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Subject: How do you stay motivated?

Forum: How do you stay motivated?
How do you stay motivated?

I used to be so good about posting on here daily and doing my votes, but I got so lazy and stopped altogether. This is my first post back! How do you stay motivated?

Subject: Re: How do you Introduce Yourself?

Forum: How do you Introduce Yourself?
Hi there,

I agree that it depends on who you are meeting and in what setting! I always try to shake someones hand if it is professional, sometimes if I am meeting a friend I will give them a hug, and those are normally the two types of interactions I take part in!

Subject: Re: Starbucks order

Forum: Starbucks order
I absolutely love this post because I am a Starbucks barista! people have the most ridiculous orders, and most of the time they are so so picky! we are not a super high quality coffee company, and I think people love Starbucks so much because they are literally everywhere you go! I love getting americanos with white mocha, or iced caramel macchiatos !

Subject: Re: All you can eat buffets?

Forum: All you can eat buffets?

I honestly love eating at buffets! I agree with you, you can try a little bit of everything and that is the best part. I love food, and whenever I go to buffets I like to try as many different types of food as I can! I try not to go too often because most buffets are not healthy, but I love when the buffet has dimsum

Subject: Re: How old are you?

Forum: How old are you?
Hi there!

I am 22 soon to be 23 in March, we grow up so quick!