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City/State: STERLING, OK
High School: Sterling High School
College: Cameron University

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Subject: Re: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!

Forum: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!
Chocolate Lover!!!!!

So glad to see you back!!!!!

I have also graduated, but still get on here daily to read the forums and vote. I bet that baby of yours is getting so big! I have missed seeing your forums and posts. You will see a lot of cool people on here. A lot of new faces. It is nice to see so much participation.

I am still doing the same ole' stuff. Working and working....hehe

Just had to say HI! Look forward to seeing your forums again!


Subject: Re: I'm back and a question!

Forum: I'm back and a question!
Hey Melinda!

Glad to see you back!

I would say I own roughly 250ish. I love books! I buy faster than I read. It may be an obsession, but I want them ALL!

You can never have too many books....Never! (*˘︶˘*)

Have a great night!


Subject: Re: Do you ever...

Forum: Do you ever...
Hey there DeeDee!

I am guilty.

I will buy the candies at the dollar store, and sneak them in. I will buy popcorn at the theater. I am addicted to theirs.

If I could replicate it, I would sneak it in as well. I have to have popcorn to watch a movie. It is part of the movie experience for me.

We buy reusable cups, so out drinks are cheap. It is like six dollars, then a dollar to refill all year, and free refills during the movie. Not too bad that way.

It is crazy what they charge for some of their items. I use to spend more for goodies than the actual movie.

Hope you enjoyed the movie. Have a wonderful evening.


Subject: Re: Fork or Hands?

Forum: Fork or Hands?

Most definitely a fork. All that goo would drive me nuts. And like Dee said...I want all my yummy goodness.

I have been know to use a fork to eat pizza too. Especially if it's too steaming hot to handle. I am not a patient person when I am hungry...hehe

Now my stomache is growling talking about food.

Have a wonderful evening!


Subject: Re: Did you have a curfew as a young person?

Forum: Did you have a curfew as a young person?
Hey Rosine.....

When I was a kid, I had to be home before the street lights came on or I was in trouble. I tested the theory a few times. Bei g grounded was not fun.

When I got older, it depended on the activity. They got more laxs as I got older.

I remember coming in hours after I was supposed to. My parents never said a word! That was worse than a butt chewing.

I have the same rules for my kids. Home before dark. And, of course, my youngest tests the light barrier. He has had a few groundings as well. Hehe

Have a wonderful evening.