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ScreenName: melonhead901 [ More ]
City/State: Bothell, WA
High School: Bothell High School
College: California Institute of Tech
Harvey Mudd College
Stanford University
Univ of California-Berkeley
Univ of Southern California
University of Washington
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City/State: SEATTLE, WA
High School: Bothell High School
College: Bellevue Community College
North Seattle Community Coll
South Seattle Community Coll
Lake Washington Technical College
ScreenName: snbrdmike [ More ]
City/State: Bellingham, WA
High School: Bothell High School
College: Utah State University
University of Washington
ScreenName: acederlind im a g berry [ More ]
City/State: woodinville, WA
High School: Bothell High School
College: Western Washington University
ScreenName: Kait There are a few kinds of people in the world. When a child is helping making a puzzle, there are those that see a piece that looks like it would fit a... [ More ]
High School: Bothell High School
College: University of Washington
Western Washington University

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Subject: What do you eat everyday?

Forum: What do you eat everyday?
What is something you eat everyday or multiple times a week? Why do you eat it so often?

I don't know if there is something I eat EVERY day, but something I eat often is peanut butter. I eat it in oatmeal, on toast, I dip bananas in it, I eat trail mix that has peanut butter chips in it, and I tend to gravitate to candy with peanut butter in it.

I eat it this often because it's delicious!

Subject: Re: Valentine’s Day <3

Forum: Valentine’s Day <3
Hey Song!

I do celebrate Valentine's Day! My Valentine this year and the past 6 or 7 years has been my boyfriend.

I'm student-teaching for a 3rd grade class, so this year on Valentine's I will get to celebrate Valentine's Day at a party with a bunch of kids. I got each student a little pack of skittles and I'm going to tape on a fun pencil to each pack.

My boyfriend and I are probably going to celebrate on the weekend when we are both free.

Have a nice V-Day!

Subject: Re: Fast Food?

Forum: Fast Food?
Hi Phoenician,

I eat fast food a few times a week, I'm embarrassed to say. And my top choice is Taco Bell. They have lots of vegetarian options and overall just lots of different things to try. I just tried their nacho fries and they are really good.


Subject: Re: Sex on The First Date?

Forum: Sex on The First Date?
Hi Eddie,

I think that if both of the people want to have sex on the first date then great! Do what you're gonna do!
Personally, that's not what I would do if I was single and dating. I think that part of the fun of dating someone at the beginning is taking things slow and enjoying that stage of the relationship. Also, if you have never met the person before, you don't know enough about the person to be sure that they don't have STDs or are crazy or something. I would feel more comfortable getting to know the person more before taking it to that level.

Have a nice day,

Subject: Re: Do You Work Best Under Pressure?

Forum: Do You Work Best Under Pressure?
Hi Megan,

I have been known to wait a little too long to get started on something to the point that I have to work fast to meet the deadline. Would I say I work best under pressure? Probably not. If I have more time to think and take my time with something, it will definitely turn it out better. But do I work faster under pressure? Oh yeah! I have to work fast to meet the due date when there's a lot of work to be done!

I don't know why I wait so long to start something when I clearly do a better job when I have time to make whatever it is better. I need to stop procrastinating!

Good question!