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Subject: Re: Do You Believe In Ghost?

Forum: Do You Believe In Ghost?

@NjBr Sorry for stealing your idea! It honestly came to me moments before making it!

@Kamila1981 That what makes me wonder if a part of me DOES believe. Because it still scares me. maybe I am an 80% non-believer. lol

Subject: Re: What was your first post?

Forum: What was your first post?
Hey, Kyle!

My first post was talking about my career choice. A fitting first post for collegenet!

It's interesting to see the change in me from then to now so thanks for sparking my interest to look back! :]

Subject: Re: What year did you join CollegeNet

Forum: What year did you join CollegeNet
Hey, SocialW.

I signed up in 2010. :]

It was veryyy different back then. You could only win once a year and the scholarships were between 3, 4, and 5k. if u tied u split it. I split a 4k scholarship.

I like this system way better.

Subject: Do You Believe In Ghost?

Forum: Do You Believe In Ghost?
Do you believe in ghost?
Where did your belief come from?
Are you afraid of them?
If so, does your fear come from movies and ghost stories or something else?

I don't believe in ghost yet I am still scared of the thought of them. If I lived in an older house, I would be scared of the thought of it being haunted. I find it strange that I can be scared of something I don't believe in, but I think it comes from my mindset of always being open to the seemingly impossible.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Subject: Re: Do you Shop at Thrift Stores?

Forum: Do you Shop at Thrift Stores?
Hey, Nathan.

I haven't been to a thrift store but I really want to!

Something about looking at vintage clothing and putting it together is really fun and exciting to me. I want to go to a reallyyy vintage thrift store. You can also save a lot so that's a plus!

Subject: Re: Sesame Street Character with Autism

Forum: Sesame Street Character with Autism
I love it!

I'm happy that different types of people are becoming more and more represented on television. Especially at that age, It's important to see and learn the differences in others and know that it's okay.

Great question!

Subject: Re: What is your eye color?

Forum: What is your eye color?
Hey, NjBr!

My eyes are brown and I can be a leader in some things. I do prefer to make my own decisions rather than follow.

I think blue eyes are beautiful on anyone. Ocean blue eyes especially. I heard green eyes are the most rare color so lucky you!

Have a great Tuesday. :]

Subject: Re: Last Meal

Forum: Last Meal
Hey, Ratio!

My last meal would be a random assortment of my favorites mixed with luxury foods.

A delicious big juicy burger and fries, Lamb chops, Fried catfish, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cabbage, my mother's amazing dressing and sweet potatoes, and my favorite desserts from a bakery in Indiana. lol

I would only be able to take one bite of each thing but, worth it!

Subject: Re: man is head of the house

Forum: man is head of the house
Hello, Kamila!

I think that even if the wifes job is to raise the children and take care of the home, she should still have equal part in the decision making. No spouse should have say over the other, no matter who brings home the money. When you are married, what's yours is his and what his, is yours.

Taking care of the home and raising children is a job in it's own. You may not be able to pay bills without him but he also cannot take care of the children, or his home without you.

I also believe a woman should be able to work if she chooses. Only raising children can be unfulfilling and make you feel like you have lost your identity as an individual. It may be nice to not worry about money but at what price? Freedom is more important to me.

Great question!

Subject: Re: Hot or Cold?

Forum: Hot or Cold?
I love the cold!

Literally, until I'm freezing, I won't turn down the AC.

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