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ScreenName: bcsyeiter@aol.com [ More ]
City/State: mustang, OK
High School: Yukon High School
College: Oklahoma State University
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City/State: Richlands, NC
High School: Yukon High School
ScreenName: kristen.seay [ More ]
City/State: Yukon, OK
High School: Yukon High School
College: University of Central Oklahoma
ScreenName: TheCrimsonActuary Greetings fellow CollegeNET members. I attended Southern Nazarene University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics alongside an Associate's... [ More ]
City/State: Yukon, OK
High School: Yukon High School
College: Southern Nazarene University
ScreenName: Art4Health Hello CNet!! I am from Oklahoma and am currently attending Oklahoma State University. I am pursuing a degree in art therapy and can not wait to share... [ More ]
City/State: Stillwater, OK
High School: Yukon High School
College: Oklahoma State University

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Subject: Re: Favorite Michael Jackson Song

Forum: Favorite Michael Jackson Song
I think my favorite MJ song would have to be Thriller. I just like the groove and the dance. But I do enjoy all of his music anytime it comes on. It just is feel good music!

Subject: Re: Can you cook? Masterchef?

Forum: Can you cook? Masterchef?
I was brought up by a cook/baker. So I definitely have been blessed with knowledge of cooking. With that said I can whip up great pastries, breads, and desserts. I of course also can grill meat pretty well, whether it is steaks or burgers or chicken. I think this fall I will try some turkey and other colder weather dishes.

Subject: Re: Have you studied abroad?

Forum: Have you studied abroad?
I did study abroad while in college. I spent a semester in Vienna, Austria. I took some international business classes alongside intensive German and Austrian History and Literature. Vienna is an amazing city. They have so much to offer in ways of culture and history. Vienna is home to some of my favorite museums and let us not forget about their amazing cafes!

My time in Vienna was my first time out of the United States. My class schedule was Tuesday through Thursday I would have two to three classes spread throughout the day, for some we would meet at a cafe or biergartel or a park. Then that left Friday through Monday for travels and exploration. Usually I took the full weekend and would travel by train to the surrounding countries. I pretty much was able to visit most of mainland Europe during my semester. My favorite city, other than Vienna, would be Barcelona!

Subject: A profound question for you...

Forum: A profound question for you...
Good Friday to you all, hope you all are excited for the weekend!!

Anybody have big plans in store?

This weekend my fiance and I will be starting our scuba certification training. I am really excited and cannot wait to get in the water. We plan on scuba diving on our honeymoon this October, so it should be a lot of fun!

Here is today's profound question for you to answer:

What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

Subject: Re: Your most accessed Social Media?

Forum: Your most accessed Social Media?
By default I would say I spend most of my time with Social Media on Facebook. Though I keep telling myself I need to limit my time on Facebook and try to move to another site or decrease overall social media exposure in general. I find that I waste a lot of time either watching random videos or scrolling through people's photos.

I probably need to start being more productive with my time spent on the internet, maybe trying to make more money or something through content creation rather than consuming content.