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Eric, thanks a lot man! I appreciate all of the support! How have you been?

Rosemary - Congratulations, that's fantastic news! You must feel so relieved and excited, huh? Do you know the specifics of what you will be doing yet? Good luck getting acclimated to your new job, though I'm sure you will do great!

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Hey Heather!

Thanks for your kind words, it's good to talk with you again! I'm going to try to be a little more active, at least to say hi every once in a while. It's always nice to treat yourself for your hard work, and to have something like a vacation to excitedly look forward to (even if it is a little ways off). And hopefully everything turns out okay with your son.

As for the song, I think it does the Led Zeppelin version justice, which is saying a lot. The video is kinda trippy haha!

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Hey guys! Great to hear from you!

Kojones - How's it going man? Looks like you've been doing really well on the site lately, which is great. Also, I'm really liking the song, it's groovy - especially when the beat changes up around the 1:45 mark. Thanks!

Meg - Hey! Dang, that's awesome! How's the new place? Being able to make your own food and having control over what you make to eat is a huge plus. You can really start expanding your cooking skills (though it sounds like yours are already through da roof - thai coconut curry? Holy moly!). As for me, I've been pretty good. Pretty much up to the same stuff as I was when I was on here, and just enjoying the summer. I've been spending a lot of time with my brother and sister while they are on summer break, and I was in Michigan for a while visiting some family. Things have been good!

Christy - Glad to talk to you too! Thanks for the wishes, I hope everything is going well with you as well. And possibly heading into your last year of school is pretty exciting! Sometimes I wish I was back in school, but that's probably the nerdy side of me talking. And being off CollegeNet is weird - I know I often reminisce about the past couple of years when I was on the site, and talking with everyone who was on here during those times. It was great to meet so many different people, which is definitely something I miss.

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Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I've been on here, so I thought I'd check in and see how you guys are doing. I've been dropping by every now and then to read some of your forums, but thought it was about time I got in touch.

So how's everyone doing?! Anything new? Feel free to just say hi or give me a recommendation on a really good song you've been listening to (always down for those). I really just wanted to say hi!

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Hey guys!

I am gonna miss being on the site and talking with you guys every day, but I'll be around .

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Ashley, I have to agree, the voter status thing is pretty sweet.

Subject: Re: Making decisions: Follow your head, heart, or gut?

Forum: Making decisions: Follow your head, heart, or gut?
Hey Jared!

Congratulations! I know it's been a trying period for you, having to face the uncertainty of what you would be doing and what the next step would be and working through your own feelings of what you thought was best for you. So it's great to hear that things are starting to come together in a really good way! I'm really happy to hear the news, you definitely deserve it!

I think it does depend on the circumstances, at least for me. For relatively mundane decisions, and even most of the ones that are important but not super important, I usually go with my head. I like to think through everything first, consider the benefits of each option, and just give myself some time to process it all. For the big decisions, the ones that feel (or are) life-changing, I follow my heart. I feel like with those ones, I will just get stuck going back and forth and obsessing over both sides if I try to reason through it. And besides, sometimes what rationally seems like the best option, isn't. Life is like that, it throws things at you and sometimes you have to respond in ways that just feel right, even if they don't really make sense. When I follow my heart, I feel like I can't go wrong even if it doesn't turn out perfectly.

Congratulations again!

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Forum: The fear you want to face
Hey brette!

Good question! Forcing yourself to do the things that scare you or make you uncomfortable can be a good way to stimulate growth in your life. I've been trying to be less hesitant to face my fears in life, even the little ones.

One of the big fears that I have been trying to get over is my shyness. I know it's not really a concrete fear like you may have been angling at in your question, but that's my focus right now. There are a lot of times when I fee like my shyness has gotten in the way of opportunities and experiences in my life (even small ones), and I don't like that. I don't want to think that my shyness is holding me back, so I've been trying to just push it to the side a little bit and forcing myself to do things that make me nervous in a good way.

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Forum: Man Busted for Eating Hamburger While Driving?
Hey Ericka!

No, I haven't even heard of this! And I eat and drink while driving all of the time. I know it's not the best thing to do as it can be hard at times to be fully focused on the road when eating at the wheel, but sometimes it's just kind of necessary, at the very least super convenient. In fact, today has been kind of a busy day so I was just about to hop in the car while eating a sandwich for dinner!

I don't think it's necessarily the wrong move to make eating at the wheel an ticket-able offense, but it's got to be made clear. I'm guessing that a lot of people haven't even heard of this before and would be just as shocked at being pulled over for it. Though if it's the law, then I guess it is our responsibility to know.

Subject: Re: Favorite movies you've seen this last year?

Forum: Favorite movies you've seen this last year?
Hey Dream Catcher!

I agree with you and Marteen - Insterstellar was fantastic! I know it had it's share of plot holes, but you can't knock the film for it's epic scope and messages, and it was a beautifully made movie. And yeah, gotta love Hans Zimmer's score, that guy is amazing!

But there was one movie that I enjoyed even more than Interstellar this year, and that was the Grand Budapest Hotel. It was the perfect mixture of funny and serious, it had a compelling plot but didn't take itself too seriously at times, the acting was magnificent, and the overall look and feel of the movie really made it fun to watch. Wes Anderson has a very unique style, and it's one that I really like and that I think he executed perfectly in the movie.

I also really enjoyed Chef. It was a great family movie with excellent acting as well. Plus, food!

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