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College: Utah State University
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City/State: Provo, UT
High School: Provo Senior High School

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Subject: Re: Nervous

Forum: Nervous
The unknown is what makes me nervous. Not knowing what may happen.
Although I do not let the unknown stop me from living my life.
I live it, and try to observe what is happening around me, so that I can figure out the "unknown" before something slams me.

Subject: Re: Perks or benefits from your job?

Forum: Perks or benefits from your job?
Hello Java, Happy Monday!

I work for an amazing company, based in Utah (Nu Skin) that gives us so many benefits, IE: Products, Goodwill to the community, raises every year without employees having to ask, BBQ/Picnic/party every quarter, and so many things that listing them would K take time. Needless to say when I was offered another job with way more pay (like 17K a year) I turned it down, because the company I work for is better with the benefits.

I have worked for them for almost 28 years (yes I am that old)

Subject: Re: Response

Forum: Response

Good Morning Sueb11,
You should stick around cnet is a great place to hang, and get questions like this one answered.
I have been with this community for years, I pop in every now and then.
I do not have clients, but I have learned that customers, and co-workers would fit in this same category.

I have a co-worker that will not respond to emails, until the last bitter moment. Then and only when it is urgent to him will he respond. It has gotten to the point where when I request something from him, and need a response in a timely manner, I will then copy his manager and my manager on that email that way my backside is covered.

If your client does not have a boss, or is his own boss, then I am thinking he may not be in business for very much longer if he waits on emails that need his attention. You may want to go out and look for other clients. It is possible that you will lose this one.

In real life I have nieces and nephews that seriously do not know how to respond. When I text/email them. I know who will respond and I know who to call when I need something from that family. When I actually want a response from a certain member of my family I will end the text with Acknowledge? Then the receiver of that text knows I am serious

Subject: Re: Oh Baby! What a year....

Forum: Oh Baby! What a year....
Hey Alex,

It is good to see you on here. It was really weird for me to log in. It felt like the habit until I looked around and saw that I knew no one any more.

Congrats on the baby. Since I have seen her in person, I can honestly say she is amazing.

My next thing I am doing is my APICS exam. I am trying to get my certification. Which in my world of supply chain is equal to a bachelors degree. So then I will sort of have two BA's which will help me out so much with my career.

Subject: Re: How do you watch TV?

Forum: How do you watch TV?
Hello MadHatcher.

My sister gets full control of the remote (yes I know I could actually stand my lazy butt up, and change what we watch) because I really do not care what I watch. I like the background noise.

Lately we have been watching, the 10 seasons (yes it took us 5 months) of Smallville Which is a little bit better of what I thought it would be when she first suggested we watch it. (I put it on a level of 1 to 10-- 1 being Simpsons. 9 being West Wing-- pretty much at a 5) I love West Wing but there has not been anything that fits a "10" in my head. West Wing gets me to think.

So now that we have seen all 10 seasons of Smallville, I would personally (my very own opinion) put it at a 7.

But to answer your question. I watch TV however way my sister wants me to watch it.