to read everyone's responses and get to know a little about each of you! Glad to be back to Cnet!

Wish you all luck in all that you set yourself out to accomplish!!

Subject: Re: Day or Night Classes?

Forum: Day or Night Classes?
I am a night owl 100% but I would not take campus classes at night. If I had to take a campus course I would prefer day, never night, though early morning classes are almost impossible for me.

I take hybrid classes which are mostly online, but campus based too. Meaning we do have days we come to class, but almost everything is done online.

For me online classes have made a world of difference, but the hybrid classes are the best of both worlds.

Glad to learn so much about each of you here, love getting to know yalla through your posts and each forum!

Wish you all the best in all that you do daily, have a great day on purpose!

Subject: SEX! Should Sex Ed be in Elementary Schools?

Forum: SEX! Should Sex Ed be in Elementary Schools?
So my oldest god son is in the 5th grade and is now being taught Sex Ed!!

I live in Washington DC and our kids here are growing up way too fast! I've seen girls 12 and 13 pregnant!

So my question to you all is, do you think Sex Ed helps keep kids from having sex or in a way, helps encourage them to have sex by feeling they know what it is now??

Do you think educating them this early is a preventive measure or actually helps prevent them from having sex too soon???

What grade do you think Sex Ed should begin? When did it begin when you were in school??

As a parent, or when you're a parent, how would you feel if your 12 year old came home with Sex Ed paperwork, would you let them participate????

Enjoying being back at CNet so much and so glad to meet all of you! Anticipating all of your responses to this and good luck in this week's election!!

Subject: Re: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Forum: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Good morning and nice to meet you!

Cool topic!

For me I check my phone before I even get out the bed. I check for missed calls or texts, and more so to check the time. I then plug it up to get battery before I leave the house.

I too, then turn the TV on, but not for the news as I use my phone for the weather too. I turn it on out of habit and more for my kids to have their morning cartoons.

Then I immediately Listerine and brush my hair and use the bathroom. From there it's something to drink and getting my kids drinks and maybe breakfast or a snack.

It takes me a little extra time in the morning because the first 45 minutes or so, i feel like I move in what I call "slow mode"... Until I get woken up a bit, I am pretty much piddling around waking up and doing small things.

Now that I am back on Cnet I know this will also be one of the things I do first thing in the morning, checking the status of the current top candidates. When I was here years ago, I lived and breathed Cnet. I woke up and went to sleep to Cnet and checking my notes and the status of top candidates.

Subject: Re: Make 3 Wishes!! Genie in a Bottle

Forum: Make 3 Wishes!! Genie in a Bottle
Nice to meet y'all!!

Thank you for your responses so far, looking forward to hearing more answers on this...

Also was wondering if anyone else has covered this topic in any psychology course you have taken? Or maybe in another class you've taken?

I am going give a little more time for more answers before I add my three wishes and go a lil further into what our wishes can tell us about each other.

Do you think you can learn about a person based off what they would wish for? Or based off what they believe in?

Thank you again Cnetters, looking forward to more responses and good luck to you all in ll that you do each day!!

Subject: Make 3 Wishes!! Genie in a Bottle

Forum: Make 3 Wishes!! Genie in a Bottle
I am a Psychology major, going for my pH.d some believe that you can tell a lot about what a person would wish for.

Of course we know this is hypothetical and not real (so to speak)...? What would you wish for with your 3 wishes ??

Now let me ask you this, in a brief answer do you believe this could ever happen? Genie in a bottle?? Just for fun, as this was also used on this topic in a previous psychology course I took a few years ago...

Look forward to hearing from you all and nice to meet each of you!!

Subject: Re: If You Could Speak A Language Fluently....

Forum: If You Could Speak A Language Fluently....
I currently speak English and Spanish fluently and am intermediate in sign language and German. I am a beginner in Russian and Vietnamese.

I think it is very important to know other languages and in life, can make the difference between life and death in a bad situation.

There are many benefits to knowing more then one language, especially those such as Spanish or sign language as these are the two most spoken languages in America, after English.

Knowing Spanish fluently, or sign language fluently can really help increase your pay rate and open you up too so many employment opportunities and advancements.

We have so many free ways to learn another language, so for me this has been very important to me and a hobby of mine.

I love to teach my kids Spanish and have been trying to use both languages in my home since they could talk. I feel emersing them in both will really help them absorb both easier...

My mom influenced this, as a kid she made me learn sign language with her for ywars. Though it hasn't saved my life or made me rich, I love knowing it and that I can teach this to my kids and speak to those who use sign language and can use this in my career and life in many ways.

Nice to meet you all Great Topic

Subject: Re: Does your phone sleep with you?

Forum: Does your phone sleep with you?
Nice to meet you!

My phone definitely sleeps with me!

This has been something I have done for years, as a habit, and a necessity.

I hot in the habit of doing this when I was younger with our house phone. Never knowing if my grandmother or grandfather would be in the hospital or need an ambulance. Things of this nature, but now that I'm an adult, I still do it.

Now it is my cell phone instead of a house phone, and I have tried to break this habit.i have found I am just not ready to break this habit, though I do know the health benefits of not sleeping with my phone and I know I need it to charge and need to take a break sometimes, but I just am not

My phone is my alarm clock and my clock period! It allows me to know if my kids or mom, or loved ones, are ok! This is how my mind looks at needing it close when I am asleep.

Cool topic! Nice to meet you all!

Subject: Re: How did you meet your best friend?

Forum: How did you meet your best friend?
Cool topic!

Nice to meet you all, am back to can't after a break that lasted way too long due to a lot of unfortunate events.

My best friend and I met in the neighborhood we grew up in, pretty typical...

We met at 7 and I am now going on 28 so it's really cool that we still are best friends and have so much we can share or have experienced with each other.

She is older, yet she was shy, so we met due to my personality and inviting her to play with all my other friends and me.

She was new to the neighborhood and I had lived there for years and from the first week we clicked. We were inseparable, and more like sisters.

I have had a couple best friends in my life, but this is by far the longest and #1 of my best friends.

My second best friend and I actually met through my God brother. This is an incredible story when you think about it because we were not the type to be best friends, she liked to fight and I was more on my bike and playing sports or being a tomboy. Long story short, when I was 13 her and my God brother got pregnant with my God son. Whom now is like a real son of mine and is now 14 years old!! My good brother died 8 years ago and this relationship me and her have formed is like no other!!!!

Thanks for the topic, felt great to share!

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