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Subject: Re: Who Is Your Mentor?

Forum: Who Is Your Mentor?
i have too many to name, and i will say i have always had a regard for my teachers & professors that verges on the brown-nosing, and it's totally not that.

one's professor is to your mind & heart what food is to your body. they present you with material & thought-inducingness that becomes part of your mental cell structure forever. i love my professors! and i hold back from expressing any of this until i know i won't have them teaching a course to me again...

Subject: War on Teacher Pay

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Hello everyone :)

War on teacher pay with individual states and the federal government needs to happen if teachers expect recognition for the differences in pay with degrees that require the same amount of schooling and experience. Even people who work in the education field and not directly responsible for students, make more than teachers. This is especially disturbing because the early childhood education field is the most influential, foundational, and critical time in a human being's life. Anything said or done with children ages 0-5 (specifically 0-3) will shape their lives, which can be positive (learning language/communication) or negative (trauma/abuse). However, this group of teachers makes minimum wage or a little higher, does not require education or work experience, and has extremely high responsibilities.

People have sued the federal government before, such as the man with the 3D-printed guns that we read about a few weeks ago; and WON. However I think the better approach would be to sue regarding ineffective and/or poverty level of the federal minimum wage, the department of education for failing to publicly recognize the value teachers have in society, and anyone else related to education.

I was very upset when Bernie Sanders lost the Caucus (I voted for him!) because he was a huge advocate for education in so many ways.

How do you think a war on teachers pay should start, besides educating people about the facts?

Look forward to reading your ideas, this is long overdue!

Subject: Re: What makes a good teacher?

Forum: What makes a good teacher?
Ahola Bailey,

To me, it seems as though students fondly remember their favorite teachers being down-to-earth, empathetic realists who gave a sensible amount of homework and incorporated personal anecdotes in class discussions. Good teachers have unique class discussions. They don’t try to structuralize everything they do. They do not favor some students over others. They don’t put kids on the spot or make them feel embarrassed for their amusement. Good teachers are, simply, human. Bad ones make it seem as though the material they teach and the way they teach it can not be questioned. They are machine-like and authoritarian, which is what high school kids do not want. The best teachers are not afraid to venture beyond the parameters of the curriculum when it’s necessary. For example, when the Parkland shooting happened, my 10th grade English teacher had wanted us to talk about it as a class, even though she’d planned to introduce us to our next literature assignment. She told us “discussing what goes on in the world supersedes any literature lesson.” (Or something along those lines, I can’t really remember.) School shouldn’t be about rote learning, nor should it be a competition to see who can get better grades or who can come up with the best ideas. It is the teacher’s job to make a teenager’s high school experience enjoyable, enlightening, and memorable. I have no doubt you will change lives. :)
Have a great day!
-Chloe T.

Subject: Re: What makes a good teacher?

Forum: What makes a good teacher?
Hey Bailey,

Since you say you want to be a high school teacher, I'll just tell you why certain teachers in high school were my favorite. The main thing is they showed they actually cared about students. They put extra in effort in their teaching and just didn't only teach what the state told them too.

I loved the ones that would help those struggling and not just rush through material. They also tried to make class enjoyable. They would stay late to offer extra tutoring if needed and if students showed effort and needed extra help, would offer ways for students to help their grade.

I also loved the teachers that tried to help the school overall. They showed school spirit, was active at pep rallies and usually helped with clubs too. I know some may be too busy to do some of it but most of the teachers that did this were loved by the students, especially since the school I went to, we always felt like the "losers" of the town and forgotten.I will gladly say where I went to school but some do judge because of the reputation.


Subject: Re: What makes a good teacher?

Forum: What makes a good teacher?
Selfless- They teach students individually, help beyond each student classroom needs and work to help students reach their potential.

Subject: What makes a good teacher?

Forum: What makes a good teacher?
As a future high school teacher, I am curious to know as to what people think makes a good teacher. What were your favorite teachers like?

Thanks for reading!

Subject: Best teacher you've ever had

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Good morning CNET!

Today I wanted to ask about the best teacher you've ever had, and why they were the best. I had this discussion with my friends and one had a real life Ms. Frizzle who left a lasting love of science with her. Another friend had an amazing math teacher and math stayed his strongest subject in school. For me, I had an amazing English teacher and I still love to read and write because of her.

What about you guys?

Have a great day!

- dymphie

Subject: Re: Professional Athletes Salaries

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Hey Jess!

Good question! This school year I read an economic romance novel (yes somehow that is a thing, they pulled it off and it was quite enjoyable lol) and this very question came up. One main character was complaining to the other about athletes making as much as they did when all they did was do something they enjoy, while teachers make so little compared to athletes and they are investing in the next generations and making a lasting impact on the world.

The other character agreed that this was true, however, the reason that teacher's salaries are lower than athletes for one main reason: there are many teachers, and many people who can teach. However, there are only so many people on this earth who are gifted physically enough to be able to play professional sports. Additionally, athletes are part of the entertainment industry, and people are willing to spend a lot of money to be entertained and distracted from their lives. I think this answers the question pretty well.

With actors, it is the same deal. There are only so many people who are talented enough to make it into the acting business, and that is less than there are teachers. As a result of that and how much people are willing to pay for entertainment, their salaries are higher.

The book I read is called "The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance" if you want to check it out. It is a very good book and I highly recommend it. It is by Russ Roberts.

Thanks for the interesting forum!


Subject: Favorite teacher?

Forum: Favorite teacher?
Hello cNET! Congrats to all the winners from the last cycle!

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My favorite teacher was a guy from California. He was very relaxed about schedule, and made learning fun. He introduced me to martial arts (Krav Maga and Tae Kwon Do) and badminton (which he played in college). He organized a lot of extra-curricular activities that I loved.

He had previously been a sailing instructor. Because of that, we made a "junk boat", a boat made out of trash! We used empty bottles (such as 2 L soda bottles) to make the pontoons, and sewed the sail from rice and dog food bags. We brought it to the beach and actually sailed it!

Besides all that, he was in an episode of JAG as a sailor, so that's pretty dope. A guy from the show went down to the docks to look for sailor-looking guys, and he fit the bill (tan, had a beard, was a sailor)!

Looking forward to hearing about your favorite teachers!


Subject: Re: Did you like substitute teachers as a kid?

Forum: Did you like substitute teachers as a kid?
Hello Noa,

Substitute teachers were a mixed bag for me in elementary school. One was really strict and his name was Mr. Cow (maybe it was spelled Kow, not sure). It was a terrible day because nobody listened to him and most people were making fun of his name "Mr. Beef", etc. Another was super chill and everyone liked him. Plus, he was a juggler and so could bribe the class with stunning juggling performances. He finished the day with some really cool juggling. Anyway, I disliked subs in general because of lack of class order, but you never know what kind of sub you'll get.

Thanks for the forum!