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Subject: Re: Do you feel more comfortable naked?

Forum: Do you feel more comfortable naked?
Nope, not at home. I'm more comfortable with clothes on but I prefer little clothes preferably cotton and convenient to wear like shorts. Especially as it's summer now!

Never in public places. Never!!!


Subject: Re: What would you name your boat if you had one?

Forum: What would you name your boat if you had one?

I'm thinking of something really cool. Like Maverick Nemo

How's that ?


Subject: Re: Oh wonderful sleep!

Forum: Oh wonderful sleep!
Hey J.L,

I have no rights to even post in this forum.

My belief is to have long deep sleep for at least 6 hours daily just once. But I end up having so much irregular sleep that I am forced to take short naps here and there, especially during boring classes and silent situations.

Sleep can also be dangerous sometimes.


Subject: Re: first car?

Forum: first car?
Hey Reema,

I still don't have a car of my own. I hope the day I can afford a car by myself is near.

Let's hope!

Subject: Re: Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Forum: Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!
Hey yb2017,

You are right, we do have to celebrate life. In that spirit, my heartfelt wishes for a happy birthday!!! :) Have a blast! Keep smiling like the sunflower in your display picture.

@Kuuleialoha, Belated birthday wishes to you too. Hope you enjoyed it!!

I'm feeling bad after seeing this forum. Should we have an option to know people's birthdays in here ? Some extra functionality like greetings that can be more than limited 5 postings on birthdays alone. Won't that be a cool feature?