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Subject: How do you feel about your spouses parents?

Forum: How do you feel about your spouses parents?
How do you feel about your spouses parents/ grandparents?

I have absolutely no problems or issues with my boyfriend's mother, I love her to death... At times I wish she was my real mother. She is amazing.

BUT his grandmother on the other hand could hurry up and turn over in her grave... Now I knoww that may sound horrible but you all really don't know how stressed out she makes me. Hell if my lose my unborn child its because she stress the hell out of me. She provokes me and she wants me to react so she can show/prove to everyone that Im not a good person.

Lord knows I have been very humble lately and praying is the ONLY thing that's gonna make me sane.

Any interesting stories?

Subject: Re: Send out a special Prayer.

Forum: Send out a special Prayer.

Im not the type to openly pray in front of others but this forum is sweet,

Much love,


Subject: Re: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

Forum: Why is Math the Black Sheep in school?

This is a funny topic for me. I say this because when I was in grade school I LOVED math, did so good I was being offered scholarships for engineering while I was still in middle school.

Then I took off one year from school after graduation and by the time I returned to school, in not sure what happened. I took college algebra and failed twice!! Now my school is charging me out of state cost for my third attempt in that class for this summer courses. Almost 1000 for one class (I want to cry) but this time around ima kill it because I refuse to pay this much for a class again.

Subject: Re: Is babysitting hard or easy?

Forum: Is babysitting hard or easy?

I think babysitting is easy. The main thing to remember is learn how to control the children your watching and don't let them control you. See kids are smart... Even babies... If they can sense that they can run over you, they will. Create a schedule for the entire day or evening so that everyone can stay somewhat organized. I have been working around children my whole life and I think its ok. Not all kids are angels but not all adults are grown up lol

Subject: Re: Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

Forum: Who deserves a plus one at a wedding?

I mean it really all depends on how close her and her cousin are. Really it doesn't matter if its a distant god mother or your twin relative, if your close enough then they are top choices. Now if they are not that close I can see why she wasn't invited first. Is there a problem with the amount of people that can attend (you know with the cost of per person of the wedding? ) but overall if your girlfriend was feeling some type of way that she wasn't invited initially then they must of been close enough for you to ask this question. Hope it all works out.

Subject: Re: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

Forum: Doing lawnmower is easy or hard?

Lol, I have never thought to lawnmow anything Lol, just yard work period is enough to drain me. But I never would have thought using a lawnmower machine would be difficult. .. If anything I thought it would make the job easier.

Subject: Re: Awkward dating experiences

Forum: Awkward dating experiences

So my most awkward dating experience was with this one guy. We went out to a restaurant then the movies. I noticed at the restaurant that he had a bad rash on his arm. But I didn't say anything. So when we got to the movies and i sat next to him, he had gotten comfortable around me and grabbed my hand and placed it on his arm to be a little affectionate BUT he failed miserably because he put my hand on the arm that had the rash on it. My skincells locked up and i almost died. It was our first date and I barely knew his ass so that was definitely a turn off for me.

Subject: Re: With whom & where will u be celebrating Easter?

Forum: With whom & where will u be celebrating Easter?

Ill probably be celebrating Easter with my boyfriends family. Last year we all went to olive garden and enjoyed dinner there.

This year we may go to church and celebrate with dinner after. They really didn't do the egg hunt last year but we will see what happens this year.

Subject: Re: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

Forum: Recent Syrian Missile Strike

In my opinion just what im reading from your forum, I would say it wasn't a good look for America.

You gotta remember EVERYTHING we do has a ripple effect consequence to it.

Could this eventually lead to a third world war? Would more of our troops be forced in battle? Was this something we as Americans should have put our noses into?

Im not a for war type of person and i do like peace and after seeing what America went through before getting involved in these world wars before, I fear for me and my children.

9/11 and Pearl Harbor was too much for me... I just can't imagine was will happen from his choice of sending off these weapons.

Subject: Re: If you had the power to cure one disease

Forum: If you had the power to cure one disease
Hey Sammy,

If I had the power to cure a disease, I would choose to cure Aids. That's one illness that the body can't fight without expensive meds.

Too many people, adults and children have died from this and most of them were given this illness unknowingly.

This candidate's