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Subject: Re: So many new faces...let's get to know each other!

Forum: So many new faces...let's get to know each other!
1. First Name:: Annette
2. Age:: 31
3. BF/GF/Spouse:: None
4. Kids:: None
5. Favorite Color-:: Baby Blue
6. Favorite Food:: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
7. Major:: Psychology and Sociology.
8. Vehicle:: Ford Exploror
9. Pets:: One Dog
10. Fear::: Closed In or Small Spaces
11. Pet Peeve:: Spitting
12. Favorite Restaurants:: Black Bear Diner
13. Dream vacation::Italy
14. Favorite drink:: Coke Zero
15. Favorite Music Genre:: Country
16. Favorite hobbies: Singing, DYI
17. Favorite Sport/Team:: Baseball/Giants Football/ Patriots!
18. State:: California

Subject: Re: NetFlix-What should I watch next?

Forum: NetFlix-What should I watch next?
I am a Netflix addict so to say. I can binge watch a whole season in a few hours and not get bored.

My favorite right now is "13 Reasons Why" for many reasons. It's just the first season on there right now but the next season is set to come out in just two months are so from now. So it's great timing to watch it right now before that starts and be all caught up.


1. Gilmore Girls
2. Friends
3. Vampire Diaries
4. Greys Anatomy
5. One Tree Hill
6. The Ranch (just started watching)
7. CSI
8. The Originals
9. The Fosters

Subject: Re: Favorite thing to DIY?

Forum: Favorite thing to DIY?
I am in a phase where I love to make my own jewelry. I got into jewelry making a few months back and now I can't seem to stop. It definitely is a way to pass some time and reduce stress. It came into my life when my stress, anxiety and depression was at an all time high. So the fact it can keep my mind busy for hours is a definite plus. Of course though I still buy from the store just not nearly as often.

I also DYI paintings, photo books, lanyards, and just started making my own craft storage containers. Who would have thought that an egg carton was an amazing way to store paints. Or plastic water jugs cut in half to store all my finished jewelry. I'm also into the whole recycle and reuse lately, can you tell?

Subject: Re: Cnet scholarships

Forum: Cnet scholarships
Hey guys and gals!

As a long time veteran here in Cnet, I have to encourage you to keep trying. The top 10 or 13 is amazing!! At one point when I first came here there was only one winner a week! That made it 100 times more difficult for everyone to win. So having this many winners a week is a great opportunity.

I know it gets discouraging but just keep at it. I promise you'll win eventually if you keep coming back everyday and stay committed. Plus, just look at me, my names on the hall of fame because I was here everyday for years!! Trust me, it will pay off. ;)

Subject: Re: Do you like to nap?

Forum: Do you like to nap?
Before becoming disabled I'd say I naped maybe once to twice a week. Now and days, because of medication and the fact I can't do much physically, if feels like napping is a great option during the day.

I went from one to two naps a week to one to two naps a day! How crazy is that. But with my condition it works for me and gives me just enough energy to do what needs to be done during the day.

Naps are great for you too. With sleep you have more energy, your body rejuvenates, you feel more upbeat and outgoing, and of course your mind and body is rested and ready to go. I love naps!!


1. How many kids do you have?
Does my fur baby count? Lol other than a puppy....none.

2. Do you speak any languages, other than English?
I know some Spanish and some French.

3. When getting a pet, do you Adopt or Shop?
I shopped, but I'd adopt in a heartbeat. So many need good homes.

4. How old were you when you first had sex?

5. Whats your favorite book?
To Kill a mockingbird.

6. Name 5 interests
Jewelry Making

7. Do you drink alcohol?
Sometimes, but haven't for a while.

8. What is your favorite type of ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip.

9. Do you actually follow the warning label on cookie dough that says "Do not ingest raw"
Nope, I'll eat it anyway.

10. What color underwear are you wearing?

Good Luck this week everyone.

Subject: Cnet 4th Annual Secret Santa 2015

Forum: Cnet Secret Santa Sign-In!! Come One, Come All!!
Hi everyone! Dare here and I can't tell you how excited I am that this years secret Santa is a go!

I know this past year has come and gone with many changes to our Cnet community. However, we are a Cnet family and I hope we can carry on many of our awesome traditions that keep us so close to each other's hearts. Secret Santa has become such an honor for me to participate in and I hope it can continue on for years to come.

Thank you to Michael Cupples aka Da Bear for bringing up the idea and getting me in gear. I am excited to see who all joins new and old!! Everyone is welcome.

Last year I'm proud to say that in the end everyone received their gifts and not one person was left without. It was an amazing time and I look forward to another glorious year!!

The steps are the same as the first post in this forum. However the email to sign up has changed. Please email me at (angelannie1919@yahoo.com) with your...
Cnet Username
Real Name

Once you have signed up with your email you are officially part of the 4th Annual Secret Santa of 2015!!

Since many Cnetters have graduated from the site there is a page open on Facebook where everyone is welcome to share in on the magical experience of Secret Santa. You can find the page here...


It's there you can join in the conversation, see past participants, share stories, and ask any questions you may have. Of course you can ask them here as well and I will do my best to answer often.

Happy Holidays To All! And I hope to see some more emails soon. Again, that's to (angelannie1919@yahoo.com)

Subject: Re: Hi

Forum: Hi

I'm glad I found you on here too. I was wondering why I haven't seen anything on Facebook lately. At least now I know why and it's nothing to be completely concerned about. I was getting a little worried there.

Wow your schedule looks haunting. I could never do that. No wonder Facebook became the first thing out, you have so many other things to focus on. Talk about keeping busy.

I hope school is going great!! And you're graduating Cnet too soon!?! What?!? It seems so soon!! Where did the time go?

But yes, Secret Santa soon. I'll be sending out a forum here at the end of the month as well as Facebook on the Cnet groups so the graduates can see it as well for those who want to participate. I will definitely keep everyone informed. :)

Subject: Re: Bye CNET friends! ^_^

Forum: Bye CNET friends! ^_^
Hi miss Christy!!

I'm so happy to see you've graduated and are moving on to a new chapter. However I always get a bittersweet feeling seeing graduates move on because I don't get to share as much with them anymore.

I've definitely enjoyed my time getting to know you, reading your thoughts, and living through your adventures at times. Thank you for allowing me into your life in such a way that I feel like a friend.

On that note, I requested you tonight on Facebook and hope to continue forward in our friendship we've build here on Cnet. I can't wait to see where life takes you next!!

Subject: Re: Hi

Forum: Hi
Hi Amber and hello Heather!!

It's wonderful to see the two of you! I'm excited to see some updates on familiar faces.

I'm glad to hear your break is going good and you're keeping busy. It's that time of year where things get a little crazy and hectic. I can't wait to hear more about what's going on!

And Heather, you're doing amazing here girl! I'm so proud. Keep up the awesome work.

I hope to see more familiar faces to as I'm coming by the stop in and say hi as well. I miss everyone!!

I'm hoping I can orchestrate another Secret Santa this year as last years went amazing!! Plus with so many new people it's a fun way to get to know one another!

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