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Subject: Re: Favorite comfort food

Forum: Favorite comfort food
Hey all,

My favorite comfort food would just be rice. I love rice because it can go with anything. It can be white, brown, steamed, basmati or fried and everything tastes good (well some may disagree with brown rice). The great thing it goes with anything: Dhal, vegetable curries or any non vegetarian dish, any meat you name or even just plain yogurt and it's easy to make as well if you just use an automatic cooker.


Subject: Re: Would you ask to switch rooms?

Forum: Would you ask to switch rooms?
Hey Melinda,

I really don't think that I might do something without asking what others around me feel. I just don't want others to feel uncomfortable if I come off as maverick and something like asking to switch rooms which may not be the conventional polite thing to do. But if I'm alone and I had wanted that bathtub, you can bet yourself the world that I will go ask for a room upgrade or switch of some kind as I believe that I should be paying for only what it's worth and not for something that they promise in their advertisements and later fail to deliver.


Subject: Re: Living with parents

Forum: Living with parents
Hey Frh,

I really do believe that living with parents is a really good plus. You don't have to worry much about managing stuff and all, and can just focus on studies. I'm just saying this from the experience in my high school. But, after saying that I really think hostel life during undergrad and living alone right now does help me in learning a lot of stuff and able to handle things in life by myself.


Subject: Re: Are you afraid of the unknown?

Forum: Are you afraid of the unknown?
Hey Alex,

I won't say that I am not afraid of the unknown but that doesn't mean that I don't take the leap of faith. In fact, I like to do the unpredictable once in a while and I am not afraid to do it as you can't be yourself if you are always afraid of what is going to happen.

Have a great day :)


Subject: Re: What animal would you be?

Forum: What animal would you be?
Hey Jordan,

I would gladly be a dog because it's man's best friend. They're the most faithful living beings on the planet and are just adorable and they can be your best friends who you can rely on at any point. They are so self-less and care more for their master than themselves. That's something we can learn from dogs and I want to be like that.