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High School: Blacklick Valley Jr-Sr Hs
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Subject: My return to CNET

Forum: My return to CNET
Hello, everyone!

My name is Jared. I was an active CNetter during 2015, but I had to take an extended hiatus due to some unexpectedly personal circumstances. I lost someone close to me, and it was very tough on me. My life also got crazy busy with the pursuit of my second master's degree, which I'm on track to finish this December. I enjoyed being part of the CNet community, and I miss being active on it.

I look forward to meeting the new CNet community! I'm going to officially return on Wednesday of this week with the start of the new session. I look forward to getting involved again!

Subject: CNet hiatus until 8.16.2015!

Forum: CNet hiatus until 8.16.2015!
Hey everyone,

Congratulations to today's election winners, and best of luck to everyone in the upcoming election.

I have decided that it's best for me to take a mini hiatus from CNet for the next few weeks. My schedule has been rather hectic with my archaeological field school (which started Monday). It's a condense summer course, so it requires extra long hours to fit everything in, plus the digging process is hard work. I have a lovely sun burn, dirt just about everywhere, and some aches and pains. However, it's a lot of fun at the end of the day!

As a result, my CNet posting hours have been pushed to late in the evenings, so I've decided that it'd be best if I just took some time off until my field school has ended. I will still be stopping by in the evenings to read up on discussions and to place my votes. :) However, please don't vote for me for the next few weeks! I also have a family wedding immediately following the end of my field school, so that should be a fun way to celebrate!

I'll be back on August 16th! I'm surely going to miss being around here on a daily basis. The CNet community is awesome!

I hope everyone is having a great day! Best of luck to everyone in the coming weeks! :)

Subject: Re: How Many Siblings Do You Have

Forum: How Many Siblings Do You Have

I'm an only child as well. There have been plenty of times where I wished I had a brother or sister though. I do have a very large extended family, so many of my cousins are like my brothers and sisters to me, but it's still not the same. My mum was unable to have any more children after my birth due to medical complications. I turned out to be healthy and happy, so I don't have any issue with being any only child. However, it would have been nice to have an older sibling to look up to, and/or a younger one to mentor. However, I'm very grateful that I have such a wonderful family. I also have a best friend that I've had since grade school. She's very much like a "sister" to me. So, even though I'm an only child, it's not so lonesome. :)

Subject: Re: First Memory

Forum: First Memory

I was just thinking about this the other day, so I'm glad you made a forum on it. I vividly remember one of my birthday parties when I was just a small child. I'm honestly not sure what age I was turning, but I remember smashing into the cake with my hands to test it out. It had white frosting with blue icing, and I just kept looking at my hands trying to figure out what was happening. My hands were tinted blue, and I was quite messy with the cake crumbs. I then decided to taste it with the persuasion of my mother.

I really don't know how this memory relates to my personality. Perhaps I could say that it relates to my desire to get out there and try new things. I'm a rather adventurous person, so that sort of fits in with my desire to "test" out the cake. And, my mum and dad have always been there to encourage and support me through my adventures, so that equates to part of the memory as well.

Awesome topic idea. :)

Subject: Re: Famous last words...

Forum: Famous last words...
"Thank you & I love you."

I know it's quite simple, but I think those words pack a powerful punch within their own simplicity. I'm not sure how/when/where I will die, but I'd ideally like to be a position to know when it's "time" (ex. old age). I really have a lot to be thankful for in my life, and I'm surrounded by the love of my family and friends. It'd be my final chance to say goodbye, and the best way to show my appreciation for the impact that they've had on my life. I try to remember to say "I love you" at least once a day, especially when I'm talking/texting my mum or someone close to me. In that part, I agree with dedee's sentiments. You never know when it's the last chance you'll get to talk to someone, so I want to be sure they know I love and appreciate them.