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ScreenName: Babylove66 Hi I am hoping to get into college only to be the first in my immediate family. I also hope to become a lawyer, get into the broadcasting business or even... [ More ]
City/State: Philadelphia, PA
High School: Upper Merion Area High School
College: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Allegheny College
Arcadia University
Bryn Mawr College
Chestnut Hill College
Community College of Philadelphia
Drexel University
Penn State-Delaware
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Messiah College
Penn State-University Park
Philadelphia University
Saint Joseph's University
Cheyney Univ of Pennsylvania
Temple University
University of Pennsylvania
Villanova University
West Chester U of Pennsylvania
ScreenName: Iman.s I'm back!! Hello Everyone, My name is Iman, I'm currently enrolled in two Masters programs at Adelphi University. I just finished my first school of graduate... [ More ]
City/State: NY
High School: Upper Merion Area High School
College: Temple University
ScreenName: Melchi Hey everyone! <3 I'm Melanie and I'm 17, soon to be 18. I'm here because my friend introduced me to this site and I think it'd be a good way to discuss... [ More ]
City/State: King of Prussia, PA
High School: Upper Merion Area High School
ScreenName: LemonAngel [ More ]
City/State: PA
High School: Upper Merion Area High School
ScreenName: Aalaa Greetings, Cnetters! My name is Aalaa (Double A-L-Double A) => Pronounced like this: (Aa as in Bad -L- Aa as in Bad) I have recently graduated from... [ More ]
City/State: PA
High School: Upper Merion Area High School
College: Temple University

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Subject: Re: Have you ever "dieted"?

Forum: Have you ever "dieted"?
I can quite relate to your dieting journey. I have drastically shifted my diet ever since starting graduate school (since September 2017). At first, I was a pescatarian for 2 months, it was effortless. As soon as I reintroduced red meat to my diet, my stomach WAS NOT HAVING IT. I noticed how my body was having a difficult time digesting chicken in comparison to beef.
I have 3 vegan friends who really inspired me to keep my diet clean and fresh. Ever since watching the documentary "What the Health" on Netflix, I decided to cut down on all dairy products and reduce my animal protein intake. I was a cheese maniac, but honestly, I can't recall the last time I had cheese, it was probably a couple months ago. Vegan cheese tastes great and it's the same price as dairy cheese. I'd like animal protein to constitute 1/3 of my diet.
My meals now mainly consist of quinoa, fish, and veggies. No complaints ;)

Subject: Re: Legacy- What will yours be?

Forum: Legacy- What will yours be?
Haha not a downer at all!

Hi Kasey!
I'd like to be remembered for my work in research, and my work in healing broken families. I'd like to be remembered as a patient teacher who left a positive fingerprint in the community. And finally, a speech-language pathologist who changed children's lives by improving their communication abilities, and giving them a voice.

The world of Autism is still, to this day, quite misunderstood and mysterious. I'm in the works of debunking popular beliefs regarding children with Autism through my research.

Subject: Re: Rent ir buy?

Forum: Rent ir buy?
Hi Sammy!

I still live with my parents, and throughout my life we've always rented apartments / townhouses .
Our financial situation wasn't exactly stable enough to buy a house.My dad then managed to open a successful restaurant business in our area and after being open for about 5 years, he managed to save enough money to buy a house last year. It was a milestone for my family considering this was our first ever house that can call our own. The first week of June will mark the anniversary of our move-in to the house and I'm still very happy with it.

- Aalaa

Subject: New Obsessions~!

Forum: New Obsessions~!
Every now and then , I find myself obsessing over something I discovered and would probably never shut up about it, whether it be a TV Show or simply a new album that my favorite band had released.

My latest obsession at the moment is the Hamilton Musical by my precious Lin Manuel Miranda! I've listened to the the official soundtrack album god knows how many times and now I've almost memorized all the songs by heart(With the exception of Daveed's speedy raps in Guns and Ships. I can almost never get it right! Grr.) ! I don't even workout unless I have the album playing on repeat . And now my dream goal is to see Hamilton live , although it saddens me knowing I will never see it performed by the original cast.

What about you, Cnet? What have you been lately obsessed with? Tell us all about it!

(And if you're part of the Ham Fam , lets be friends! :))

Subject: Re: Favorite Comedian?

Forum: Favorite Comedian?
Hi MLJay!

I've only recently gotten into watching comedians. Just today , I watched a couple clips for stand up comedian Maz Jobran , who is freakin hilarious! He's Iranian American and I find a lot of his jokes about Middle Eastern people and culture relatable being a Middle Eastern American myself.

And also , have you seen Hasan Minhaj's White House Correspondent's Dinner comedic monologue? Man, I love that guy!!

- Aalaa