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Subject: Re: Something you used to do but no longer do

Forum: Something you used to do but no longer do
Hi MotvatedOne,

Something that I used to do is playing violin, playing guitar, and driving I miss all three of these things because I love art and I always had so much fun doing them.

The only thing I am really interested in starting up again is drawing. I really do miss it and read it I would be so much fun! I also want to learn painting. I feel like this is an important part of my life that would make a difference if I started again.



Subject: Quantity or Quality?

Forum: Quantity or Quality?
Hey, CNet! Happy Saturday! Do you observe the philosophy "quantity over quality?"

Put simply, do you think how much you produce is more important than how good it is in terms of quality?

For example, I am a music producer. I'd prefer to produce an abundance of good songs as opposed to just one, phenomenal song. The more, the better.

Besides, it's far more impressive to have many songs on your Soundcloud/YouTube as opposed to just one or two, regardless of how great they are.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check it out:

Thank you!
Have a good evening! :)

Subject: Re: What is you favorite type of Art?

Forum: What is you favorite type of Art?
Hi Nancy,

I used to draw a lot and my medium was pencil, pen, and/or colored pencil. I would mix and match the three tools to create whatever I was trying to create.

I really love acrylic paintings though! I love the vibrance and the detail that they create.

I also love editorial fashion modeling. I modeling myself sometimes and it is so great when a photographer can capture the clothing and model in the perfect setting/lighting, telling a story, and capturing that timeless photo.



Subject: Underrated Arts

Forum: Underrated Arts
When we think of arts what often comes to mind is drawing, painting, music, etc.
But art is a broad subject and many things can be considered as art. So my question is what are some lesser known arts that deserve more recognition?

Subject: Re: what do you consider as art ?

Forum: what do you consider as art ?
Hey Alondra!

Art can be and is everything! All around us is art from the trees and flowers all the way up to the stars and beyond. Art is anything that lets us feel emotions, and anything we can express emotion through. Photographs, paintings, video games, music, and the world are all art in their own unique way.

This is what makes the world such an interesting place!

Great post, hope you all have a great day!

-Deku (Matthew)

Subject: what do you consider as art ?

Forum: what do you consider as art ?
Art I think is anything that you can portray your own emotion, as well as it contemplates what the artist was feeling and how they turned those emotions into art.

Subject: Re: Live Music

Forum: Live Music
@Wanderer I have never listened to Nahko and Medicine for the People. That is really cool that you live on Hawaii, I am sure that has its charms. I agree that there is something special and unique about live music. Have fun with your concert coming up! Live music yoga sounds lit!

@dgriffay I love smaller, more intimate shows as well. That's awesome that you are seeing Bruno Mars and Jack Johnson live though! I love how dedicated your parents are, that is great that group has such dedicated fans!

@Dan Three people in a row from Hawaii state? Wow! I agree with you that outdoors along the water during the summer is the best for musical performances. Performing takes a lot of practice. :P

@Susannah I love the personal experience of live music from local bands as well. That is really impressive they made it to Vans Warped Tour. Though the road life is tough, not everyone wants to do it. Still, it is incredible they had that much potential that they had the opportunity to tour.



Subject: Live Music

Forum: Live Music
Do you enjoy live music?
How often do you see/listen to live performances?
Have you ever performed on stage?

Today I get to sing as backup vocals in church and I am excited because we have an incredible guess speaker in incredible performance artist.

During rehearsal, we were singing Across The Universe by The Beatles and the song was just so beautiful. The sunlight was coming through the glass-stained windows and washed over us on the stage. It was so magical, it was so wonderful! I love music and I miss being a part of the performing arts and artistic community.

I was in orchestra for 6 years and used to play guitar. I also sing a little bit and currently do so for fun.



Subject: What would you do with your life if…

Forum: What would you do with your life if…
Aloha CollegeNet,

Imagine one day you wake up and there’s no college or work to go to. You get to do whatever you want. What would you do with your days? How would you live your life?

I would travel, learn languages, meditate, become a master of as many arts as I could. I would read and work on my creative side. Explore different art mediums from painting to photography to pottery. I would write books and learn as much as I could about everything. Grow a garden and learn to cook more recipes. Volunteer more, do yoga and exercise. I would aim to be as healthy and fit mentally, emotionally and physically as I can and spend more time fostering beautiful relationships with everyone I care about.

- Wanderer

Subject: What inspired your most artistic creation?

Forum: What inspired your most artistic creation?
Hi everybody!!

In the summers when I like to spend my time sewing my own clothes, making things, or drawing. I mostly take inspiration from a variety of different things--for example if i'm making a new outfit for myself I will see details in 4-5 different other outfits that i really like and somehow bring them together to make what i imagined.

What inspires you with any form of art you create?