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City/State: Charlottesville, VA
High School: Albemarle High School
College: Johnson & Wales U-Charlotte
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City/State: Charlottesville, VA
High School: Albemarle High School
College: James Madison University
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City/State: Richmond, VA
High School: Albemarle High School
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City/State: Charlottesville, VA
High School: Albemarle High School
College: Albany State University
Norfolk State University
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City/State: Charlottesville, VA
High School: Albemarle High School
College: James Madison University

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Subject: Re: When Do You Have Dinner?

Forum: When Do You Have Dinner?
Hey Emma!

It's actually 12:02 where I am, so my dinner was quite awhile ago!

I usually have dinner around 7 as well, but it depends on what time my mom gets home from work. Sometimes, she's too tired to cook, so on those days I usually eat later because I tend to move very slowly in while cooking... not good at multitasking. I have no idea what my dinner situation will be like when I move out for college! Hopefully I can continue eating at 7, I just don't want to miss out on a full meal to often!

My family used to eat our dinners together, but I don't really know what happened. Nowadays, my siblings and I might eat together, my mom will eat in her room, and my dad will eat at his laptop.

Your brother sounds a lot like my dad! He always watches videos without earphones public. We were at the DMV one time, and you know it's pretty quiet in there, and of course he just decides to watch random foreign news clips at full volume in the waiting area... as if being at the DMV wasn't annoying enough -_-

Goodnight everyone!

Subject: Re: Do You Like Vegetables?

Forum: Do You Like Vegetables?
Hey there!

I always try to get in my vegetables! When I crave something crunchy, I've been turning to carrots and ranch instead of crackers and cheese. I've gotten better at not drowning my salads in dressing. And one of the best things I've ever tasted was vegetable-based: homemade butternut squash soup :D

I don't eat red meat itself that often. I don't like steak or those ridiculously huge burgers, they make me feel a bit sick... I prefer beans, eggs, and baked chicken as my main sources of protein.


Subject: Re: I'm Back! Let's get to know each other!

Forum: I'm Back! Let's get to know each other!
Hi Ryan!

I'm Aisha, and I'm a freshman. My university is also in California! I'm excited to be living in the west coast for the next few years, and it will be nice to be in a place where the weather isn't so temperamental.

Originally, I was interested in majoring in Biology or Psychology, and even though I am still very interested in Psychology, I've also found out during the past few months that I'm interested in learning more about business and marketing (which does have some psychological aspects I guess). I don't have to declare until sophomore year, so I hope to use freshman year to kind of "shop around" :D

My favorite hobby is embroidery; I run an Etsy shop where I sell my hand-embroidered t shirts (which helped me discover that I was actually interested in business)

Looking forward to reading your posts!

Subject: Re: ~Up All Night Long~

Forum: ~Up All Night Long~
Hey Tera!

Sorry about your night! I very rarely am forced to work all night on homework, but I've found some things that work for me. The big thing is this playlist I created specifically for late-late nights, full of songs that are captivating but not too fast/distracting. The key with this is to only listen to these songs when you need to to stay awake-- if you listen to them too often, then the stimulating effect they have will wear off!

I also make sure I'm not too comfortable... if I get too comfy I get sleepy! I'll wear shorts if my room is cold, I'll sit cross-legged in the chair, and above all, I won't wrap a blanket around myself!! Fallen victim to that one too many times :D

Having a small bowl of candy or finger foods nearby also helps to keep me motivated!

Hopefully some of those help!

Subject: Re: Buying clothes from a store, just to return them?

Forum: Buying clothes from a store, just to return them?
Hey there!

I haven't done this before, but in my opinion, this is one of those actions that is technically wrong... but is totally understandable and acceptable in the bigger picture. Huge companies won't be that affected by behaviors like this on a small scale, and as long as the person doesn't start to take advantage of this ability (i.e. buying, wearing, and returning clothes that weren't necessary in the first place), I wouldn't hold anything against the person. And at least its better than just stealing the clothes.

The only problem I see is the possibility for the person to get used to doing this, and to stop feeling a tinge of guilt whenever they "borrow" the clothes. Becoming tolerant of this behavior could potentially lead to more harmful/criminal actions.

Best of luck to your friend!