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ScreenName: kayla62591 [ More ]
City/State: Greenville, SC
High School: James L Mann High School
ScreenName: ejayer90@yahoo.com [ More ]
City/State: SC
High School: James L Mann High School
College: Anderson University-SC
ScreenName: Richelle61 [ More ]
City/State: Simpsonville, SC
High School: James L Mann High School
College: College of Charleston
Lander University
U of South Carolina-Columbia
ScreenName: a.drew1234 hi, i dont really know what to say. but vote for me! [ More ]
City/State: simpsonville, SC
High School: James L Mann High School
College: Clemson University
College of Charleston
South Carolina State University
Winthrop University
ScreenName: khudson92 hey i'm kate and i live in south carolina i'm a senior in high school. i'm a cheerleader and just like to hang out with my friends. i love meeting new... [ More ]
City/State: Greenville, SC
High School: James L Mann High School
College: University of Alabama

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Subject: Re: Phones with Keyboards

Forum: Phones with Keyboards
YES! I am kind of glad I'm not alone in this. I am a pretty good "texter" when it comes to iPhones, but the old tactile keyboards were far easier to text on without looking at your phone every second. I think that's why I gravitate to my laptop before my phone for posting on CNet. I like to type a lot more and my brain works faster than my fingers sometimes. Auto-correct is not my friend.

Thanks for the forum Ladybug!

- Kara

Subject: Re: How are you? What's new?!

Forum: How are you? What's new?!
Hello Karly! It's nice to meet you. Glad you're back on CNet and hope you can get back in to the swing of things soon. I look forward to getting to know you.

Right now I am working a lot since I am in retail and it's the peak season. Also have been watching the mail for all my college acceptance letters. This week I got accepted to my #1 choice!!! I'm super excited and even more motivated to find scholarships to make it a reality.

Have a great one!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Christmas Traveling Plans?

Forum: Christmas Traveling Plans?
Hello Le Penguin - I am super lucky to not have to travel at all this Christmas break. Actually, nobody is really traveling to my family either. I love my extended family, but it will be nice to have a quiet and easy holiday season. My parents get a little stressed out which makes it stressful for me and my sister too.

Wherever travels bring everyone...I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!!!

- Kara

Subject: Re: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Forum: Do You Get Enough Sleep?
Hello Abby! I would have to say, as a general rule, I don't get enough sleep. I stay up far too late for how early I need to get up in the morning. This week I do get to have a little extra sleep, so I hope my body cooperates. I do much better when I stick to a routine though. If I am out of my schedule I get confused as to when to sleep (or my brain does) and I often lay awake at night.

I hope you rest well this week!

- Kara

Subject: Re: How do you eat avocados?

Forum: How do you eat avocados?
Wow Monica - You have given me so many ways to try avocados that I never thought of. My favorite way to eat them has always been all by itself with a tiny bit of salt. Of course, a really good guacamole is hard it beat. I love them on sandwiches, in salads and in sushi rolls!

It's pretty much the perfect food!

Have a great one

- Kara