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Subject: Re: Why should we hug more?

Forum: Why should we hug more?
Oops! Forgot to give a "Virtual Hug" to CollegeNET. HUGS, CollegeNET & CNetters


Subject: Re: Why should we hug more?

Forum: Why should we hug more?
I could use a Hug right now. Well, I don't want anybody to come close to me since I don't want to pass the cold I have to other people, but a hug would almost make me feel better. I am not big into hugging people though. Unless you are someone I really care for, I am never willing hug you. I like a simple Hello or a Hand-shake better.

On the other hand, I would love to smile all day. Mind you if you keep laughing, you will have too many wrinkles in a very early age, ha. Did you know the reason Victoria Beckham (Spice Girl) never smile? She fears wrinkle. But she looks so mean. I don't want to be like that. If you pass by me, I will smile at you. :) :)

Subject: Re: That "Hall of Fame" board is so outdated!

Forum: That "Hall of Fame" board is so outdated!
Hi Jared!

It's been a longtime I talked to you. Hope you are doing great in college. I assume you are almost done? Good luck my friend.

I still can't find the sign up video. May be I will try again to see if I can view it on the home page.

You know CollegeNET never had a big upgrade. Sure, they have added couple of new functionalities like 2 votes per day and changed the monthly election to weekly and 1 winner to multiple winners, but other than that nothing has changed in last 5 years. I really would like to see some layout changes. Let's hope for the mobile version soon :)


Subject: Re: That "Hall of Fame" board is so outdated!

Forum: That "Hall of Fame" board is so outdated!
Hi Pulsar!

As an app developer, I feel kind of uncomfortable using the web version of CollegeNET. There is too much blank spaces on each side of the page. Have you checked the ESPN's new webpage? It is just as ugly as this one, ha! I don't know why CollegeNET doesn't have a mobile app yet. Probably, it will cost them more money to develop? They have to release the app for at least iPhone and Android if not for the Windows. It really would help. I get tired of logging in again and again.

Also, there is no way you can save the draft. Sometimes, I can't finish the post and want to save it for later, but there is no option for that. I have to cut that and paste it in Notepad.

It's funny you pointed that out. There are few people I don't even know who they are and they have been on HOF board for such a long time now. I hate being there. I have wanted to get my name removed or at least replaced. Hopefully, CollegeNET will bring some changes soon. They are very good at surprising us.

I can't find the homepage video. Where is it? Is it by CollegeNET itself? I want to see it now that you and Jared both are making fun of it, ha!!

Good luck this week


Subject: That "Hall of Fame" board is so outdated!

Forum: That "Hall of Fame" board is so outdated!
Hello, Namaste, Salam, Hola, Ni Hao, Salut, Kon'hichiwa!!

If I don't want to log in onto CollegeNET, I simply click on Hall of Fame tab and get back to home page. CNet's webpage is not very user-friendly.

Anyway, I was going through the Hall of Fame tab and none of the names have changed for almost 3 months, and it is very unlikely to change with new rules. Honestly, I don't see the use of that board. Especially with new set of rules, no one is going to win more than 10K which means new users are highly unlikely to get elected to the HOF. It's kinda sad because some of you might want to step into that zone someday.

How do you feel about CNet's "Hall of Fame" board?

Do you want to be a part of it? If yes - Why? / If Not - Why not?

If you already are one of the Hall of Famers, do you think you deserved to be one of them?

Would you rather not make it to the HOF board so that your profile won't be easily accessible to all the users?

If you were to be elected to the HOF board, which category would you prefer to be on?

Look forward to hearing from y'all!


Subject: Re: 5000th Post Party and Life Celebration.

Forum: 5000th Post Party and Life Celebration.
I haven't even posted half of your numbers. Oh man! that number made me dizzy. How did you even get there? It's a lot of dedication, Annette. Very proud of you. Great job and congratulations.

I am so happy to hear you are doing better after the surgery. I was so scared about that surgery to be honest. Spinal surgeries are very risky but you made it and I hope you never have to go under the needles and knives again. I hope this surgery takes all your physical disabilities away. May be it will open the door for your forever's dream of being a NURSE :).

All the best Annette.


Subject: Re: To China and back....

Forum: To China and back....
Hey Manish,

Good to hear from you. It's been a while I have read your post. China? That must be an amazing trip. I have a really good friend from China and someday we have planned a trip to China and Nepal together. I don't know when's that going to happen, but we are hopeful it will happen. Hope you had a great time over there.

Nepal's been devastated with 7.9 and 6.7 magnitude earthquakes. My hometown pretty much lost all the ancient and cultural heritages. The district my uncles live is completely washed out. They have 2979 deaths as of this morning. My uncles and their families survived but they have nothing left. It's been painful to see the news from here and not being able to go home to help. I am trying my best to collect the funds.

If anybody want's to donate, please help. Even if you want to donate $1, I would take that. $1 = 100 Rupees and that would give one person a meal for the entire day. I have been able to collect $2,545 so far and it has helped more than 60 families with the entire month of food supplies. I couldn't have done this without the help of many CNetters. Here is the link - Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Your little help can feed several families. We "Nepalis" would appreciate your support very much.

Thank you everyone for the help. I am incredibly proud of this community.

#HelpNepal #PrayForNepal


Subject: Re: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!

Forum: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!
@Eric - You son of a gun!! I didn't even realize it was you haha! You can pull anything off pretty good, can't you? I gotta report you for using fake Randy Myers pic :P. And you are most certainly wanted!!

Subject: Re: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!

Forum: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!
@Meg - It really is so helpful. I still have $119 left on my account and this morning I received another $40. That will help few more families. I am so proud of you all who have showed support. I could do nothing without the help you guys have provided. This makes me believe in humanity so much. Getting hit by massive earthquake like this one has pushed Nepal really backward. We are going to lose a lot of tourists for some time and that is going to hurt the economy really bad. Also, I read the news that they are going to stop climbing the Mt. Everest for rest of 2015.

I just realized the city is spelled "Nanglebhare". Honestly, it is not very far from the capital but so unfortunate to have such remote areas. I am quite disappointed with the least development we have even with the surroundings. I am not sure how much you know about Kathmandu, but it is a valley and is surrounded by all the hills and mountains. Nanglebhare is just one of those cities that surrounds Kathmandu. My dad told me majority of hilly sides is affected just like that or even worse. I wish I could do more to be honest.

I finally started to realize how important it is to have a powerful government. I hope Nepal will learn a lesson from this earthquake and be prepared because it's almost guaranteed at least one major earthquake will hit Nepal every 80 years. We need to build strong houses. It is devastating to hear more than 1,30,000 houses have been totally destroyed. I wonder how many more are partially damaged. Even my house has several cracks and the roof is slightly affected.

I will keep you all posted about the new updates on Facebook.


Subject: Re: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!

Forum: Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund!
Hello Randy,

Thank you for your support. Unfortunately, I couldn't go home at the moment because of my VISA problem, but I am doing my best to help the victims. I have seen several communities where I often visited as a kid get destroyed and it just makes it difficult to not be home. Nepal needs a lot of heavy machinery right now, and I sure could be one. Thanks for the motivation.

I have transferred $2,000 to 'Human Rights and Peach Society" Group last night.

$2000 = 2,00,000 Nepali Rupees (NPR). And that is going to help at lest 30 - 40 houses for almost 2 weeks with food supplies, blankets and tents. The team is heading towards this village called 'NaangleBharai" which is only 45 KM away from Kathmandu but is extremely remote and inconvenient to reach there.

Thank you everyone for your support. I will keep you all posted with new updates.

Now it is not just to #PrayForNepal, but to actually #WorkForNepal

-Mission2Win (Sandesh)

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