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Subject: Re: What is Love ?

Forum: What is Love ?
Chemically, attraction is a combination of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline. You get a rush when you're near them and you can't stop thinking about how amazing your significant other is. As your relationship progresses, oxytocin and vasopressin help you feel committed and attached to your partner.
It's been shown that body language and tone of voice have the greatest effect on initial attraction, but what does it take for you to form a relationship? Love is complicated, and even when the stage seems set for romance, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Although we have a good idea what chemicals cause us to be attracted to and want to take care of our partners, people do some amazing things for love. It's beautiful how their love for one another prompts them to do such wondrous things. There are stories about people who move halfway across the globe to be with the person they love. I think love is about the initial connection, yes, but it is also important to notice why you love this person, how far you would go for them, and to make a conscious effort with your relationship. This goes for any type of love, even outside of romance. A relationship will never get better on its own, and all love takes some maintenance.
Overall, I think that love is a commitment to someone who is similarly committed to you, whether it is to a friend, family, or a romantic partner, but the ways we show that love vary so greatly. Love truly is amazing.

Subject: Re: Ever experience another religion?

Forum: Ever experience another religion?
I think religions are extremely interesting and fun to learn about! I grew up in a Lutheran household but my personal views are agnostic/deistic. I visited a Catholic church with my friend a while back, and although it was overall quite different from the services I was used to, I could definitely see some similarities to the traditional services at our Lutheran church. They had a lot of the same sections to their service and used similar wording. I attended a Passover meal once as well, and enjoyed hearing about what the different portions of the meal meant.
Having grown up in a pretty accepting church that has different service types, I wasn't extremely uncomfortable in these situations, but I did wish I understood better what to do. There are plenty of types of Christianity I know I would be very uncomfortable with, however. Some branches have very different views and traditions that I find strange. I haven't had much experience with anything other than Abrahamic religions though, so I'm excited for the required world religions course at my college.

Subject: Re: Do you daydream?

Forum: Do you daydream?
I daydream a lot! I often catch myself going off on a tangent in my mind and completely losing where I actually am. Sometimes I play out scenes from my writing or just get caught up thinking about a poem or a couple lines related to whatever I'm doing. It can really be a problem sometimes and it probably looks weird to other people. I can just stare into space and lose myself in thought.
It's not entirely bad, though! I like to use my daydreams to work on something in reality. I thought up a lot of my plots, poetry, and characters while daydreaming, and I'm using those once-distracting thoughts to work on my writing. However you never have to do something like this- I think it's good if you daydream just to lose yourself in another world. It shows you have imagination and creativity, and daydreaming can lead your thoughts to interesting places.

Have a great day(dream)!

Subject: Re: Do you believe in the sexuality spectrum

Forum: Do you believe in the sexuality spectrum

Sexuality is definitely not just straight or gay. It's unfortunate that people think that way, but it's worse they try to force their black and white thinking on others. I feel like a lot of completely straight or gay people may feel there is no spectrum because they themselves do not fall on it. People who don't experience attraction to both sexes (or more than one gender) may not realize or want to think it is possible to. It may also fall under homophobia. I know plenty of straight people who want you to be either gay or straight because it is easier to define as good or bad. It's also easier to say you aren't gay or same-sex attracted if you think you must be entirely gay or entirely straight.

Have a great day! Don't listen to people saying your sexuality isn't real.

Subject: Thoughts on cyber crime?

Forum: Thoughts on cyber crime?
With so much of our lives spent online or using technology, being hacked or getting a virus can be devastating. I watched a TED talk for Criminology today that made me think about how much of our personal information can be gleaned from our cellphones alone. One of the examples in the video explained that just from your wifi network connection history, someone could figure out the stores you frequent, hotels you use, or even where you live. It's pretty frightening to think about all the sensitive information about ourselves we voluntarily send into the internet. People post their addresses online, use their credit cards and social security numbers, and newer phones can embed GPS data into the pictures you take. I'm not going to stop buying things from Thriftbooks or Amazon, but it really makes you think twice about what you do with the internet.

What are your thoughts on cyber security and cyber crime? Are there any facts, scary or simply interesting, that you know about them? Do you have a story about cyber crime? Are you going to reconsider your online activities? Do you have any tips to reduce your chances of getting a virus or having your information stolen?

Here is a link to the TED talk:

Have a great day, and stay safe from cyber crime!