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Subject: Re: Should Church And State Be Separate?

Forum: Should Church And State Be Separate?
It should be but at this point it cannot be with recent ruling of St Trinity v Missouri. Since the government has such strong ties to corporations and lobbyist are stronger than the democracy of people. Not that your question isn't valid the question should be: How do we hold religions accountable for their actions? Once religions have the same standards of corporations of reporting their income, then that's how we can keep it separate.

It's difficult when our money says "In God We Trust" and the Pledge says: "One Nation Under God". It's so deep rooted in our culture, that we can't separate it at this point. The country needs to define that it's not just a Christian God, but all religions so we can be move forward.

However, in public schools we need to have a core curriculum that moves past the debate of what kind of science should be taught because we are avoiding bigger issues. We are not teaching basics of reading and math, to allow people to make their own decisions instead the government are keeping people suppressed.

Subject: How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Forum: How Do You Take Your Coffee?
Black, cream, and/or sugar?

I like to take mine black especially with this cold brew phase happening.

Subject: Re: Android or Windows?

Forum: Android or Windows?

I have to agree with you because as I have used a Chromebook before, it was difficult for me to get a hang of and didn't see an added benefit over Windows. It might be the comfort of using Windows most my life, but trying to make Android bigger is a hard sale. I like Android for the ability to customize different things and being able to backdoor install apps from independent users, but Windows doesn't do this. They make developers fit their mold, making the most simple apps difficult to get or use. Windows has tried long and hard to get into the mobile game, and never made it.

Subject: Re: The Grass Isn't Always Greener...

Forum: The Grass Isn't Always Greener...
Settling isn't giving up. The grass isn't always greener on the other side because you're in the greenest part. I also don't understand this saying because you don't have to go to the other side, you could get to the top and decide which is greener. I feel people who live by this saying often forget to admire what is around them and there is beauty in the well known. I have two friends who spend all their time traveling and haven't even seen where they live. Where my other friend sees some of the most amazing things 20 minutes from her house.

In your situation, there is always going to be someone who wants to overtake you because of how incredible the life sounds. Therefore, enjoying where you're at now will allow you to get the maximum out of what you are doing.

Subject: Re: 1st Job?

Forum: 1st Job?
Outside of mowing lawns, I used to do airbrush tattoos at a water park. Yuuup, a lot of old women and a lot of lower back tattoos. I do not miss it.