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ScreenName: KingArthur Hi all, My name is Arthur and I currently attend the University of Washington going for Construction Management. I enjoy playing video games and exploring!... [ More ]
City/State: Seattle, WA
High School: Covenant High School
College: University of Washington

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Subject: Re: Coffee Drinkers

Forum: Coffee Drinkers
Hey !

I've drank coffee for as long as I can remember.

I believe I'm kind of addicted and need it to get through my day.

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Registered to vote?

Forum: Registered to vote?
Hey Tom,

I just recently became a citizen of the United States and I have not had the chance to register yet!

I think I will register before the next presidential election and vote then.

Have a good day!


Subject: Re: How are you feeling today?

Forum: How are you feeling today?

Thank you for asking :)

Today, I feel productive! I woke up this morning not too late, drank some coffee, and I took an online interview for the company I'm applying to work for! I think I did pretty good on it so yay!

For the remainder of the day, I hope to hit the gym and clean up around the house, maybe even get some homework done.

Have a good day!


Subject: Re: What is your favorite way to relax?

Forum: What is your favorite way to relax?

I attend a spa in my area every 2 months!

This is absolutely the best way to relax. I do this after very stressful weeks such as final weeks and things like that.

The spa has a steam room, hot tub, cold tub, and a bunch of hot rooms with salt, charcoal, things like that. After the spa, my body is so relaxed and I sleep like a baby.

Have a good day!


Subject: Are you religious?

Forum: Are you religious?
Hey guys,

Do you consider yourself religious?

I think I am pretty religious. I believe in god and I also attend church as much as I can.

How about you?