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Subject: Re: In what way(s) are you privileged?

Forum: In what way(s) are you privileged?
Hi KatherineJade!

I think my answer is going to be rather different than most that come after mine. So here we go.

After an incident in 2009, I became disabled both physically and mentally. during these last 9 and a half years since then, I've learned that everything in life is practically a privilege.

I mean, before I was hurt and became like I am today, I was able to do almost anything. I was able to walk with no problems, stand up straight, drive a car, ride a bike, go ice skating, work a job, pay my own bills, have an income, go shopping on my own and much more. But now I don't have the privilege of any of that. Before then, I felt lucky of course and privileged to have the ability to do all that I could do. However now, I feel that I was even more privileged than ever knowing I can no longer do the most simple things that some people don't even think about.

At this time, I feel that I am privileged for having a family that supports me in more ways than anyone could imagine. For being there for me through every surgery, every doctor appointment, MRI, and all my side effects of medication. They're there for me through my depression and anxiety as well, which if you know anyone with such things, you'd know it's not easy to be around that person sometimes. I'm quite the handful I know, but my family continues to love me, support me, encourage me, and be right beside me through it all.

I am privileged for having the health that I do have. In other words, it can always be worse. So I thank the heavens that I don't have an illness that will ultimately take my life. Yes I can't do a lot, or even think right at times, but at least I am here and I am living.

I am privileged in the fact that I can see and hear. Two amazing, powerful ways communicate in this crazy world of ours. My sight and hearing are two things that I am grateful to have and will always take as I am privileged for having.

It's always a privilege to have food to eat, a home to sleep in at night, and water to drink daily. To me, all of these are privileges that many forget sometimes isn't just something you get out of the blue or because you deserve it. It's all things you or someone else must work for and gosh, lucky to have it when you do!

Subject: Re: Help, empty my closet

Forum: Help, empty my closet
Hey BlueBella!

Well I've honestly tried a few different ways to get rid of my items. When it comes to clothes I know I always have way too many. So the last couple of years I have de-stashed many bags full of clothes. How did I do it?

1. I donate many of my clothes to those who need them. I live in California where we've had a couple bad years where fires have been completely destructive. With that being said, many organizations have come forward to gather clothing items that we could give to those victims of the fires that had lost everything. This is my favorite way to clear a closet. Knowing that my items are going to families that truly need it, is just the best feeling. I don't donate to places that turn around and charge people to buy clothes. I think that's just horrible to be honest. I'd rather know my items are being given to those who need them, rather then just offering a percentage and amount off. But that's just me.

2. I have a garage sale. If there is no one that is organizing to give to others for free, I will do a garage sale and just sale for cheap. Usually the money I gain from a garage sale goes to either a special cause or goes to a special act of kindness. For example, paying for the person behind me in the line at a drive-thru. I just love it when the line of act of kindness continues on and you end up having many people paying it forward all day.

3. I will pass my clothes on to family or friends that ask about them. I have a few friends that are in hard times and when they say they like my shirt, I will make sure when I give it away, I ask them first. This way I know it's going to someone that firstly, enjoys it, and secondly, can use it.

Subject: Re: How would you spend $5,000?

Forum: How would you spend $5,000?
Hey there Maggie!

Well, lets see here. I wish I could say something cool like travel the world to Italy and finally see Venice. Or maybe even something awesome like take a cruise with my family to some tropical island! But lets be real here, it wouldn't go to anything that I'd enjoy.

It would actually and honestly go to paying off bills. I haven't had a paycheck in years and lets just say I have quite a bit of credit and bills that need to go bye bye. I'd feel much better knowing I didn't owe anything, especially since I still don't know when I'll be able to get an income.

Subject: Re: Family traits - Genetic Inherritance

Forum: Family traits - Genetic Inherritance
Well one thing I am actually excited about getting is my naturally curly hair. When I was young I have to admit I hated it! No one else in my grade had curly hair so I felt all alone. It was also always hard to find a way to handle it because it was so curly and out there. These days however, I love having something that not many other people have and that sets me apart.

I also have bad cholesterol that runs in the family. Not a good thing at all but it's luckily controllable. My family also has a line of diabetes that runs in the family that can happen at any age. I have to be extremely careful here that I don't get this. So I must watch what I eat and get tested every three months just in case.

Subject: Re: No electric- What's your go to activity?

Forum: No electric- What's your go to activity?
Well I actually have two lists of things to do when the power goes out. The first list is in regards to if it is in the middle of the day with light outside. When this happens I love to do my crafts. That is, make jewelry, hair-ties, bows, painting, and much more. I also love going outside and doing my painting which is relaxing because you have all the sounds of nature. Of course I only do this when it's light out and the weather is helpful by being nice.

Now when the power goes out and it's night time, that's a huge difference. I usually go outside and look up to the sky. It's always relaxing to sit outside, breath, and just look up and sometimes close your eyes and again listen to the sounds of nature. Once again this is if the weather is nice. I also like to play music in the dark. When there's no power I love playing my guitar or keyboard. Luckily the keyboard is on battery so it'll last me a few hours.

Subject: Re: So many new faces...let's get to know each other!

Forum: So many new faces...let's get to know each other!
1. First Name:: Annette
2. Age:: 31
3. BF/GF/Spouse:: None
4. Kids:: None
5. Favorite Color-:: Baby Blue
6. Favorite Food:: Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
7. Major:: Psychology and Sociology.
8. Vehicle:: Ford Exploror
9. Pets:: One Dog
10. Fear::: Closed In or Small Spaces
11. Pet Peeve:: Spitting
12. Favorite Restaurants:: Black Bear Diner
13. Dream vacation::Italy
14. Favorite drink:: Coke Zero
15. Favorite Music Genre:: Country
16. Favorite hobbies: Singing, DYI
17. Favorite Sport/Team:: Baseball/Giants Football/ Patriots!
18. State:: California

Subject: Re: NetFlix-What should I watch next?

Forum: NetFlix-What should I watch next?
I am a Netflix addict so to say. I can binge watch a whole season in a few hours and not get bored.

My favorite right now is "13 Reasons Why" for many reasons. It's just the first season on there right now but the next season is set to come out in just two months are so from now. So it's great timing to watch it right now before that starts and be all caught up.


1. Gilmore Girls
2. Friends
3. Vampire Diaries
4. Greys Anatomy
5. One Tree Hill
6. The Ranch (just started watching)
7. CSI
8. The Originals
9. The Fosters

Subject: Re: Favorite thing to DIY?

Forum: Favorite thing to DIY?
I am in a phase where I love to make my own jewelry. I got into jewelry making a few months back and now I can't seem to stop. It definitely is a way to pass some time and reduce stress. It came into my life when my stress, anxiety and depression was at an all time high. So the fact it can keep my mind busy for hours is a definite plus. Of course though I still buy from the store just not nearly as often.

I also DYI paintings, photo books, lanyards, and just started making my own craft storage containers. Who would have thought that an egg carton was an amazing way to store paints. Or plastic water jugs cut in half to store all my finished jewelry. I'm also into the whole recycle and reuse lately, can you tell?

Subject: Re: Cnet scholarships

Forum: Cnet scholarships
Hey guys and gals!

As a long time veteran here in Cnet, I have to encourage you to keep trying. The top 10 or 13 is amazing!! At one point when I first came here there was only one winner a week! That made it 100 times more difficult for everyone to win. So having this many winners a week is a great opportunity.

I know it gets discouraging but just keep at it. I promise you'll win eventually if you keep coming back everyday and stay committed. Plus, just look at me, my names on the hall of fame because I was here everyday for years!! Trust me, it will pay off. ;)

Subject: Re: Do you like to nap?

Forum: Do you like to nap?
Before becoming disabled I'd say I naped maybe once to twice a week. Now and days, because of medication and the fact I can't do much physically, if feels like napping is a great option during the day.

I went from one to two naps a week to one to two naps a day! How crazy is that. But with my condition it works for me and gives me just enough energy to do what needs to be done during the day.

Naps are great for you too. With sleep you have more energy, your body rejuvenates, you feel more upbeat and outgoing, and of course your mind and body is rested and ready to go. I love naps!!

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