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Subject: Re: A to Z Movie Challenge.....

Forum: A to Z Movie Challenge.....
P is for Pitch Perfect!!

or it can be Pitch Perfect 2.

I loved the first one.

I won't spoil the second one in case there are any fans here, but it's pretty funny too. I think the writing was a little more sloppy, but it was still good for some mindless laughs. Plus the music is spot on. These movies always make me wish that people just riff offed when they went out to bars/clubs - how fun would that be!!

Subject: Re: Would you rather...

Forum: Would you rather...
Interwebs go bye bye!!

Ideally, I'd just walk away from it all together.

That's actually something I plan to do at some point here in the next few years. I've outlined with my favorite how much I want to do some service time in the Peace Corps. That's a two year commitment. The location I hope to be at the most is extremely remote. I would have to walk to town quite a ways away to use my cellphone or receive any internet connection. The organizers even advise that the island's internet is extremely slow and outdated, so I'd have to get used to that.

Ultimately, I can't wait to be away from the hassle and addictions of technology in our society. I ache for the day when I can be old enough to not give a damn and just not even own a cell phone. Of course, I'd have to be retired at that point, because I can't have a boss trying to hunt me down, and I'd also have to know that Mini Me is doing an awesome job at taking care of herself before I do that.

I do like this question though. Thanks Erin.

PS Hello again every one. It's been a while since I popped in. Hope all is well :)

- Elle

Subject: Re: The most thoughtful gifts

Forum: The most thoughtful gifts
The most thoughtful I gift I'ver ever received is not something that can be held.

It is not an object that can be physically seen.

It is something that is to be observed in the "in between" of moments, words, gestures, and expressions.

It is something that I get to experience. [In Ashley World, experiences really are the best kind of gifts.]

It is something I've been experiencing for quite a bit of time now, and something I believe [well, I hope] I will be privileged with experiencing for some time to come.

It comes from someone who means more to me than I can properly convey.

It is something that is precious. Not just to me, but to the giver.

It is something that is not just a gift, but also a responsibility. I have the task of taking care of it. Nurturing it. Lifting it up when I can. Being protective of it. Helping it grow. Making it radiate and smile. Reminding it that it is strong. But mostly loving it in all of the best ways I can.

The most thoughtful give I've ever been given is My Favorite's heart. Fave entrusted me with it. And for that, I feel like the most sparkling little star ever to be born into the sky :]

Cheers to all of the wonderful gifts we've all been fortunate to receive - Elle

Subject: Re: Things you think about the most

Forum: Things you think about the most
Oh yeah, I'd like to add something else to the list of things I think about A LOT.


I can't believe I forgot that one.

I'm always hungry and wishing for snacks. Even if I just ate.

Like right now. I totally just had pizza for dinner about an hour ago, and I'm ready to consume 3 slices of cheesecake, an apple, some cucumber slices, pita chips dipped in pear-applesauce, an ultimate grilled cheese, and half a pan of brownies!!

Nom nom nom nom nom!!


Subject: Re: Things you think about the most

Forum: Things you think about the most
On a more serious note, I day dream.

A Lot.

I think about the future and what it holds for me as I set myself up for the goals and experiences I aspire to achieve.

I think about the day I no longer have to be 951 miles between myself and My Favorite.

I think about the sort of things Mini Me will be getting involved in throughout her life time.

I think about what I can do to leave this world a better place than when I came into it.

I think about all of the cute pups I can't wait to rescue.

I think about all of the people who have influenced my life.

I think about the beauty in the small things.

I think about whether or not the random dreams I have are memories from a past life.

I think about all the places I will come to love as I travel to them.

I think about how thankful I am to have people who care about me.

I think about a multitude of things and it's hard to designate what I actually think about most. I don't keep tabs on my brain. I just let it wander to whatever it desires. My brain sometimes gets bouts of wanderlust as much as my heart does. The struggle to keep focused on the tasks at hand are often harder than I make it seem like it is on the outside. But one thing is for certain: touch my mind and you'll have my attention, touch my soul and you'll have me forever.

Subject: Re: Things you think about the most

Forum: Things you think about the most
And finally last but not least.

NUMBER DRIE of things I think about the most throughout the day


the strategies I would use to survive the Hunger Games in the event I would ever be nominated as Tribute.

You can never be too prepared.

And when our world sinks into a third world war and then we become a giant Panem like, post-apocalyptic world, you'll wish you prepared yourself too by wasting lots of time thinking about this when you were supposed to be paying attention to your job or school work.

May the votes be ever in your favor, friends :]

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Forum: Things you think about the most
NUMBER KAKSI of the things I think about the most throughout the day is all the awesome people who contributed to this video.

[Do salsa cookies taste good?]

Subject: Re: Things you think about the most

Forum: Things you think about the most
NUMERO UNO of the things my thoughts wander to the most throughout the day



Drum roll please!


My Favorite!!


That's probably not a surprise to anyone here :P

Subject: Re: Standards of Beauty Around The World

Forum: Standards of Beauty Around The World
Cire: Gah!! I messed up my link, and didn't even realize it.

Thank you for fixing that. Very much appreciated.

I had also seen the Female Beauty Around The World video before creating the forum.

I agree that beauty is a product of society and though it should be the inner beauty that is yourself, we are still subconsciously trained to appreciate different surface-level things based on our geographic location on the planet and how our society collectively operates. Just like how you said with the big breasted blonde... though admittedly I do not salivate even though woman are also told this is beauty to strive for... unless of course she is shown holding a nice slice of pizza.

Whaaat?! I can't resist a nice specimen with awesome food [sue me (but don't really :p)]. I don't know anyone that can.

As for beauty being a commodity of those in control, please dear sweet Jesus [and all other deities out there ever thought up and worshipped] let's never put Kim Kardashian in office or else I shall be among the first arrested for not obeying the bill she passes stating all citizens most get butt implants to match her size in order to legally stay in the country. I will join the Resistance and use their network to get me out of the country!!

Subject: Standards of Beauty Around The World

Forum: Standards of Beauty Around The World
I've recently seen a couple of videos regarding the vast array of varying beauty standards from around the globe.

Women's Beauty Standards Around The World

From the one above, we learn that on average a woman will spend $15000 on makeup.

Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World

From this one, we learn that "the number of men's beauty products increased by upwards of 70% from 2012 to 2014."

And if you watched the videos [which I highly recommend, because it's pretty neat to see the many differences], you see that every country has different features it likes to highlight and has a vast array of what it finds beautiful in a man and a woman.

For this forum, I want to focus on the outside physical beauties in the same fashion these videos did. So suspend the "it's the inner beauty counts" belief, which I know [or at least hope] most of us have :]

I want to ask how do you define beauty?

Do your standards of beauty align with any of the countries in the videos?

Do you think there is anything about the standards of beauty in our country that need to change? Which beauty habits do you think are healthy and which are not?

[If you watched the videos] Do you think there are any outrageous beauty preferences another country needs to change, or do you think there are any we should adopt?

This candidate's