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City/State: Gainesville, FL
High School: Calcutta Intl School Society
College: University of Florida

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Subject: Re: When do you eat dinner?

Forum: When do you eat dinner?
Hey Emma,

My dinner time is never fixed. Sometimes, when I'm reading in the library and I have a lot to read, I just postpone dinner and come back late as my house is 4 miles from university and I can't go back to library. So, I sometimes have dinner around 11-12 or even 1 am.

Subject: Re: What is your greatest fear?

Forum: What is your greatest fear?
Really haven't thought much. But, I guess waking up to hear loss of a loved one is my greatest fear. You can't do anything about it.

Subject: Re: Do U sleep with light off or light on ?

Forum: Do U sleep with light off or light on ?
Hello Emilie,
I love to sleep with the lights off. But sometimes, I just doze off with the lights on if I'm too tired or lazy.

Subject: Re: Do you exercise?

Forum: Do you exercise?
Hey Gleb,

I do exercise, but it's not like I do follow any workout regime or anything as I just might have varying sleep patterns usually. So, I just keep adapting. Some days when I'm free, I cycle to the university.

Subject: Favorite news show!

Forum: Favorite news show!
Hey guys,

My favorite one would be The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as it has both humor and content in it and is really funny way to get to know news...

So how about you all? How do you hear your news? (Plain / With humor) Which show do you prefer?