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Subject: Re: Fast food

Forum: Fast food
Aloha Max!
I've never been around your neck of the woods on the mainland so I've never even heard of Hardees OR Checkers... I had to Google them- ha!
But I don't often eat fast food! If so it's usually a Subway because there's one really close to where one of my graduate classes is held. The only time I've been to McDonalds in the last couple years is to get chocolate dipped cones because I've decided those are what will be waiting for me in Heaven haha.
But yup, no fast food for me. If I want to eat out and my budget allows for it, sometimes I'll call in and pick up some take out from a local joint or something... but that's about it!

Thanks for the forum! It's fun to hear the differences even just in dining options around the US!


Subject: Re: Can you read military time?

Forum: Can you read military time?
Aloha Jon!

I think that is so clever of you to change your phone settings to help learn the language! That's definitely an idea I need to keep in mind as I've been hoping to do missions in South America after grad school!

As far as military time goes... I can do it... technically! Ha! I'm definitely much slower reading time though and sometimes have to count (especially before coffee or when my brain is just really strugglin').
I think so few people use it now which is unfortunate because it is really convenient. Wish it was used more often!

Thanks for the forum! God bless,
Annika Rae

Subject: Worst Living Situation??

Forum: Worst Living Situation??
Hi all!

This week I had to move out of my tiny little studio because this was the third time I had mice and third time I had a bug infestation all in less than one year (thought I had snagged a really super low-budget studio... that's what I get ha!). I'm not picky at all and would've just had my landlord fumigate again but wanna know the kicker?
This time I heard the mice, they had an exterminator come, it DIED and smelled for nearly 2 weeks... and then I got an infestation of flies!!! I finally got the message and realized it was probably time to move out.
I've had some gnarly living conditions (that college/grad life budget man!) but this has probably been the nastiest occurrence.

So my question for the day.... what is the worst living situation you've ever had to be in (whether it was in college or not!)?

I hope you're no longer there! Let's swap some horror stories ;)

Subject: Re: Cook or Wash Dishes

Forum: Cook or Wash Dishes
Aloha Raeanna!!

I've lived most of this year kind of by myself in a little tiny room/studio beneath a family- which has been a blessing and curse! I am notoriously the WORST cook (both my mom and I) and before moving to Hawaii lived off of frozen Trader Joes meals. I now mostly live off of salads and smoothies... or take-out if the budget ever allows- ha!
I strangely enough though LOVE washing dishes. It somehow calms my mind and is really soothing for me, so as long as my feet don't hurt too bad from standing at work all day I'm happy to do them!
Hopefully someday find my cooking counterpart ;)

Thanks for the forum! Hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

Subject: Re: What’s your favorite snack to get at the movies?

Forum: What’s your favorite snack to get at the movies?
Hi Regiknee!!
Ever since I was little I've been a huge mint/chocolate person so my absolute favorite movie theater snack is frozen junior mints!! Some theaters don't have it and look at me funny but if you like junior mints you should try it... they're so much better that way :)
But totally with ya on the price tag...!

Thanks for the fun forum!