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ScreenName: merfd24 My name is Meredith, I want to become a kindergarten teacher because I looove little kids. They are so much fun and so full of energy, it would be a great... [ More ]
City/State: Seattle, WA
High School: West Seattle High School
College: Heritage University
ScreenName: Luweezy [ More ]
City/State: Seattle, WA
High School: West Seattle High School
College: Western Oregon University
University of Puget Sound
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
Washington State University
University of Washington
Western Washington University
ScreenName: Jacob Learn [ More ]
City/State: Seattle, WA
High School: West Seattle High School
College: Central Washington University
Seattle Central Community Coll
Seattle University
University of Washington
ScreenName: Tqnguyen [ More ]
City/State: Seattle, WA
High School: West Seattle High School
ScreenName: ickeithly [ More ]
City/State: seattle, WA
High School: West Seattle High School
College: Washington State University

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Subject: Re: Favorite Charity?

Forum: Favorite Charity?
Hi Morgan,

St. Judes is one of the most reputable charities I am aware of. I favor charities that help sick children in general and have donated to different often smaller foundations that allocate most if not all to those in need. I have not researched a lot of charities but I do know some, for example the United Way, have CEOs/presidents making over a million a year and I think that is so wrong! A representative from the United Way used to come to a previous job I had every year and was sickened having to watch their presentations, playing on people's emotions knowing the top person in their "charity" is raking in over a million a year. Despite any good that they may do for people, I feel that they (and others) exploit others for profit.

Subject: Re: Fun Questionnaire

Forum: Fun Questionnaire
Hi NjBr!

* Favorite smell — Vanilla

• Last time you cried —about 1-1/2 years ago

• Favorite pizza — chicken-bacon-ranch/white sauce

• Favorite Flower — tulips and calla lilies

• Favorite animal — monkeys

• Favorite foot attire — socks

• Roller Coaster — I liked the roller coasters I've been on, but they haven't been too scary.

• Hair color — lt. brown

• Favorite ice cream — peppermint

• Pet peeve — hypocrisy

• Shorts or jeans — Jeans

• What are you listening to right now — the national news

• Color of your car — gray

• Color of eyes — blue

• Favorite Holiday — Christmas

• Night owl or day — Night

•Favorite day of the week — Saturday

• Nickname — I don't have one either

• Favorite type of music — Classic rock and old motown

° Tattoo — Yes on my ankle. I call that my midlife crisis tattoo when I turned 30.

• Do you like to cook? — Yes, but don't like cleaning up the mess

• Beer or wine? — I don't like either. I might have 1 drink a year and it's always a strawberry margarita.

• Can you drive a manual shift? — Yes

• Do you wear perfume? — Sometimes, not regularly

• Favorite color? — Blue

• Do you like vegetables? — Yes, but not all

• Do you work out? — No not regularly

• Do you wear glasses? — I wear contacts

• Favorite season — Fall

Subject: Re: dyeing your hair?

Forum: dyeing your hair?
Hi mini,

I like my hair color, but have gotten it partially highlighted like once a year the last few years. It covers up some of those grays starting to sprout but it isn't a drastic color change just a shade lighter and its blended well for when it grows out. I also would not want to invest in what it takes to maintain it, constantly having to get it redone to cover up roots. I know some people that change their hair color often, all kinds of rainbow and natural looking hair colors and they all look really good on them. I don't think too many other colors would look good on me even if I wanted to spend the money on it.

Subject: Re: GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!!

Hi Abby!

That is great news! I am so happy for you and your friend! I remember how upset you were, naturally. I imagine she feels such a relief now. That had to be so stressful and hard to think about anything else. That's amazing to be cancer free after 4 months!

I don't have any new exciting news, but life is good and I am thankful for my family and the opportunity I have now to finish school (Cnet helps a lot!) and finally pursue what I enjoy doing.

Subject: Re: Comfort and Support?

Forum: Comfort and Support?
Hi Matt,

I'm not sure if I'm good at comforting others. I suppose it depends on what exactly is causing someone to need support. I've been told I was helpful when I've had friends stressing out over things and they felt better after, but I don't think anything has been that serious. I always worry about saying the wrong thing if someone is really upset or crying. I'm not a very emotional person so I it doesn't really come easy for me. What I try to do the most is just listen to them and be supportive that way. Sometimes, just having someone to talk to is all that is needed. And with certain situations, usually more serious ones, there really isn't anything that can be done but to listen and let them know you're there if they need anything.