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Subject: Going On Hiatus

Forum: Going On Hiatus
Hey guys and gals,

I've been swamped with work from both of my jobs and haven't had as much time as I had hoped to be able to make a contribution to the forums. I hope everybody wins and I should hopefully be back toward the end of June or the beginning of August.

I've really enjoyed my run and would have never expected to win 3 awards when I practically just restarted earning. You guys have been a great support system and I really hope to at least come around and post more from time to time.

Subject: Re: What are your Memorial Day plans?

Forum: What are your Memorial Day plans?
Hi Kayla!
That sounds like an awesome plan! I might have to go bike riding with you if I can find a bike haha.

If it doesn't rain (fingers crossed), I plan on going to Detroit to get on my Dad's boat and eat bbq. We eat bbq right off of the Detroit river. I also plan on hanging out with a friend and watching Taken 3 and playing Just Dance: Greatest Hits.

Who knows what the day may hold though, none of my plans are concrete. I don't usually do anything special on Memorial Day because I don't really have any friends or family who have lost their lives in combat. I typically relax on Memorial Day and attend BBQs.

Subject: Re: What is your hometown "famous" for?

Forum: What is your hometown "famous" for?
My hometown isn't necessarily famous for anything. So I'll use my birthplace as my hometown since I have deeper roots there.

Detroit is known as Motor City for good reason too. There's the Big Three that have plenty of plants all around MI where cars are born. Unfortunately, Detroit has gained some infamy has being a crime-riddled city but I think there's so much more to Detroit.

Detroit is amazing and we have the Pistons, Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings. There's so much pride in Detroit and there's so many reasons to have it. The city is beautiful from the concrete jungle that it is to all of the suburbs around it. There's famous singers and rappers that have come from the city. Motown originated in Detroit.

Detroit is simply amazing.

Subject: Re: Stereotypes

Forum: Stereotypes
I think some stereotypes can sometimes have a basis of truth as long as it's not completely derogatory.

But that's a battle I'm not willing to fight for. I believe stereotypes influence behavior because people, including me, will go out of their way to prove other people that the stereotypes are wrong.

Have you ever watched Chappelle Show? There's this one skit where Dave Chappelle is on a plane and he's offered chicken or fish in first class. He didn't want to order the chicken out of feeling guilty for being black, but hilarity ensued. There's just not an easy pill to swallow when it comes to stereotypes.

Some stereotypes can have some positivity in it, but they're all just generalities that are true sometimes but false a lot more.

Subject: Re: What are you the "face" of?

Forum: What are you the "face" of?
I would love to be the face of motivational speaking and advice-giving. Mentorship is something that I love to do and it helps me help others in an idealistically tangible way.

Something not so great would probably be being the face of having a junky room. I have not cleaned my apartment in so long and I simply can't help myself to organizing my room.

This was an interesting topic. It definitely reminds me of a time where I was sitting at a meeting and a woman in the STEM industry was talking about having your own brand. As in, what do you actions tell other people that you're all about. I still don't know what characteristics my personality/actions showcase.

Subject: What Are Your 3 Points?

Forum: What Are Your 3 Points?
Hello CNET!

I recently spoke as the keynote speaker for the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity's Kappa League Beautillion. I had never realized how important it was to have 3 points at the end of the speech to wrap things up.

My 3 points were:
1. Your education is a weapon that you must utilize to the fullest potential.
2. You are capable of doing anything that you feel motivated or inspired to do, do not let the naysayers prevent you from fulfilling your own destiny.
3. Treat every success and failure as a learning experience throughout your own journey towards wisdom.

If you were to write a speech about anything that you would like to talk about, how would you wrap it up in 3 points?

Subject: Re: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?

Forum: How Do You Feel About Seeing Old Friends?
lt's funny because I recently saw an old friend from high school yesterday. I think it can be really awkward to see an old friend from a while ago because you never know what that person has gone through and what feelings they could have toward you.

I mean, if you meet someone or reconnect with a friend on accident, what if they really didn't want to in the first place. I don't necessarily keep in contact with a lot of people because I'm not the most social butterfly. However, I can say that if I really enjoy the person's company, then I'd love to keep in touch with them. Then again, if I really enjoyed talking with the person, I'd probably never lose touch with them in the first place.

Subject: Re: What did you splurge on?? (っ◕‿◕)っ

Forum: What did you splurge on?? (っ◕‿◕)っ
I spent $300 on a beatpad in order to make beats. I think it's a good investment, but I definitely do not see myself splurging that much on any more of the hobbies that I may develop in the future. I think that having fun is important in life, but having financial security is a much more tangible, valuable option.

Subject: Re: Does miscarriage have any impact on men?

Forum: Does miscarriage have any impact on men?
What impact does the loss of an unborn child has on the father?

I imagine that losing an unborn child can evoke a similar feeling for a man or a woman. A loss of life is a loss of life and I think it can be just as impactful to both man and woman.

Does it have any impact at all or the woman is the only one who feels the loss?
This question doesn't necessarily make sense to me, I believe that the woman would never be on the only one who feels the loss because a death in the family is still a death, even if the baby did not reach full term.

Do you think there is a lack of awareness concerning the effect of miscarriage on men?

There probably is a very much sensitive issue of miscarriage being taken insensitively across the world.

Can anything be done to raise this awareness?

I think that there can be seminars held or even some commercials to spread awareness about this.

What impact does miscarriage have on men?

It has a negative impact. It affects the future and can put a damper on a man's happiness.

Subject: Re: Cnet Errors

Forum: Cnet Errors
I think it's good that it challenges the writer to make less mistakes. My computer at least tells me when something is mispelled. I think it would completely defeat the purpose of having original, uninterrupted thoughts in the posts. Who knows what people could change to take things out of context and make the responders look like they're talking nonsense.

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