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Subject: Re: Unlimited 1 year supply of food!

Forum: Unlimited 1 year supply of food!
Hey Nick,

Nice to meet you! I love the name Jakefromstatefarm, by the way she sounds hideous! :)

I love food too, way too much. But its probably even worse the I love wine more than food. No, I'm not an alcoholic, but I may be on my way with my desire to buy good red wines!

So, I would pick wine, but I know it wouldn't be a sustainable nutritional food source. So I will pick Chocolate Chip Cookies. I could eat those at any time and I never get sick of them! I make them at least once a month. Its hard to keep them around my house when I have two teenagers who eat 6 or 7 in one setting!

Chocolate milk is delicious too, but cookies are better :)

Subject: Re: I got fired because of my driving?

Forum: I got fired because of my driving?

This subject is right up my alley! I love HR topics! You can look at this from lots of perspectives. Here is my opinions:

First, he legally couldn't be fired if it was supposedly for his driving when driving has nothing to do with this job. I think someone is clearly lying. Maybe him, maybe the boss, I don't know. But its pretty negligent to use that reason without something backing it up.

Second, are we missing some the story? Was this one offense? Has he had multiple disciplinary issues? Usually when you are fired it won't come as as surprise, you would have some kind of prior record or insoboardination events.

Finally, I have a feeling we are missing a lot of this story. If what your friend is true, he would definitely have a legal case of wrongful termination without cause. He should be filing with the Dept of Labor and receiving unemployment benefits immediately and his employer will pay the price.

In my position in my organization, I have unfortunately been through many terminations. I have actually had terminated employees file a wrongful termination suit against me, and I won both of them. The reason is I had my ducks in a row. Anyone who is going to be fired will know. They will know they have been written up, talked to, or working on a plan of action. Then they will also getting a warning that one more offense and they are will be fired. They are forewarned a lot.

In your friend's case, seems like something doesn't add up and he should file for unemployment and call Judge Judy :)

Subject: What is the best discipline?

Forum: What is the best discipline?
I would love to hear what form of discipline you believe works best!
I have a pre-teenager (12) who loves to challenge me daily. I rack my brain everyday how to get her to do things. She is stubborn, but incredibly manipulative and smart.

How were you disciplined as a child? What worked? What didn't?

What form of discipline motivates you?

I would love any suggestions, thank you so much!

Subject: Re: Favorite spots

Forum: Favorite spots
I would like to hear about some of your favorite spots. What makes them so special to you?


Your day sounds so relaxing! I am jealous! I love the quiet! I love to be home alone with no television on and just hear the calm of the wind outside or the air rushing through the vent. In nature, I love the sound of water! It is so beautiful and calming to me.

But my all time favorite place is to be home alone in my favorite chair, with my feet up, a blanket over my legs, and a good book or magazine in my lap. If its morning, a big cup of coffee is great, but after 5pm a glass of wine is the best.

It's funny how we become accustomed to favorite places. I love to travel and experience new places, but it is the best feeling to get home and be in your own space! nature? your house? be alone? be with family or friends?

Subject: Re: What are you addicted to?

Forum: What are you addicted to?
Joyce580~ I love my coffee too!! It is my daily cup of joy! I don’t think I could ever give it up! I gave up soda years ago, but it wasn’t hard. I wasn’t in love with it anyway. But it is a good thing to give up, its so horrible for you! I’m sure if they find something wrong with coffee, I will still drink it ! 

Eball~ Hey! I had no clue you could get have a side effect like that from a heating pad! That is crazy! I am so sorry that happened to you! I use ice packs a lot on my back and my skin goes numb a lot. I suppose if it leaves marks I will stop. Plucking your eyebrows is addicting too, I could waste a lot of time doing that 

Goober! How are you? Missed seeing your face  I love Trivia Crack, we should play!

justjared07- Nice to meet you! I love coffee too, can’t live without it!

Rosine~ I love books too! I have too many that I can’t possibly read them all. I literally had to google “anime”! Does that show my age? Interesting cartoons, I’m not sure I could get into them, but I’m sure my kids would love it! But my husband watches cartoons a lot, so no judgement here 

MY ADDICTION- Okay all, this is a bit embarrassing, but I am absolutely addicted and obsessed with throw pillows. I have so many that I have 4 closets full! I have different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. I love them! I love putting them on different furniture and rearranging their sequence! I really don’t want to count them, because if my husband knew the actual number of throw pillows I’ve bought, he may send me to therapy!