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Subject: I’m so frustrated.

Forum: I’m so frustrated.
Dealing with the after effects of being in a car accident is no fun. It took the police a week to write the report, I’m still in a rental car, it took over a week to find out my car is considered totaled, and I’m having to take time out of my day to go see a chiropractor and a massage therapist. I’m so frustrated because it has interrupted my life and I don’t feel like participating on Cnet, and I hate that because I miss it. I want to move on and own my own car again, but it is just going to take some time.

Have you ever been really frustrated?

Have you ever wondered why some things have to happen to you?

Subject: Re: cooking from scratch

Forum: cooking from scratch
I have been working on becoming a better cook, and I still have some things to learn. I've made enchiladas and casseroles. I like to make pancakes for breakfast.

I love to bake so I will bake just about anything.

Subject: Re: What were/are your goals in your 20s?

Forum: What were/are your goals in your 20s?
I can remember two goals right now that I had in my twenties. One was to graduate college. I did that one. The other one was to get braces. I just wanted a prettier smile. I still think I have buck teeth, but at least they are straight now. I still wish my teeth were smaller and whiter like most people's teeth.

Subject: Re: Are You Close With Your Parents?

Forum: Are You Close With Your Parents?
Oh, gosh, yes! I have no idea what I would do without my parents! I absolutely love them! My friend's mom passed away in July, and my thoughts, prayers, and condolences are still with her and her family. Parents are irreplaceable.

Subject: Re: Well...

Forum: Well...
Future, I agree. I'm glad the accident wasn't worse. I'm still sore today. My neck and my arm hurt. I'm still taking the pain medication the doctor gave me. I plan to follow up on Monday with the doctor. I hope this year gets better for me, too. You be blessed, too! Thank you!

LdyEricka, Thank you! I have enjoyed you being around on Cnet again, and am glad you won a scholarship!

Akihan, I am glad the accident wasn't worse. I just wonder how it will affect me in the future as far as headaches and muscle spasms or neck pain. I'm sorry to hear you lost some family members in 2012. May you and your family be blessed!

Dhaldes, thank you! I'm glad you were okay when your tire blew out! That must have been scary.

Maygan, you're right-it's not fun being in a car accident. I think I'm still in shock/disbelief that this happened and how it has already affected my weekend. I wish there was something I could have done to avoid it. I'm sorry to hear you were in an accident in June. I'm sure my insurance will go after his insurance. The police told me he had insurance, but I'm still going to have to try and get a copy of the police report since I went directly to the hospital.