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Subject: Re: Forgotten

Forum: Forgotten
I have been struggling the past few weeks with this. I will be doing good during the week, but once the weekend starts I get wrapped up in doing things and I forget to log on and post.

Hopefully next weekend will be different and I can remember to post!!

Subject: Re: Do You Prefer Writing in Pen Or Pencil?

Forum: Do You Prefer Writing in Pen Or Pencil?
I often use pen in my daily writing. Usually I choose pen because I don't have to worry about sharpness of the point of if I have enough lead. Plus I like to collect nice pens, both fountain and rollerball!

Subject: Re: What do you put KETCHUP on?

Forum: What do you put KETCHUP on?
Hi Julia,

I am the same way with ketchup. I only use it on fried potatoes, french fries, tater tots, maybe hash browns if they need it.

I am not huge into using condiments, so I usually don't eat any condiments.

Have a a great rest of your day!

Subject: Re: How would you fund public education?

Forum: How would you fund public education?
fiveRoses - Oklahoma also passed lottery and casino taxes to support schools just to get citizens to vote yes on allowing casinos and lotteries. Though I think very little of that money ever reaches the schools. Every state seems to push the vote on the same slogan, "It will help fund schools!!" and a few years later we still haven't seen the money.

Wames - I agree with you on the property tax, I think it is outrageous that the government makes people pay rent on property that is owned privately. I could see cities or counties setting up a flat tax rate for living within their limits or maybe adjust taxes on sales or something, but every time I start looking at taxes I find myself thinking that no matter what, taxes will always be unfair to someone. I understand taxes on gas for road projects, the more people drive the more gas they use and the more they end up paying in gas taxes. I also think that the tax dollars that are being paid by a family should follow the students. Here in Oklahoma, we have many students who live in the boundaries of other schools yet will transfer to be in a better school, yet their tax dollars remain with the school district they live in.

Subject: How would you fund public education?

Forum: How would you fund public education?
Howdy folks! Good luck to you all in the election and congrats to those who won!!

For today's forum, think of yourself as one of the numerous legislators in your home state or at the federal level.

How would you plan to fund public education? What policies would you like to see happen or change or go away in order to better provide for the respective education system?

I come from Oklahoma, we are in a bit of a financial pinch when it comes to our state budget. I am sure many states, if not all states are feeling a pinch, especially when it comes to education funding. For me personally, I have many issues when it comes to public education and how it can be funded properly and fairly.

First off, in the state of Oklahoma, we have too many school districts. The redundancies in administration and the extra costs in each district having its own admin team is very burdensome. I think we could save money by consolidating admin operations between school districts.

I also would like to see more local support from area businesses. If businesses want a better educated work force, then they need to invest in their local schools.

Next, I would like to see our teachers receive competitive salaries in line with those found in our neighboring states, in order to stop the outpouring of teachers to other states. I believe if we could lower the salaries of the top admin officials and make sure more of the funds are going directly to the teacher and classroom and maybe pair a tax cut for the low-earning government employees then those jobs might be more attractive to new talent.

I am excited to see your thoughts on this!