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Subject: Re: How many CNET scholarships have you won?

Forum: How many CNET scholarships have you won?
I'm an old OLD hand on this site, started years before there was such a thing as "Graduating" and all that, no caps. So uummmm I've won 116 times. Haven't competed in a couple years because of the new rules (now I just hang out every now and then to say what's up and irritate you all, haha!) but for those of you just starting, this site is SO worth it. Don't stop, write every day, it'll happen.

Subject: Re: Not a kid anymore

Forum: Not a kid anymore
I'm still a kid

Subject: Re: Living abroad: What's your greatest fear??

Forum: Living abroad: What's your greatest fear??
A lot of the stuff you think is going to be scary turns out to be a fairly easy deal, or at least short lived. You find a place to stay, you get used to moving around town, the culture (usually) becomes old hat and you adapt to it. Or you have culture shock but it really depends on the person. I've lived long term in like 4 different countries and had a grand time in all of them but China, never got used to the culture there and had a miserable time. Singapore and Denmark were the best by far.

Really there's always a place you can find, if you plan things a little you'll know where you'll be living and how your money situation will be...I think the most stressful stuff is just making sure you've got all your paperwork in order. There was a LOT of paperwork for living in China, and I absolutely needed translators and all the rest. Went to the embassy twice, mandatory full physical with a blood draw and x-rays to make sure I'm not carrying the plague (really, they tested for that among other things) and just....ah man give other countries a shot first.

If you do your research, and yes especially if you have a buddy or some sort of support system, living abroad is kinda easy. Other places aren't that different from home a lot of the time, just different buildings and language and goofy food but eventually it's old hat.

Subject: Re: What do you admire about someone you love?

Forum: What do you admire about someone you love?
I think a big thing for me is how genuine the person is. Like, I'd rather take a "oh that looks nice" from someone who's hella hard to impress, but they mean it, than the fawning compliments of someone who thinks everything I do is amazing. Just extend that quality out into the rest of their lives: I love that they're direct, feel passionately, are honest, just....that's who they are, ya know? I feel like I can be bad at reading people sometimes, or getting to their real selves barring that, so the few that are just like "oh hi" and it's as natural as breathing to just be with them, well, it's something I'd never take for granted. Too rare.

I also love when they do something for me, but like...small and weird and perfect. If I had someone be like "Oh here's an awesome new motorcycle" I'd be awkward and wouldn't want to accept it and it just would be all contentious, even if they made like 300 grand a year. But if someone who knows me were like "I found this rock, and it made me think of you" and it was just a cool rock...oh I'd love them so hard.

I guess the biggest thing is that I just feel like I'm a little weird. Sometimes awkward. Am oblivious at times, kinda like...socially blind and aware enough of it to realize that it's happening sometimes. So the very few people that see it and are patient with me are rare gems. Someone who thinks all that stuff is hilarious and endearing, oh I've got their back for life yo.

I dunno, it's hard to explain. I feel it much more strongly than I can say it, tend to show my admiration/love in other ways.

Subject: Re: Energetic or Slow in the morning?

Forum: Energetic or Slow in the morning?
I usually wake up around 5:40, stretch, look at the clock, swear....and then explode into a radiant sun god of pure joy and universal love and morning slowness evaporates in the cosmic fire of my enthusiasm. Maybe I should tone it down a notch.
Also, coffee is a thing.
If I had the option to work less, I would totally sleep more, but until then, I'm awake either way so I'd rather try and smile than dwell on the negative. Working to change the negative is the best middle finger to things you don't like, so I vote we all just do that.
And coffee.

Subject: Re: Board games or video games

Forum: Board games or video games
Used to play, but takes too much time from my life...so I'll leave playthroughs open on YouTube while I work, haha! Closest thing to the joy of gaming without the time commitment.

Subject: Re: Morning Showers?

Forum: Morning Showers?
Currently, my shower sprays water out of the head up onto the ceiling, while making a sound like a wildabeast that has only just realized it swallowed a shake-weight whole. It is unpleasant.

Thankfully I'm moving soon and will have a nice, shiny clean bathroom to enjoy. And can finally put up my ultra dorky shower curtains, for the win. Love showers. And tubs. And laser tubs.

Subject: Re: Do you follow politics?

Forum: Do you follow politics?
I actually follow politics very closely, am very liberal, and while I realize there's a huge amount of spin going on from both sides, I try to have a varied media diet to negate that. Lot of my info comes from international news sources, basically anything that's not Fox since that's the most idiotic propaganda machine out there. Not news, essentially.

And I frankly hate what I see, I think this is one of the times that happens occasionally when a country takes a few giant steps backwards, and it's causing a plethora of issues around the world in too many ways to pay attention to. Just...I feel the need to pay attention to all this so that I'm informed, that's incredibly important and if everyone were this crap wouldn't be happening, ideally....but oh man it's emotionally exhausting to open the news each day and see what's going on.

I wish we could balance things out with a few more positive stories, for our collective health, yeesh.

Subject: Re: Good Morning CollegeNet!

Forum: Good Morning CollegeNet!
Hmmm...I do generally like myself, though I have that voice in the back of my head that's like "lose another pound or so, allllmost there mr. snuggles" and can get down on myself a bit. Guys don't usually measure up to the fashion models in magazines either, lmao. I think I can be a little over critical of myself with regards to work, creative output, accomplishments...that sort of stuff we all likely suffer from. I can't be the only one who looks around and sees other people who have accomplished an insane amount of amazing things and....are like a year younger than I am. Bah!

But, I think my slightly overwhelming positivity makes up for it. I like that I've been getting in better shape, and have a bunch of amazing side projects and the best compadre that exists to do them with. I'm definitely getting better at the architecture job and my art is bringing in a little bit more money and I feel like I'm an endearing and warm person who can totally bit a bit of a cranky bastard sometimes but is usually a ball of sunshine. I dunno, I think there's enormous value in the act of trying to be better, for all of us. That's the good fight, and it's a pleasure to do it every day.

Helps when you've got good people around you to remind you of the stuff you're used to seeing.

Subject: Re: What animal do you identify with?

Forum: What animal do you identify with?
I asked my friends and apparently I'm a hedgehog....spiky little stubborn ball that acts tough but actually has an adorable furry tummy.


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