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Subject: Re: Talking to inanimate objects

Forum: Talking to inanimate objects
You know, this is an adorable forum!!

I have noticed before I got this apartment full of plants I used to talk to things way more often. I also have had my two kitties for about 8 years, and they give me plennnnty to talk to as well.

My roommate also has a three year old, which is an infinite source of communication, lol. I love how she talks to stuff, and the cats. "You are soo funny Mr. Tigre!" (my male cat) and he looks on, quizzically at her.

When I am out and about I may talk to a stone before I sit on it, of complement a plant- of course, internal dialogue if someone is around. Oh the embarrassment a few times when someone was standing outside of my periphery!

Usually I talk to my things when I cannot find them, or they are doing well, "oh shoes you are really rockin my world!" Or my guitar, "okay dear, let's try that again," haha.

Thanks for this one, very light and warm!

Subject: Re: Something is Lost in Translation!

Forum: Something is Lost in Translation!
You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while

Tu universo humano paululum quae per

Βάζετε ότι όλο το ανθρώπινο

Put that all human

Whoa.. That is some metaphysical shiz right there.

Put that all human.

Said the great deity.

Loved this Cire7.

Subject: Re: Cereal for lunch, anyone?

Forum: Cereal for lunch, anyone?
Nope, almost every roommate I have ever lived with does it, including myself. I do find it amusing that all of us still harbor some view that it were are, in fact, violating some principal of adulthood.

My advice.

Violate on.

Have some fun.

Eat cereal all day and swing on a swing and do things that surprise and amuse you.

We are the universe, expressing itself in human form.

How will you express your infinite self today?

Subject: Re: Do You Save Your Passwords?

Forum: Do You Save Your Passwords?
Nope. I feel like it's an invitation for someone to mess with my stuff, honestly. I also work in healthcare as well, so being on top of constantly changing passwords for all my work stuff has gotten me pretty apt at remembering my own. Every once in a while I will completely forget, it may come back in an hour, or I will just change it to what I thought it was. Problem solved. haha.


Subject: Re: City or country living?

Forum: City or country living?
I grew up in a few various simple country living locations growing up, Missouri, Mojave Desert in California, and Colorado. I can tell you one thing, families are tight, however emotional reactivity is high.

Importance and value was placed on having a family, drama with the family and knowledge of world news was near impossible. People were just so caught up with each other, and with complaint of lack of wages. Also, substance abuse was high, I think mostly because of boredom and, once again, lack of education. I know this fits many aggressive stereotypes of "country bumbkins" however, it really WAS that way.

Of course, there was the benefit of always being seen, graduate and everyone is there, get an accomplishment and everyone wants to come over and have a cook out, get in a car accident and have a line of visitors and flowers, move and always have help, those sorts of things. Community.

Seattle, the big city, can be lonely and dangerous, I have had my car broken into several times, even stolen one time, and I have been violently mugged. I have experienced many faux friends whom only want to go to the bar and never really get real, or are truly interested in your life. I have experienced many deep friendships of globe trotters as well. I know plenty of people all around the world now because of college and city life. The challenge is, feeling that sense of being seen, that consistent community. Not to say I have not had that on and off, but there is a beat here, a movement.

You have to keep up. I love it, but you have to keep up.

Subject: Re: Would you rather work from home or in an office?

Forum: Would you rather work from home or in an office?
If I were allowed to wear a tutu and goggles and anything else fun, surrounded by people whom knew that we could be more productive with creativity, positive thinking and generally enjoy each other, then hell yea, I would work there.

I have working in an office setting here or there for the past eleven years now.

It's all dust and drama.... a few times, when I was able to lead things I enjoyed the creative workspace that ensued, but, there was always some higher up, or business owner that was looking to label us, and wanted to tear down the laughter as it if threatened them personally- regardless of how well business was going.

I will own my own business, helped my cousin and his wife start and run their business ten years ago, and it blew up.

In the end, I want to create the world I want to live in, not drown in someone elses malcontent and bland rubric for life and adulthood.

I want to live.

Subject: Re: OVERLOAD

OH Marteen! You must have an incredible amount of strength to keep up this schedule and still make top ten here week and week again~ your posts are dynamic and thoughtful!

What are your side affects of being over worked?
Typically, I note I am becoming more reactive rather than responsive and flexible to life. I will become more jumpy and more sensitive to feedback- I will begin to see it as criticism, and to see myself in a negative light. This could spiral into more negative self talk, isolation, crying, comfort eating, and so on.

At it's worst, I will feel like all of my close friends will be better without me. I do my best to keep myself from getting there, posting here, on Facebook or messages with my overseas friends really helps to keep in contact even if it is not face to face.

The difficulty for me is all of my close friends are amazing, they have moved away to Thailand, Colorado, San Francisco. LA and Japan in the past year. It's been a whirlwind.

One is left here, but she is about to get married, and is incredibly busy- I absolutely understand, when I was twenty I did the entire wedding planning and such by myself- phew! She asked me to officiate her wedding! How exciting and honoring! You think this would pull me out of my rut- eh I am moving through it, but the effects of burn-out/overload/minor depression-PTSD relapse can be profound... it takes months to fully recover an accurate view of the world around you.

Do you have days where you try to get out of everything and stay home?
Absolutely! It is important to listen to your body to know when it is a good time to rest, just like with our muscles when we begin to feel sore. Netflix and cat party!

Do you call in sick even if you aren't?
That's a hard one, I think I have done it before, but I work a job now that I am depended on, so I try to note how things are going, and find a counselor that can take over my shift in advance since we are state mandated to have a staff to about 10 clients 24hours a day in our residential hall.

homework all day, then burnt out the next?
Yeah, this most likely happens when I have procrastinated

Breaking point is typically when I have not been utilizing self care, taking on too much and have a lack of support.

I'm glad you are sharing, and I hope you have a regenerative experience soon! I heard once that this "breaking down" experience in school meant you are truly growing.



Subject: Re: Does art need to be shared?

Forum: Does art need to be shared?
I love this dhaldes!

I think @Cire7 @en24 and @luringattraction are on page with me, art is an expression, and yes, reality is co-created, but no matter what stunning art is stunning art in some ones reality. I know this could sound somewhat circular, if they had not seen it yet. @nursemariep nailed it when she said beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I was having this type of discussion with another artist recently, we talked about why we do not want to share all of our art because this cheapens the experience. If we make art, simply, to be seen, we feel as if we are losing the internal intrinsic drive for why we make art in the first place.

Sometimes I wonder how artists survive on their work, when all of the sudden something that flowed through them from some higher muse-like space all of the sudden they are working to shove it out for public consumption and extrinsic monetary value. This "me too" attitude among starving artists can be exhausting.

The balance can be difficult, especially with things like poetry which could be seen as sheer vanity.

I still struggle with to share or not because of this inner conflict.

Art can be so taboo!

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Do you drink soda?

Forum: Do you drink soda?
wassup en24!

eh I don't think that 20% is going to do much benefit.

Soo, I will say no.

I drink beer.

I figure, if I'm going to calorie bomb myself on a Friday night, I might as well be having a good time.


Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Painted Nails

Forum: Painted Nails
Hey MaryHam :D Very cute forum.

I used to paint my nails weekly, now-a-days I feel like it looks more professional to just keep them clean because I am not vigilant enough to notice they are super chipped until I see a client looking at them *whoops* being a young family therapist intern is hard enough, but then looking not put together just adds to it- some of this may be my paranoia, but I like to take care of what I can.

I used to always have my toes painted, but a month ago one of my child clients ran over my toe and knocked my toenail off, so there goes that, LOL.

I have been really craving a mani pedi and love the look of a French-manicure in particular, however sometimes I wonder if it's just too sexy. hmmm

I think it's a great idea for men to get a clear or paint free mani pedi just go get their hands and feet all nice and clean and cared for.

Who doesn't love a good foot massage?!

I wouldn't mind bringing my beau, if he wanted a color I would be more worried about how others would perceive him for his own benefit, frankly I don't care.

About ten years ago I used to date a guy that painted his nails black, but then, ya-know, we were pretty young.

It is pretty silly that it should matter at all.

Society arbitrary rules....

The one caveat, I've heard, is that they hate it in the ER because looking at your nail bit after an accident Is a quick sure way to check your health and so on and so forth ~and they just don't have nail polish remover laying around.

Let's just hope none of us get into any accidents regardless. Drive save!

Happy feet!!

You've inspired me, perhaps I will paint my nails this weekend :)

Sincerely yours,


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