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Subject: Re: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?

Forum: How many paid vacation days a year do you want?
I'd like 365 paid vacation days a year!

Subject: Re: The Worst Year Ever?

Forum: The Worst Year Ever?
What 2017 will look like for me:
-Working my first paid full time job in this field
-My first year not being enrolled in school
-Completing my clinical fellowship and earning the highest level of professional licensure in my field, which will increase my pay and job opportunities
-Becoming a financially (or mostly financially) independent adult

-What will happen to our country and the people in it once you know who takes office and his cronies start to exercise their power.
-Paying income tax.
-Affording to live in Manhattan...especially since you know who's family doesn't want to live in the White House full time.
-MTA fare increases.

How to make it better:
-Become more politically involved at all levels of the government
-Budget myself

Subject: Re: The Worst Year Ever?

Forum: The Worst Year Ever?
I am sorry for those of us who have had a rough year in 2016.

I did face some challenges in 2016 but I think I have overcome them.
-Finishing graduate school at NYU was challenging since there are GPA requirements to stay in the program and I have gotten academic probation warnings although I was above the GPA cut was nerve wrecking and very stressful but I did it!!!
-My dog hurt his leg and could have needed very expensive surgery but after anti-inflammatory medicine via injection and oral medication, he got all better and escaped needing surgery! :-)
-I had a relationship with a fairy tale beginning and then in a matter of several weeks, it became very rocky. I think I just need to cut all ties and move on. I have definitely learned from it though.
-The ghosting! Potential boyfriends AND potential employers...WTF?!
-One of my best friends is moving to California and I will miss her.
-U.S. election results....WHY?!

I agree with Joey that what is going on in the Middle East is horrific. I am not really sure what to do there. Advocate for the people affected by the war and terrorism to be allowed to live in other countries seems like a good idea. I also want to adopt a child. I don't yet have the means to do that though.

Great things about 2016:
-I went on a fantastic dream come true scuba diving vacation over spring break in Belize! Oh my god, it was incredible. I knocked some things off my bucket list!
-Got rave reviews from all my externship supervisors.
-Got a passing grade on my profession's licensing exam.
-Completed my M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at NYU!
-Was issued my initial Teacher of Students of Speech-Language Disabilities license
-Aced a lot of interviews (I even beat out candidates who were fully licensed and had a higher quantity of experience than me), got a lot of positive feedback from prospective employers and colleagues. I think I went on 14 interviews at 13 different places and came away with 10 official job offers!
-Accepted one of those 10 job offers!
-Going to Europe to see a best friend who is studying abroad and a mutual best friend who is visiting him at the same time!
-Achieved a long time resolution of speaking up for myself despite being a non-confrontational person.

Subject: Re: Thank You, CollegeNET

Forum: Thank You, CollegeNET
Goober- Nice to see you too! No marriage in sight for me either. But I'm going to start my professional career soon...after a trip!

MaDonna- Back in my day, the controversial topics were the best. They had the most interesting responses and people posted multiple times on one forum. It was great! I know, I was around when for several sets of rule changes on Cnet. Best wishes to you!

Tera- Thank you! Best wishes to you in your last semester! Enjoy your winter break!

FutureTeacher- Yes it did seem surreal. My parents thought it was too good to be true until those checks started rolling in! I am going to be a speech-language pathologist. Have you ever considered that field? You may really like it.

Rosine- Congratulations! That is so exciting! I am about to embark on some travels of my own as well.

Daileen- Yes the active members on cnet really shape the experience.

Televia- Thank you. I see you have been very active on here.

HC1- Thank you. :-) Congratulations! That is a milestone.

Subject: Pantsuit Nation Book Deal: A Betrayal? Illegal?

Forum: Pantsuit Nation Book Deal: A Betrayal? Illegal?

For those of you who have not heard of it, Pantsuit Nation is a secret facebook group for Hillary Clinton supporters/people preferred she become the next POTUS created by Libby Chamberlain.

Many members saw Pantsuit Nation as a safe space to share their emotional personal experiences such as facing various forms of discrimination, having an abortion, being in an abusive relationship etc. People shared their deepest fears about the state of our country leading up to the election and in its aftermath. People also shared happy things like how they were being activists and advocates, how they came out as gay or trans, how they married a same sex spouse, adopted a baby, confronted their racist family members etc. Members supported each other and really opened up on this group and I think it was most important for liberal people drowning in a sea of Republicans in red states.

Libby Chamberlain struck a book deal and the book will include posts from members on the Pantsuit Nation facebook group. When the facebook group was created, this aspiration was never stated to members or potential members. Supposedly she will ask permission of members to share their photos and stories in the book. Supposedly the proceeds of the book will support groups such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Please check out the links to learn about the backlash from Pantsuit Nation members in response to the book deal.

Do you feel that Pantsuit Nation members have a right to be upset at Libby for taking this book deal?

Do you think Libby and the publisher should get permission from every single person who shared a story, photo, or video on the facebook group? If she does not, is it illegal to publish these things in a book?

Would you feel betrayed if you were a member of the group? Why or why not?

Subject: Thank You, CollegeNET

Forum: Thank You, CollegeNET

Thank you CollegeNET. Most of the people active now are new faces (avatars) and do not know me. I was extremely active on CNet since I was in high school. I then went to Pace University for my B.A. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders with a concentration in Education. Then I completed a 2.5 year M.S. program in Communicative Sciences & Disorders at NYU. My 6.5 years of post high school education has come to an end this month! CollegeNET contributed to the reason why my 6.5 years of study was funded without taking out loans! Thank you CollegeNET for existing and giving back to students and thank you cnetters for posting, voting, and supporting me! I received a lot of emotional support from the CNet community in college because my mother was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and unfortunately died before I graduated with my B.A. from her alma mater, Pace University. I am currently weighing a few official job offers for speech-language pathology clinical fellowship positions in New York City and I hope to come to a decision by the end of the week and then do a little traveling before starting the first paid position of my career. I know my mom would be ecstatic.

Old cnetters, please update me on your life and status in this forum.

New cnetters, please introduce yourselves.

All cnetters, write a thank you to CollegeNET and what you enjoy about this site and community.

Subject: Re: Innocence

Forum: Innocence
Oh boy...well...I knew about my family's history enduring the negative effects of the Holocaust ever since I could remember. So I feel like I always knew the world was a fucked up place. Also, my sister died unexpectedly when I was 6. So I basically grew up knowing the world was fucked up, feeling like there was no god and if there was a god, and wondering what the fuck kind of god would let all these terrible things happen to my family?

I don't think I'll shelter my kid(s) and make them keep their innocence. I think they need to be aware that bad things happen. Bad things happen to good people... Do the following things to keep yourself as safe as possible. People and animals die and we don't usually know when, how, or why so we need to appreciate who we have and nurture our relationships.

Subject: Re: Moving out of the house w young siblings fear

Forum: Moving out of the house w young siblings fear
I have a big age difference with my siblings (I am the baby by 13 and 16 years). I remember my mom and I used to send my sister care packages while she was out of state in college. I would trace my hand on paper and we would write her messages on the hand and include other goodies in the package. Maybe it's something your mom could do with them to send you things and you could send them letters, postcards, and/or packages. Who doesn't love some snail mail?!

I also knew when my siblings moved out that they were going to college. I definitely remember being in the car and driving to PA while my family moved my sister into Bryn Mawr. I was upset when I had to go back in my car seat in the car because I thought I was going with her and I wanted to go to college too.

My brother moved in and out he transferred schools and at one point, I thought he moved back in because he missed me. I don't know where I got that idea from, but I never broadcasted the idea to anyone so nobody corrected my thinking on that one.

I would definitely involved your siblings in the process. Hell, they need 10 and 5 minute warnings to leave the playground without a melt down, they need some type of warning that you're moving out. Give them a reason to be excited for you. If they know that you are moving out to go to college, start your career, have a fresh start...then they might be excited for you too.

Subject: Re: Speech Therapy

Forum: Speech Therapy
Generally, you should not be paying out of pocket for speech therapy services for your daughter. It should be covered by the school district. Is she going to a speech-language pathologist outside of school? If so, how come she is not being seen by the speech-language pathologist at her school? Does she not qualify for services at school?

Subject: Re: Rare Diseases

Forum: Rare Diseases
I am curious, tell me more. I do not know what those letters stand for. I think the more popular diseases get more attention because more people know someone personally affected by these diseases. Then I think big pharma focuses on these popular diseases because their is more demand for treatments and cures to address those diseases and therefore more money to be made by producing treatments and cures for those popular diseases. It's unfortunate.

This candidate's